(Closed) Are you a kid at heart? Share your silliness!

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Oh, I know we do some crazy stuff… I’m just trying to think of something! Commenting so I can see what anyone else says 🙂

(P.S. Your grassheads are awesome. I love that you posed with them, too!)

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Well I’m dragging my SO to the Boat, Sport and Travel show this weekend…I want to see Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel. That’s, like, 95% of the reason I want to go! I also spent way too much time -for any adult- at a petting zoo when we had a Pioneer Day festival thing in my hometown. AND I laughed until I cried at monkeys riding dogs at a halftime show at a football game. Guess what…that was my favorite part of my day! 

Dont judge me!!

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Lol cute! Well Fiance and I are long distance, but when we’re out together we talk in different accents. People always look at us and are so curious as to where we are from. It’s a silly thing that I grew up doing with my dad sometimes and I never thought I would have anyone else to do it with. Come to find out Fiance has done it over the years too.

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We will sit on the couch and ask each other what dogs would say if they talked. DH also has always made up a voice for every animal he “meets.” He has done it ever since he was young. Now he has me doing it as well. We narrate animals’ lives. I feel more like a freak after saying that, lol.

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We make driving noises while driving. My SO didn’t used to and picked up from riding with me. It’s rediculous but he laughs everytime. So worth it.

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My desk buddy. Sponge Bob Potato Pants

This pic is from awhile ago. See that growth on his head? That is now also growing between his legs. Yah it’s amusingly gross. 

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I’m a giant kid with a sports car and good credit, outside of my professional life, I dislike dealing with heavy subject matter, and since that’s Mr. 99’s department, it works out really well…

But it gets out of hand really quickly at our house, and I don’t plan any of it, it just evolves before I realize what’s happening..

So, last weekend, Mr. 99 needs to run to the auto parts store, I don’t want to go with him, it’s super boring, smells like transmission fluid and has a disappointing keychain selection…he leaves, and I managed to act like a totally normal adult, for about ten minutes….

Then I decide, that I’m going to watch a movie…but what?  I see that The Possession is out, I remembered reading about the events that inspired the movie, plus that rapping Jewish guy is in it…SOLD!

But I can’t watch a scary movie without some panic cessation system in place, Mr. 99 isn’t here and what if I get a case of the creepies?  Naturally, I construct a blanket fort in the living room with sleeping bags on the floor and a three quarter blanket enclosure…we all know that evil cannot penetrate fleece, it’s a fact, someone call the Vatican.

While the lab and the pyrenese settle into the fort, the greyhound and I go upstairs to make popcorn, that dog is a whore for popcorn!  And he has a savant ability to catch it, no matter what…it’s AWESOME!

…and very distracting, I might add….I wasted the first batch trying to get him to miss, in fact, things have escalated to the point that I’ve given up on throwing it and have moved onto using a Nerf air gun for the velocity…

He’s using his ninja like skills, I’m shooting popcorn at him, meanwhile the last kernels in the popper from the second batch that I left unattended have started to burn…the smoke alarm goes off…

This sends the lab and the pyrenese into full panic mode, they attempt to evacuate the fort, but tear it down instead, it falls on top of them and they bolt wildly for the upstairs..

…at some point the cat became involved, as this giant, yellow fleece, two headed blanket slug lurches into the sitting room I see my cat being drug behind by her claws which are stuck in the blanket…

cue Mr. 99, back from the store with whatever damn part he needed…

He left a placid and peaceful house, and returned to a smoke filled hell hole with the smoke alarm blaring to find me with an airgun filled with popcorn while two of the dogs run through the house covered with a blanket that the cat is stuck to….

…that really got out of hand there.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I’ll always be a kid at heart.

I’m a Barbie collector. I don’t play with them (though sometimes I secretly wish I still could!)

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@Lyndzo: i’m a barbie collector too. i still have all my barbie stuff from when i was little. i can’t bring myself to give any of it away.

i’m obsessed with disneyland. i love it and would go every day if i could. and i’ve gotten my husband hooked on the happiest place on earth too, haha.

my husband has a lot of nieces and nephews and when he’s around them he reverts to a 7 year old boy- playing with their toys, riding their bikes…it’s kinda cute.

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I always revert to being a kid around my nephew.  I can safely say I’m the funnest 36 year old aunt ever.

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My Fiance is a serious nerd. he collects action figures like at garage sales and stuff. lol i think its actually cute. but we keep them together so when kids come over we bust out the box of toys…hes big into comics so they are all comic book characters.Also he reads ALOT of comics. old and new

Also i love to sing! i sing like jess on “the new girl”. where i make up songs instead of sentances. i just sing a lot. im pretty sure my life would be a musical if it was a movie. i do it at work ALOT! (im a CNA at a hospital) even when i carry cups i start to make music with them lol. like they’re drums. Once i worked with a girl who could beepbox. we had a blast.i know most disney songs by heart and talk to myself all the time.

also im afraid of the dark. when Fiance is gone and i have to shut off the last light. i run into bed and pull the covers over. aparently when you are older the protection of your covers still apply.

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