(Closed) Are you a "bad" preggo?

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Honey bee
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Eat Deli Meat and skip breaks at work.  Forget to take my vitamin every day.

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Buzzing bee
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-Deli sandwiches once in a while…usually when I’m desperate!

-Had caffiene twice throughout my pregnancy (so far) I’m 8 months.

-Will lick the spoon after baking brownies.

-I forget to take my vitamins most of the time.

Ughh…I feel awful:(

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Busy bee
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Yes to all of the above! I think the worst for me is taking that damn vitamin. I would say I have missed more than Ive actually taken it. I think I eat a fairly well balanced diet so hopefully all is good! 

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Bee Keeper
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I’m actually pretty good about taking my vitamins, there have been less than 10 times I’ve forgotten.


Things I’m “bad” for:

– I eat runny or raw eggs. (The contamination rate of eggs with salmonella is hugely overblown, yet incredibly low: 1 in 30,000 eggs. That means you’ll come across a contaminted egg once every 42 years.)

– I eat my steak pink in the middle.

– I drink caffeine sometimes. I get iced tea if we go out to eat. And on weekends, I drink regular coffee (during the weekday when I’m at work I drink decaf). I avoided caffeine in the 1st trimester, but 2nd and 3rd I’ve been having it occasionally.

– I’ve had a few sips of alcohol. Not any substantial amount, just enough to get a taste (literally only 1 swallow’s worth at a time). Darling Husband brews his own beer, so I take a sip to taste it when he makes a new beer. Also a a sip of wine here and there when he’s ordered wine with dinner at a restaurant and I wanted to taste it.

– I don’t count my servings of fish. I figure it evens out: one week I may be over the amount I’m supposed to eat (when we went on vacation in Florida, I had fish every day), the next week I may not have any fish. I do make a conciuos effort to choose low-mercury fish.

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Honey bee
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Coffee (daily, home-brewed)

Soft serve/custard (occasionally)

Medium Rare Steak (when I crave it, and from reputable sources, not from like a run-down diner or anything)

Wine (maybe 2 glasses a month)

Warm baths (frequently, it’s the only thing that helps my backache)

Soft cheese (St Andre’s Triple Creme Brie, to be exactly. Not often, but I won’t say no.)

Runny eggs (rarely, but more because I’ve wanted them scrambled). 

Turkey sandwich (once or twice. I haven’t really had much of an urge for one.)

With the exception of the coffee and the bath (which isn’t nearly as hot as I would normally take), I don’t do any of these things on a regular basis, so I refuse to feel guilty about them. 


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Buzzing bee
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Not pregnant now but I have a 7 month old….Obviously I did no damage to my son since he has been able to hold his head up since he was two weeks old. At three weeks old he could stand with assistance. He has been eating solids since 4 months. He has been sitting on his own since 5 months. He is able to walk if you help him since 5 months. He feeds himself. He is super smart and able to find people under blankets, find things when I move them away from his reach, he is crawling/pulling himself all over and starting to pull himself up. If I did him any damage from not following the rules then I can’t imagine what…lol

-I regularly drank caffeine (gasp) I had half and half almost every day (iced tea with lemonade)

-I did forget to take my vitamin several times, in fact there are still days I forget to take it. I need it since I am nursing.

-Took pain meds when I needed them. Which was almost daily at one point, plus I had kidney stones and needed stronger meds. All meds were with doctor approval.

-I had hot dogs and brats all during my 2nd tri since I was craving them with sauerkraut.

-I also had GD and did not always eat perfectly. However I didn;t need insulin so I wasn’t too bad.

-I also ate lunchmeat when I wanted it although I did heat it up.

I think as long as anything is done in moderation and you are not knowingly causing harm to your child then there are no worries.



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Busy Beekeeper

i don’t think any of you are doing anything “wrong”. What i have found with my friends is that you can’t win.  I saw i went to a sushi restaurant and my friend freaked out before i could even tell her i only had veggie options.  Then when we go for ice cream and i say i can’t have soft serve, they tell me i am crazy!

anyway, things i have done that have been met with disapproval are:

– coffee

– regular and diet sodas (I have it almost everyday and my doctor said it was fine, so did my internet research, so i give a damn what my mother or friends have to say!)

– i had a glass of wine on our one year anniversay and then went to a wine tasting the next day! Actually, i refrained from even telling anyone about this because i didn’t want to deal with their evil stares of judgement.

– I do some exercises on my back. i sleep on my back for waaay longer than the 5 minutes i am on the floor doing pelvic tilts in an effort to keep my butt from expanding more than my stomach!

– i wear heels and didn’t even know i wasn’t supposed to!

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Blushing bee
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SOFT SERVE? I didnt even know about this rule?

What is the risk with soft serve? Dr. Google here I come 🙂

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2013

@Rose120: I was wondering this, too. It is literally to avoid the risk of bacteria in the equipment. Are you kidding me? Might as well lock yourself in a sterile plastic bubble for 10 months. Thank you, but I will be eating and drinking normally when I am pregnant (that makes me sound awful, but I don’t drink that much caffeine or eat soft cheeses or deli meat). I’ll probably be the crazy prego who screams at people when they tell her she’s doing something wrong.

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Busy Beekeeper

@vorpalette: yes it’s true about the risk for bacteria in the machines.  i read up on listeria and it just made me too paranoid to take a chance, but i am pretty lax with other things and certainly don’t condemn anyone for having soft serve, so it really annoyed me when my friends condemned me for NOT having it!  besides i was perfectly happy with my triple fudge brownie flavored hard ice cream  🙂

And i might also get to the point where i will scream at them for telling me what to do, but for now i just answer and smile sweetly with “my doctor said it was fine”.  and if they push it, i will just continue with “my doctor said it was fine so i decided to go with his advice over non-medical opinions and not make myself crazy with every little thing since stress is probably the worst thing”.  hopefully they get the hint that they are contributing to the stress.



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Busy Beekeeper

Oh definitely the worst thing that has happened as of late is that i was supposed to travel with a friend but now she has told me i cannot go with her because she believes it is not safe for me to travel to said location while i am pregnant!!  I still can’t get over that she is doing this, even after i checked with my doctor and did my own research.

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Busy Beekeeper

@SFreeman2187: oh yes, i did read something about balance, but i haven’t felt any more off balance than usual, so i think i will keep my heels until they are no longer comfortable   🙂  besides, the heels i wear are not like thin stilettos or anything.

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Honey bee
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I don’t buy into the whole good/ bad thing. Maybe it’s because I stick to the recommendations pretty closely, but I have never had anyone say anything to me IRL about the choices I make and I am pregnant with my 3rd.

I think everyone makes the best decisions they can for themselves and their baby (obviously this excludes doing drug, etc). Some don’t stick to the recommendsations and some spend so much time worry about them that they are stressed, to each their own!

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