(Closed) Are weddings times to celebrate couple or friendships?

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Busy bee
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I can see where your Fiance is coming from, and I do think weddings can/should celebrate friendships to a certain point, afterall, these are the people that have been supporting you throughout the relationship.

However, the people that you seem to be talking about, do not seem to be the “supporting” types of friends and I can understand why you would be upset. Maybe you could talk to Fiance and tell him that yes, special frienships should be celebrated, but only of deserving friends who have truly been supportive.  If Fiance is still adamant about having them sing, can they perhaps sing at the rehersal dinner, or reception (after you are already married!)

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Helper bee

I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with these hurtful comments and the gossip.  I’d like to give your Fiance the benefit of the doubt that he wouldn’t have proposed something he thought would bother you.  That said, while I think it is lovely to have friends who love and support you share in your wedding day, support is a key piece of that and it doesn’t seem like his friends have necessarily been doing that for your relationship.  

Five songs sounds absurd (for anyone – it’s a wedding not a concert) but if it would mean a lot to your Fiance to have his friend sing a song, maybe there’s a compromise.  You said they have weekend jams, so maybe the groomsmen, or the best man and your Fiance could do something together instead of the best man and his wife?  I don’t think you’re being selfish to not want the friend’s wife (who has been hurtful to you in the past and doesn’t seem to have done anything to make amends or even acknowledge the need for that) to sing at your wedding. 

ETA: I thought your Fiance wanted his friend to sing during the reception, not the actual ceremony.  For the most part though, I think my thoughts are the same – except that you aren’t absurd to have five songs throughout the course of the ceremony (though it is weird to me to think about having ceremony musicians who are neither pros nor people you like).

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Busy Beekeeper

Your not being selfish. I’d talk to your FH again and again express why this doesn’t sit right with you. If this was me NO WAY would this be happening. this isn’t “The Voice”.. If you guys come to a compromise, then 1 song is plenty and the suggestion of a PP that they sing at the rehearsal is perfect.

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not a lot of help but an entertaining anecdote and possibly some ammo in favor of your argument if it comes to blows in the wedding planning:

when my parents got married, the local rock band my dad managed at the time did their music as a wedding gift to them.  I was not at their wedding since it was years before I was born, but I know all about their music because no one will ever let them forget that their first dance as man and wife was to “cocaine” by eric clapton. 

possibly of more use — having just had our wedding a couple weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on it and I’m so glad we kept our guest list mostly down to people we totally loved and who totally love us (cutting down a lot of anxiety that something is going to go wrong and everyone is going to be judge-y about it), even though it meant axeing some local friends that we just dont’ go back that far with.  What I do regret is letting one of the few not tried-and-true friends who did make it on the list take over all sorts of wedding activities and make them about him.  So while I definitely don’t think you should uninvite your friends or anything, I would hesitate to turn the spotlight on anyone you don’t know is there for you through thick and thin. 

If you were saying “my favorite aunt wants to sing a song at our wedding but here’s the thing…she’s not that good”…I would lean the other way.  Anything that happens at your wedding that comes out of a place of love and celebration is going to be sweet no matter how ‘good’ it is.  But if you feel like this is more about publicity/spotlight than doing something sweet for you two, I would be careful.  It’s one thing if it’s really important to your Fiance that they do the songs, but if his worry is about looking like a jerk for talking to them about it and then backing out, I’m sure you can find a way around that. They dont’ need to know that your great aunt isn’t actually helping to pay for the wedding and boycotting a band being there.  Anything that isn’t malicious and makes it not personal, you know?  

Otherwise, I totally agree with the rehearsal idea!

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Helper bee
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This is how I see it: the ceremony is to celebrate the couple, and the reception is a celebration of friends and family who have supported you and loved you before and during your relationship. I absolutely do not agree that a wedding is about a couple and just that. We would not be the people we are today without those who have been there for us, and if we are celebrating ourselves we should be thanking them and celebrating them for their support along the way.

However, I can see where you are coming from. Neither FH or I have any friends or family that don’t like one of us, and I can see how hurtful it would be to have a significant part of your reception centered on a couple who openly disapprove of your relationship. That is not support and, IMO, not friendship. I think it’s nice that you are perhaps willing to give the guy one song, but 5? Absolutely not. They should learn to respect you and your relationship before they think about taking over your wedding.

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Busy Beekeeper
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If a wedding was just about the couple then you wouldn’t have a bridal party and you wouldn’t throw a reception for your guests. I don’t see the problem with 1 or 2 songs. What you should do is sit down with these people with your Fiance and talk it out. You are adults. Your Fiance needs to explain that if his friends wives can’t respect you then he is going to have to cut them loose. One of Mr. Tattoos best friends hates me and could not keep his mouth shut about him getting a “ready made family” and how I’m just using him and blah blah blah. After about 3 months of this, Mr. Tattoo cut him loose. He was asked to keep my name out of his mouth, but he continued to try to turn the rest of his friends against me.

YOU can’t control who he talks to, but he can.

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i think i would feel the same as you do,  i wouldnt want your FIs friend and his wife serenading me if you knew they dont like you, its like being party to their hypocrisy.

Your FI  doesnt really need to validate his friendship with the friend at your wedding,  thats what the stag party is for isnt it? 

your wedding day should be about YOUR love and commitment, and you need to be surrounded by people who love you and support your union….

if they do sing for you, i would be tempted to walk off in another direction once they begin singing and come back when they stop.  if they question it or say its rude,  then tell them why……i am afraid i would have to let them know that i know and am unhappy with their presence. 

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