(Closed) Are there any other traditonal Catholics out there?

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im not traditional catholic but i love that you have the oppportunity to practise some of the old ways…. mass in latin must be interesting.

i feel there is nothing wrong the some of the new age churches….. thats why icecream comes in so many different flavors so there is something out there for everyone


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we are planning on having a high mass, if it gets approved. both of our families are catholic and it will be very special for them and us. it will be in english not latin though.

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By traditional Catholic, do you mean you live your life strictly by Catholic teachings?  Ie no pre-marital sex, no living together before being married, no birth control? 

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At Miss Alishadhs4, I am Catholic and practice the faith as devoutly as possible.  We will be getting married in a Catholic Church, but it won’t be in the traditional Latin.  

@ ddubzz, by traditional, I think she means pre-Vatican II, when all masses were in Latin.  After Vatican II, mass was aloud to be said in the language of the area the church was in.


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Faith and religion mean many different things to many different people; there are hundreds of different beliefs and hundreds of different places of worship – I think that you should be free to worship in a way that makes you happy and comfortable, as should everyone else; flip flops or no :-).

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Well, first I’ll say that I feel like I’m a traditional Catholic.  (Use NFP, don’t believe Catholicism is an a la carte religion etc.)  Maybe it’s more accurate to say a devout or strict Catholic?

However, I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding what you are saying or if you are confused about the the Church.  There is a difference between Vatican II and “new age” or make your own religion etc.  There are no TLM churches around me.  If there were, I’m not sure if I’d rather go there or stay where I am.  I really think the church I attend is very traditional.  Vatican II does not support creating your own religion, or Catholics simply picking and choosing what they want to believe about Catholicism.  Sure there are some Catholics, and even some priests out there, who believe they can just not follow certain church teachings and it’s OK. (And that aggravates me.)  But you don’t have to follow TLM masses and wear chapel veils to observe to follow Church teaching properly.  In fact, I don’t understand why it’s seen as better to attend a mass in a different language.  I think I get more out of mass when I can understand what’s being said.

I agree people should dress as respectfully as possible.  I don’t believe some people are really considering they are entering God’s home, and are in the presence of Christ.  So I agree with what you are saying.  However, as a bit of caution (and maybe I misinterpretted the tone of your post), I wouldn’t be too critical of some of the things people are doing.  What if some of these people are too poor to wear things that are fancy?  Sure for most people that probably isn’t the case, but you never know.  Also, I hope you are not developing a mentality of being such a better Catholic than all of those others who don’t wear chapel veils and attend TLM.  It’s easy for Catholics to fall into a tallying mentality, or one upsmanship.  Once you start feeling that way, it’s easy to be complacent, instead of continuing to deepen your spirituality.

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I am Greek Orthodox.  It is similar to Catholicism is so many ways but much more traditional.  We too wear skirts and dresses to church on Sundays and the men generally wear suits.  The service is split between Greek and English and is very formal.  I think they make the weddings slightly more casual because it will be mixed people in attendance, but it is still extremely old fashioned and will be the exact same ceremony my parents had over 30 years ago.

My fiance is Catholic and his sister got married in a Catholic church last month.  I was shocked that some of the guests showed up in jeans.  Even when I go to church with my fiance, I cannot bring myself to wear pants.  I am always the most dressed person there.

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It’s so interesting to hear about the traditions of your church! You don’t see that much around where I live and I have never been to one like it, although my interest is piqued. Is it affiliated with some sort of group or society? I am lucky to live near the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which is enormous and gorgeous. I love the sense of grandeur in my surroundings when I go there.

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@ alishadhs4 – It’s good to hear that you are attending mass.  I think what most people here are getting into are teh semantics about the mass.  Charm Bracelet is correct in that pre-Vatican II, masses were performed completely in Latin.  The reason Latin has always been a part of the Catholic Church is beacuse many of the Catholics lived in the outstretched Roman empire in which Greek was not a common language across the masses (Jews/Gentiles/Christians).  However, Latin was spoken in most of the land.  As such, Latin was the marked language so that most if not all could understand the mass.

Now, post Vatican II, mass was deemed okay to be said in the local vernacular. This allows for even more inclusion into the Catholic Church.  GOD made it very clear that HIS teachings are valid for all.  So really, when we speak of the Vernacular used for mass, Latin is tradition with the small “t”, not the big “T”.  Hence, the decision has been left up to the regional Bishops as to what language they will allow within their diocese.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for some, but the only real pick-and-choose religions are that of our separated brothers and sisters in Christ.

GOD bless you…

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We’re about to move, and there’s a church in our new hometown that does the Mass in Latin…they have mostly English Masses, but one in Latin each week. We’re definitely planning on trying it out!

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HI Everyone,

I’ve been on WeddingBee for a while but have not posted on this board before – so hi to those of you whom I haven’t run into on one of the other boards.

This is a really interesting discussion.  

My experience has been that the global community of individuals who identify themselves as Catholic is a diverse one, and we have much to gain by celebrating this diversity and learning from one another.

I grew up overseas, where the traditions associated with church were quite strict. Everyone wore their Sunday best to church, behaved very respectfully.

My sweetie grew up in the US, and the church we go to now is a community we love because of its emphasis on issues of social justice, which is important to both of us. However, we are both at times shocked by the way some members of the parish dress to enter a house of worship – there is one middle-aged lady in particular who wears skin-tight, spandex yoga pants. to *CHURCH* on *Sunday*. For the fourth week in a row now. Sweetie and I have taken to commenting on it on our drive home now, just because even in his much more liberal Catholic upbringing, this seems like a disrespectful way for a grown woman to dress to enter the house of the Lord.

While it is interesting to compare the traditions that each of us grew up with and celebrate now, I hope that we can see this as an opportunity to learn from each other in a way that is respectful of the richness of our shared faith.

When posting, let’s try to remember that other brides who identify themselves as Catholic may have experiences that are different from our own. I cringe a little when I see references such as “new age”, “make your own religion”, and “Catholic” in quotes – I think words like that have the potential to be unintnetionally hurtful or offensive to other members.

I look forward to getting to know everyone better, and I hope we can do so in a spirit of respectful sharing and tolerance of our individual differences. Because aside from minor differences in how we worship, isn’t that a better representation of the values central to our faith? 



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I think that it’s important to evolve with the Church. There’s nothing wrong with Latin masses but it’s wrong to say the masses that follow the guidelines of the Church are not as good/kosher as mass pre-Vatican II. Vatican II is there for a reason. If we believe in the teaching authority of the Church, we should not belittle what they teach.

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