(Closed) Are there are nurses or DR’s on this board? WARNING, super TMI.

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Helper bee
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If I were you I’d go to the doctor on Monday and just explain the situation and for a quick check-up. I’m sure you’re okay but better to ease your mind.

If it’s any consolation something very, very similar happened to me and I was absolutely fine. πŸ™‚

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Honey bee
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The most important thing, is that you are not suffering any TSS symptoms. How long ago did you remove the old tampon, and is the odor still lingering? (I realize you took it out today, but was it like 30 min. ago or 8 hrs ago?)

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Sugar bee
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I would recommend calling a local gynaecologist & asking them what they think you should do. Call now thou, its almost closing time!

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Sugar bee
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I’d go to a doc pretty quickly – doc in a box or urgent care clinic -just to make sure they don’t want to check for an infection that could have set in or start you on some antibiotics.

Probably, everything is okay. I’ve heard of this happening before, with no ill effects. However, it shouldn’t be assumed. I’d go to an urgent care clinic (not necessarily the ER, unless you’re feeling ill on top of this – then go to the ER immediately).

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Buzzing bee
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I think ut is more likely that you developed an infection down there. I would call your doctor and they will probably do a urine test. Have you had any burning when gogin to the bathroom?

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Busy bee
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Oh this isn’t as gross as I thought it was going to be!  I’m not going to say don’t go to the ER or something, do what will make you feel better.  But, I will say that one time I somehow—how I don’t know—missed the string and put in another tampon so I was sporting two one day while on my period.  Imagine my surprise when I realized what I did.  I have a feeling your tampon has been up there since your last period and if you have been having sex it was just forced up in there and never noticed.  The smell is probably from the tampon being in your body but I would definitely get someone to check it out on Monday, if not sooner if it will make you feel better.  I remember my gyno told me that women do sometimes forget the tampon is in there and insert another, it happens.  She said she has found all kinds of things up in the ho-ha region—bunched up condoms (huh?!), loose b/c rings and other things that were just plain strange.

Please don’t feel embarrassed, but I would definitely make sure you find out if there is an infection (the smell?).

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Busy bee
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I actually had this happen to be before too… so don’t be embarassed… Im sure there are a few really busy bees who totally forgot at some point… As long as it is out now, that’s what is important!! If you don’t have any signs of TSS you should be fine.  My doctor recommended using a douche kit from the drug store, special formulated for women kinda thing, just to clean out any bacteria that may be trapped in there.  Call your doctor on Monday, but don’t worry about going to the hospital… sounds like you will be okay πŸ™‚  My doctor actually made recommendations to be by phone and said she didnt need to see me unless I had other signs and symptoms… which I didn’t!!  Dont stress πŸ™‚

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Bee Keeper
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I have done it too!!!!!

Don’t be embarrassed it happens!

Is the smell gone? The smell was probably just from the tampon!

You don’t have any TSS signs which is good (and TSS is very rare these days anyway) I wouldn’t worry too much about “cleaning yourself out” down there as our vagina’s are VERY good self regulators. And those cleaning kits can cause yeast infections by cleaning out the necessary bacteria we have up there!

I would just keep an eye on things over the weekend and if you have any symptoms (odor, pain, discharge etc.) go see the doctor on Monday!

But I honestly I wouldn’t worry too much about it!

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Worker bee
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If you are not feeling ill then you should be fine. Your period is your bodys natural way of “cleansing” itself. You should probably wait until after your period to douche, see if there is still an odor then do if you feel the need. And not to worry, I work at a hospital- people do a lot worst things to be embarrassed about. LOL! I would still call your GYN on Monday just to be sure she doesn’t want to check you out or start you on an ABX. If you start to feel ill then head to an urgent care. If not ease your mind a bit. Hope this helps =)

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Worker bee
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I agree with the last few posters and I wouldn’t recommend douching. I would use pads instead of tampons for the rest of this period to allow things to flush out. If you have a thermometer then you can take your temp to make sure you don’t have an infection, but you’re probably fine as long as you feel OK. I would call my gyn on Monday just to see what they recommend.

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