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Helper bee

Brittany- I worked with 2 Brittanys a one job. One was not nice at all and started a relationship with our boss who had a gf and was proud to let people know because I guess she figured she had some sort or “seniority” after that. The other was very very ditzy and annoying but she was nice.

I also worked with another Brittany and thought she was nice but it turns out she is also very ditzy. I am actually friends with her sisiter now years later and when she had to plan the bachlorette party I realized just how ditzy she was. There was a change ion location the day before and she didn’t tell anyone.

When I started dating my SO the one lie he ever said was about a girl named Brittany he had hooked up with before me but decided to lie and say nothing happend… not a huge deal but it was the lie that hurt! And she used to randomly text him for the first year we were dating so that didn’t help my bad feeling. 

At this point I wonder if I just look for the Ditzyness when I meet people named Brittany because I don’t think everyone can act the same way just becuase of a name. Although just in case I won’t name a daughter Brittany haha

To OP I am sure in a few months you will only associate the name with our neice and not your bad friend.


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Busy bee
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haha omg yes.  Become a teacher, and almost all names are off limits.  I loved Jailyn for a girl, now, after teaching two horribly rude girls with that name and a boy with ODD named Jalen, hearing that name makes me nauseaous.  

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I’ve known a few Brandy/brandie ‘s  They all spelled it differently but I found them to be liars, cheaters, kinda slutty.


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Kaylee or any spelling of it.

I worked with a lady who talked NON STOP about her pregnancy and her child. Her kid is like 3 and she talks about her pregnancy as if it was just yesterday and about her kid as if she was still an infant. So the name makes me cringe.

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The name Declan used to make me want to punch someone. I’ve never even known a Declan, let alone had a bad experience with one, so I have no idea why I had that reaction. I still dont like it.

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I hate the name Todd.  He was my first real boyfriend and the first guy to break my heart.  So yeah, just hearing the name gives me a bad taste in my mouth.  Plus, it sounds like toad.  LOL!

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Yep! There are quite a few, but I won’t name them. One specific ex of FI’s, and some of my exes I just prefer to not hear their names. None of them roll of my tongue, even if we aren’t talking about that person specifically, it is more like choking them out.

So there are those and then I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Jessica Nigri. Not her per se because she sounds like she is cool but anything to do with her I don’t want to hear about it! Fiance would totally hop all over that if he got a chance so NOPE. Fiance even changed his coworkers name to Jessica Nigri in his phone once just to piss me off.

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I completely understand. I am a teacher and I have several names that are on my ‘hell no’ list because of past students. At the top of the list are the names Dilan and Abbey. Can’t stand those names because of troubled students I’ve had. Dilan is the worse because I’ve had 3 tough Dilans in the last 2 years. One which was very verbally abusive to myself as well as other students.

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lol anyone named ashley or amanda….everyone i knnow with that name i despise

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@Daizy914:  A ex-friend of my Fiance. She did everything in her power to break us up, once he realized it he distanced himself from her. Then his best-friend starting dating her. They had sex in his bed. How tacky and classless. They broke up when he realized she was bitch. (I don’t use that word often). I absolutely hate her name and cringe when I hear it. 

A girl we met in college. I can’t stand her name becasue she was such an aweful person.

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Sugar bee

@Daizy914:  I generally don’t like the names of girls who I had bfs cheat on me with or bitchy girls/asshole guys from highschool or adult life that I didn’t/don’t get along with. I want my child’s name to give me good vibes so I stayed away from those names and just hope I never meet anyone I don’t like with the names I’ve already given to my children!

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Jessica or Gina….

just brings back bad memories..

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I cringe when I hear someone named their kid Jayden-it’s so popular and I just try to picture a 35 year old man named Jayden. My brain cannot compute. In fact, so many popular names drive me batty. 

Also +1 to the pp who also can’t stand when people spell their spechisull kids’ names incorrectly to make them yoonique. No, your child does not have a unique name. They just have a name that their parents spelled wrong. Especially when it involves random placements of ‘i’s and ‘y’s.

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Sugar bee

Emma, Sandra, Cody, Mark. Only because they remind me of evil people I have known…hahaha. I also hate weirdly spelled or made up names.

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One of my FI’s ex’s names used to make me cringe, but honestly it’s SUCH a common name and I’ve since made a wonderful friend with the same name, so I got over it.

Soon your niece will be more important in your life than your ex-friend and your feelings will subside 🙂

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