(Closed) Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person?

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  • poll: Are you a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person?
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    My favorite quote is from artist Erin Smith

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    Brickette:  I tend to lean more towards glass half empty too…not that I’m never positive but I’m a “be prepared for the worst and hope for the best!” type of person. Unfortunately I tend to put a lot of focus on preparing for the worst…

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    Also I totally understand the medical “what ifs?” I go through that too. I’m sure you’ll be ok and try not to stress 🙂 the stress probably doesn’t help your headaches.

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    Brickette:  I’m a bit of a weird mix in this regard.. I stress a LOT but i’m also pretty positive. It usually depends on the issue as to which way I go!

    I hear your pain about the headaches.. I get chronic migraines on a very regular basis and it is beyond frustrating. I’ve had every test under the sun and still don’t know what causes them.. apparently for some people you just get them and you never really know what the trigger is! Personally I do think that tension is one of the causes for me, among probably 1000 others!

    Don’t panic about it being something serious just yet though, there are a lot of other side effects that go along with that sort of thing other than a headache (i.e. diziness, neusea, fainting etc). Definitely good to get a thorough check just to clear your mind but honestly don’t freak yourself out just yet!

    Have you considered doing things like yoga/meditation/pilates etc? I also go to an osteopath and it works wonders, I have a terrible back and that mixed with my stress levels i’m sure contributes to the frequency of my migraines. Having the osteo align everything, getting occasional accupuncture and a few other things definitely helps!

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    Sounds more like anxiety to me, rather than being a negative person. 

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    Brickette:  I have generalized anxiety disorder and have had a lot of the same types of thoughts/worries. I ruminate on a lot of things. You should talk to a doctor about your worries and see if they think you may have an anxiety disorder. If you do, participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, the most effective treatment. They may suggest meds but I wouldn’t take them. You could be opening a can of worms.

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    I’d like to think I’m realistic. If the situation calls for optimism, I provide it. If it doesn’t, then I don’t. 

    Certainly I don’t put the cart before the horse and don’t get excited about things before they are definite. I am tentative at times but I consider that part of having realistic expectations and self-preservation. 

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    Brickette:  Naproxen is just Aleve. Have you tried taking other anti-inflammatory/anti-pain drugs, like Advil (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetaminophen)? Different drugs work for different people, so you may want to exhaust your OTC options if the Naproxen was a no-go.

    Other ideas: have you had your eyes tested lately? Needing glasses can cause headaches.

    Another idea: About a month ago, I got seriously debilitating headaches every day for about a week. No meds worked, I could barely function by the time I got home from work and school. Toward the end of the week they started fading in severity – that’s when I discovered my Fiance had accidentally purchased Decaf K-cups for the Keurig. That whole week I had been drinking decaf coffee every day not knowing it – so basically my headaches were from caffeine withdrawal!! My point is, sometimes there’s a simple stupid solution to a medical problem.

    To answer your actual question – I’m definitely a half-empty person. I start every Monday filled with dread about all the busy-ness, stressful events, and upcoming problems I know I will face during the week, and I’m just like BLAAAAAAAAH. Often I catch myself and remind myself my life is actually pretty good and could be WAY worse, so why I do approach it so negatively?

    My Fiance on the other hand is so optimistic and always assumes the best of everyone, and assumes the best thing will occur. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. I hope some of his attitude rubs off on me…

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    I’ve been getting headaches too! I never used to get them then out of nowhere I got them for anything? Walk up the stairs too fast, hold breath, nightmares, etc and being the worrier that I am I thought a tumor or aneurysm or something. But then I wonder what the odds are that it’ll happen to me and calm down a bit. (Reading up on what else it could be helps. )

    Im moody so one day I’ll be like “woe is me I broke a nail” and the other day I’ll get mugged and think “could’ve been worse”. 

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    Eating anything with sucralose in it for me is an instant debilitating migraine. I wasn’t always that way, so be on the watch too for any food related causes. 

    Overall, I think I’m half full. I tend to focus on the good news and stay positive. 

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    I love that quote.

    I am a pessimist because my life has not been easy. I have suffered a lot at the hands of others and I generally don’t believe in the good of humankind. 

    My screenname is “PositiveThinking” because I am trying to look on the bright side of life. It is hard though. 

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    I really try to be positive, but I find it hard, Luckily lately i have been working on this. I like to think I am careful but I am definately a worry-wart and expect the worst in most things.

    My boyfriend, is the glass half full kind of person.

    We work well together, and I think a bit of both mindsets is a good thing to have.

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    I am a glass half empty person, without a doubt. I hope the CT scan comes back all clear!

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