(Closed) Are there any other bees that are REALLY unhappy at their job?

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my job isn’t so heartbreaking like yours. But my boss hates me because I was favored by the manager before him. I’ve been there for seven years and have never gotten in trouble before him. And now he sends me e-mails at least once a week about not doing something right or the way he likes it and then a week after my latest review (where I got top marks because he can’t actually find anything specifically wrong with me), he called me into his office to tell me how much i suck and that if i can’t keep up, i need to find a new store.

I used to enjoy my job. I liked my customers, my co-workers, etc. All my favorite co-workers left when the new manager came (i should have followed) and I work with a horrible woman who makes me feel like I have to walk on eggshells or she’ll explode.

I hate it.

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Yes. Although I feel the same as you do in that I try to focus on how grateful I am to HAVE a “good job.” I do try to focus on the positive aspects of my job: Good pay, I get to work mostly from home, flexible schedule, my boss is a nice person. 

But yea. I hate what I actually DO. I’m a lawyer (litigation) and I just don’t think I’m cut out for it. I don’t get any rush at all from the fight of it all, and I rarely feel like my clients would be better off going to trial vs. settling/cutting their losses (which is NOT how a litigator should feel haha). I’ve just seen how long/paintful trials are on everyone involved and I have a hard time encouraging that course.

Plus, similar to you (although not nearly so bad), I think what gets to me the most is the negativity of it all. My whole job is about angry people. My clients are angry, the people we’re suing/being sued by are angry– and even in business matters it is always a PASSIONATE anger. It is so draining to make your whole day about someone else’s anger, and even when you win you rarely get as much as your client was hoping for. Or if you do, you find it impossible to collect the amount of the judgment because the other person just files bankruptcy or something. There is just almost never a moment of happiness in this job from anyone. 

Which is a big reason I started a side business doing photography and I am hoping that in a couple years I’ll build up a big enough client base I can just do that. Doing something I enjoy to create something people love? Sounds about a thousand times better than my current job. 

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@CorgiTales:  Everything you said is exactly why I’m getting out of litigation.  In talking with other ex-litigators, our feelings are not at all uncommon.  I actually started wondering if I was cut out to be a lawyer.  I’m transitioning into another practice group now and I’m already feeling a lot better.  Hopefully it sticks.

Best of luck with your photography business!

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I’ve been working here for a year and a half now… I make good money for what I do, and I get every other Friday off with pay and they have pretty much been the only reasons why I’m still here

– I’m on a contract. It was originally June 1 2011 – Sept 30 2012 and they said I would be made permanent long before the end of it. Well Sept came and they ended up just extending me until Dec 31 2012. They said I would be permanent before the end of that… again, still not permanent. I’ve been told I’m getting another 12 month contract in January

– They’re making changes to the contract people in January, which means I will have a month without pay and lose the pay for my Fridays off

– I work with a control freak on a constant power trip

– My boss is a huge perfectionist to the point where it’s too much for people to handle… in August I entered over 4,000 things and one of them had a mistake (I put OFfice instead of Office) and she still talks about it and reminds me constantly to be more diligent and pay more attention to detail

– They expect too much out of you personally. Drinks twice a week until late at night?! No thanks, I have a home I like to go to. Weekends away with work people that cost thousands?! Not for me.

– The whole company has a very superior attitude and it’s very judgey.

– This is a dumb thing to be annoyed with but they won’t list my bf as my spouse, even though we fit into common law rules. They list him as my “friend”

I’m currently job hunting and have an interview this morning!

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Yep. I am constantly criticized, belittled, complained about, and generally blamed for everything even though it isn’t my fault. My boss often tells me to do something, then when it doesn’t work out she tells me off – so of course I say I only did it because she told me to, and then she denies having told me to do it. I’m on a contract which is renewed every three months and they keep changing the terms – this year I’m doing more work than I did last year, for 15% less salary. I’m really upset but have no choice but to accept the reduced salary because I need the money. 

The only reason I get up and go to work is because I need money to live on. I keep applying for other jobs but I’m always turned down because of lack of experience, and I can’t get experience because nobody will give me a job. I’ve been unsuccessfully applying for new jobs for almost two years now. I cry every Sunday night because I have to go to work on Monday. 

I’d like to be self employed so I wouldn’t have to deal with people being nasty to me, pushing me to do extra unpaid work that’s beyond my responsibilities and blaming me for things that aren’t my fault. However I have no idea what I could do as a business and no money to get started. 

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Wow, I opened this thread to tell you about how I hate my job, but you are all patient angels! OP & others, your jobs sound so emotionally draining.  Well, here’s hoping you can get into some better jobs eventually!

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YES! I just can’t even describe how much I hate my job- it would be too draining just to think of all the reasons ! lol

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yes i like my work but the environment is crappy!  what really sucks about it all is my supervisor who is defiantly more a follower than a leader. she has a hard time separating personal from business and will base her decisions on how bad she wants to hurt the others feelings or not. i’ve gotten called in several times and gripped at for trying to do my job and ended up pissing someone off in the process. instead of making these people do their job (which in turn i have to wait for them to do their part before i can do mine) i get called in and talked to about supposedly “using inappropriate language” toward this individual. so, it’s stuff like that all the time. i’m hoping after the first of the year to go back to school and get my nursing degree!

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I can definitely relate, unfortunately.

I’m a nurse and I’ve been at my current job for over 5 years now. I work in long-term care, and I actually LOVE working with the elderly, but unfortunately the work load at times is unbearable – not enough staff, not enough support from management, and no time to get everything done. I think I would enjoy my job much more if I could work in a one-on-one type of situation, or at the very least more of a clinic/office setting.

We’ll see what happens, but I can’t see myself doing what I’m doing now for the rest of my life. I’m just so emotionally, physically, and mentally drained.

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I have my days.  I work in a hospital as a scheduling nurse.  I am like basically assistant manager of my dept.  I have a few girls who work under me but they are not nurses.  I have 3 co-workers who are neither above or below me.  And then a manager who oversees everything.  I’m the youngest in my dept that would be able to get the promotion of becoming manager (because a nurse has to have the management position to oversee us other nurses in the dept).  So I’m kinda of patiently waiting until people in my dept retire (I’m about 20 years or more younger than the other 3 and my manager). 

Well I have one co-worker who is the most lazy person I’ve ever met.  She’s fallen asleep at her cubicle I don’t know how many times.  She’s brought in her personal computer to work and sat back facebooking and whatever (she’s in the corner where no one can see her unless you walk to where she is.  I’ve mentioned things to my boss numerous times about things but things will change for a short time and then go right back to where they were.  Apparently this co-worker who I like to call Sloth has been this way for the 15 years she’s been here.  Nothing changes.  She always has an excuse why she is on personal calls during the working hours “her daughter is building a house, my husbands cousins nephews brother passed away suddenly, my son graduated from college after getting his gen studies associates after 6 years…..blah blah blah (yes I get a little bitter and snide about it). 

The last straw recently for me was when I came in to work one morning and she tried to tell me I did my job wrong.  First of all NO ONE in the dept does what I do, it all falls on me so how would she know if it was correct or not. Secondly NO ONE should be doing my job, I have a certain system and (I swear I’m really not type A but I can get disorganized easily so I have to have a system) so basically she was doing stuff I had yet to do and didn’t do it right and completely messed me up.  I went to my manager about it and she basically told me “Well that’s Sloth for you” like it wasn’t a big deal.  Sloth is the oldest in our dept and talks about once a month at least that she can’t wait till she can retire.  Trust me we are all counting down the years until she can retire.

Oh and we can’t have anything that smells good in our office (even though we work in a dungeon with no windows and smells musty every morning because our office door is kept locked).  When I first started down here I would use all sorts of plug ins and scented lotions because one that’s just who I am, even at home I have a million candles around my house and two I like scented lotions my skin is dry all year around.  So when I started down here no one said anything to me not even Sloth…then one day a co-worker in another dept came into our office and says “Oh wow it smells good in here!  What is that?”  I meantion I just put lotion on and its probably that, so co-worker says “Wow I’ll have to buy some of that I really like it.  Maybe I should come down here more often if it smells this good everyday.”  Later that day Sloth pulls me aside and says “I really would appreciate if you didn’t put lotion on anymore, I’m allergic.”  WTF I’ve been using this daily, MULTIPLE times a day for almost a year and you’ve never said a single word to me about being allergic until someone says they like it….

OMG seriously I hate to sound like a Negative Nancy but I have 1000 of stories this crazy co-worker of mine has.  Ugh….ok done ranting lol sorry.  Seriously other than my co-worker I love my job, I like the other people I work with and I love that hopefully someday I will be managing a major dept in the hospital which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

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I love my job (I’m a dietitian at a Head Start) but the only thing I’m unhappy about it that I’m only part-time so I don’t make enough to live, pay off my student loans, and save for the wedding! Like you though I’m happy to at least have a job in this economy.

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I hated my job.  I worked as a childcare director.  It wasn’t the part of managing the school so much as everything from corporate.  We went from having a cook/bus driver to having to manage the center, parents, kids etc AND cook and drive the bus.  I was getting paid 80 hours each pay period but working anywhere from 100 – 120 a pay period. 


Anyway.  I went to school to teach elementary and have my teaching certificate in GA and IL.  So after much talk with my Darling Husband (we were married in Sept. 🙂 )  I quit my job and am working at getting into subbing for the school district to get my foot in the door with them and hopefully get my own classroom eventually.  It is a huge pay cut. . . but hopefully will be worth it in the end. 

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I’m thankful for my job but it can be stressful. I’m a caseworker for Section 8. We end up working with CPS a lot and dealing with more than housing issues. Hang in there girl. 

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