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Helper bee
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I’ve complained a lot more recently only because whatever the issues are, end up costing money.

A few weeks ago we got fast food for dinner. Got home to unpack it and discovered that they didn’t include a whole meal that we ordered and paid for. Then what they did include, was wrong. We only live a mile from the joint so I took it back, explained the issue and asked them to remake everything. I wasn’t a dick about it and they didn’t seem to mind too much.

Most recently I complained to the grocery store. I bought $14 worth of pancetta (Italian bacon) for a recipe but when I got it home to use, it was completely spoiled. The smell was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Completely nauseating. I was willing to cut my losses with that since I already threw away the receipt so I went back to the same store the next day and bought another $14 worth, hoping the first ones that I bought were just a bad batch. Same problem. I complained after that. I’m not going to spend almost $30 on spoiled bacon and not say something. The store refunded my money and gave me a $25 gift card.

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Busy bee
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@ChocolateLime:  I worked in retail for 10 years, and I was pissed when people really complained angrily about insignificant things. Some lady called up b^#$(ing about $4.00 like we had killed her first child. I was like, are you serious? And why is it my fault? I didn’t ring you up, but of course, I work here so it’s my fault.

I managed for 5 years, and when people got pissed, of course I had to deal with them. I was MUCH less likely to give in when they were yelling and being jerks. When they were nice and reasonable, I’d bend over backwards for them because they were wronged and it wasn’t their fault. But when they came in huffing and puffing for some stupid reason (and it was NEVER justified to react like that) then I wanted to make it as frustrating for them as possible, because they were being immature brats and I wasn’t going to reward that!

Some things aren’t worth it, but whenever I DO complain, I make SURE I’m not taking it out on the person I’m talking to because quite frankly, it’s probably not their fault. I try to be really nice and explain my side, and usually it works out really well. I’d have went back about no jam in my jam donut… lol… but I’d have been nice about it (I have no idea how you were; just saying how I am), because that person wasn’t in charge of filling the donuts. But no jam in a bunch of jam donuts is really not acceptable! haha


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Honey Beekeeper
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At a local grocery store I have bought spoiled and out of date food more than six times, I not only complained but I called corporate and the health department. I dont go there anymore, which sucks because it is only a few blocks from the house. I dont know why I went back after the second time. One can be a mistake, but it is an obvious problem. I even called the news after the last time.

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Honey bee
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I will complain if it’s something serious or expensive, but not over little things.

Also, I never yell at someone in a service job. I will be firm if necessary, but always polite. I’ve done my share of work with the public, and I was always less inclined to help people who threw tantrums or yelled at me. 

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Busy bee
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i normally don’t complain, unless i’m already having a bad day or something lol. i complained once at red lobster because we waited 2 1/2 hours for our food, and another time i returned some garlic bread at the grocery store because when i opened it, it was moldy. those are the only two times i can think of. i’m never rude though, because usually it’s not the fault of the person i’m talking to.

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Honey bee
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I never complain. Why would you ask that? This thread sucks. Everyone is annoying. Why is it so cloudy today. I JUST WANT FRIDAY TO BE OVER WITH!! WAHHHH!


I hope you got that sarcasm. 

But in all honestly i tend to see the glass half empty which i am working on.  But VERY rarely do i complain at retail stores. They really have to piss me off for that to happen. 

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Busy bee
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I’m tempted to complain about my terrible service this morning at Burger King. And now I’ll never use another coupon again. I already made a complete story of it on FB so I won’t bore you guys here, because I like you guys.

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Bee Keeper
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I try not to complain, but sometimes I find it necessary to speak up.  I bowl every Wednesday evening, and I always order food before the first game starts.  Well, an hour went by and I still had not received my cheeseburger.  We were starting the second game when I became annoyed (read:  pregnant and starving) and found a manager.  I explained that I had ordered my food ages ago, and I realize they’re busy, but I’m pregnant and hungry.  I had my food within 10 minutes.  Apparently the server forgot to ring it in, whatever… I was irritated but in the grand scheme of life it’s simply an inconvinence.

However, when I get outstanding service, I try to call or write a letter commending the person who went above and beyond.  I figure if I’d complain about rude service, I should probably compliment good service, right?

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Sugar bee
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I complain depending on what it is. Once at Applebees, my sandwich was supposed to come with lettuce and tomato, and it came with salsa on top. Wtf! They brought me a new sandwich and free dessert, which was nice.

Another time, I ordered a burger medium rare (not that craziest order in the world), and it was red and cold in the middle. I sent that back too. They brought a new burger and comped it!

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Buzzing bee
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I only complain if it’s a significant issue. I once bought one catelope, and when I got home realized they’d charged me for 10. That was enough $ that it was worth the trip back to get my refund. But if there’s a hair in my food or something, I am not going to complain. Hair is gross, but it happens.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I do, whereas Darling Husband just writes of the place (usually restaurants) which annoys me sometimes.  There’s a list of places he refuses to go to ever again.

Sometimes I wouldn’t describe what I do as complaining, just bringing an issue to someone’s attention.  For example, in a grocery store I will point out if something is mispriced so I can get it for free under the scanning code of practice.  That’s just something I am entitled to based on their policy due to their mistake.  When a cashier ran out of reciept paper and took my credit card with her when she went to get more, I complained.

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Busy bee

I generally only complain in situations where it’s something that is really “wrong” or frustrating. And even then, Mr. O works in retail, so I do my best to be as polite as possible. I will often complain to whomever I’m with though, haha. Helps to vent but not say it to whomever is serving us.

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