Are you a parent?

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Bumble bee

I have dogs, I do not have kids had no, I do not consider myself a parent.  We may talk silly around the house sometimes referring to each other as “mumma” & “puppa” when talking to the dogs but no, we are not parents.   

Maybe what people were trying to say to you with those remarks is that puppies are HARD.  Puppies can be really challenging the first few weeks.

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Buzzing bee
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Before I had my daughter, I had 2 dogs and a cat.  I did agility with my dogs and really consider them more like partners than children.  Yes, I feed them, but they are now mature adult animals who I rely on to work as a team with me.  And the cat is more like a roommate than a child, in my mind. 

I am not opposed to calling people “dog mom” or “cat mom” or calling pets “furbabies” if that makes people happy.  But all my pets know my husband and me by our first names, and I don’t call them my kids.  My mom did insist on having a “grandparent name” when I got my first dog, so as a joke I started giving her cards from the dogs calling her Grammy Woof.  It was kind of funny, and my human daughter now also calls her Grammy/Grammy Woof.  I didn’t actually consider myself a parent until I had a human child though.  And I would side-eye someone who considered being a pet parent on par with being a human parent.  

Also, I don’t call my animals my daughter’s siblings.  I call them “her dogs” and “her cat.”  If people do call them her siblings, I am fine with it.  It is just a little too cheesy for me I guess.

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Buzzing bee

I’ve never had a human child but I’ll be damned if someone ever tries to tell me I don’t understand what it’s like to have a baby LOL I know the struggle very well thank you!! Besides having pets all my life, I raised an extra large litter of puppies. Getting no sleep, cleaning messes every 10min, laundry everyday, helping momma dog bottle feed them, bathe them, teach them basics like sit and shake. Worst experience of my life lol they never all slept at the same time, those months were so intense I cried somedays, didn’t always get to shower. And at least with human babies people will offer to help- nobody wants to clean puppy poop, I was a single mother. I gave those kiddos everything and then when they moved out they barely cared to kiss me goodbye, so ungrateful! Lol yea I know exactly how it feels to be a parent. I am a parent and anyone who wants to tell me otherwise can eff off.

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mrsautumn36 :  I have one dog, no humans. 

Darling Husband and I will refer to each other as “mummy” and “daddy” when talking to the dog (usually in a funny passive agressive way like “Daddy STILL hasn’t taken the bin out”) but we don’t actually consider ourselves parents.  I definitely side-eye when people make big deals over mothers day or fathers day for their pets (though I love a doggy birthday party)

To me you are not a parent unless you have human babies, period. 

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Helper bee

I definitely don’t consider myself a parent! I have a cat who is so low maintence I could never make that comparison, even though I am obsessed with her. We also got a dog a couple months ago, and although she is more work and requires more responsibility and we love her, I imagine having a child will be a completely different ball game. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I have human kids and pets. When I call the vet I always say “This is Layla and Sally’s mom”- Hahaha. I mean, obviusly kids are a lot more, but pets are like the “lite” version of parenting.

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Bee Keeper
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A puppy can be like a baby in the early weeks in that it can be a lot of work to train and get in a routine, but no, I’m not a parent because U have a pet. 

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i love dogs, like i can really spent the whole day to just cuddle. but i think even if we do have to take care for our pets, it doesn’t necessarily related to as taking care of a human baby. i mean, human babies needs all of our attention and support while pets can still walk on their own, feed themselves after us placing their food on their bowl, drink, etc. it’s true that you need to be careful while taking care of your pets, especially when they are your first pet ever, but taking care of human babies really do need that extra care and commitment.

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Blushing bee
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My dog is my baby but no, I don’t consider myself a parent. 

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Bumble bee
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I definitely don’t consider myself a parent to my cats.  Nothing about being a parent appeals to me and I don’t even want to jokingly refer to myself as one.  That said, my two cats are a part of our family. I also have no problem with anyone who thinks of their pets as children and thinks it screams of insecurity when  parents get upset or offended over it.  You can still be a parent even though the neighbors down the street think of their dog as their baby. Just relax.  

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Busy bee

Just because something requires your attention and responsibility, doesn’t make you a parent. I’ve never heard anyone seriously call themself a “plant parent” because they tend a garden every day. While I’ll goof around with my pets and light-heartedly call them “bebe” or refer to myself as “mumee” when I’m talking to them, I’ll never actually consider them my “fur babies”. Heck, I’ve even called my fish “my babies” when talking at them…it’s just a term of endearment I guess. Obviously, animals could care less what we say to them since they don’t understand either way. 

But a part of me shrivels and cringes when I hear someone say “My kids have 4 legs!” And take the fur-baby thing too far…tbh I find it a bit insulting. Parents are literally raising the next generation of the world. It doesn’t matter if raising a puppy can be “just as difficult” as raising a newborn, because if you screw up raising a puppy, you’ll just have a dog with managable behavioral issues…screw up raising a chiid, and you could have a burden on society who’s literally destroying our PLANET….or someone like Trump. Or Kim Jong Un. Or Hitler. I could go on….point is, raising children comes with a legacy. No pet has the same impact on the world as children do. Parenting is far more than keeping something alive. 

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Busy bee
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Are their any pet owners on these boards who would choose the life of their cat or dog over that of a human, even a stranger?

And are there are any parents who would choose the life of any other human over that of their child?

That seems to be a crucial difference.

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Helper bee
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These pups are so cute! I want to love on them all.

I have two dogs, one I’ve had since I was 20 and the other my FH and I adopted together a couple years ago. While I jokingly consider them my babies and love them soooo much, I do not consider myself a parent. A ‘pawrent’ maybe, but not a parent. I have no children, but I know the amount of responsibility they require and I’m sure (if I decide to have them) I will undoubtedly love my children more than my pets. 

Pet’s are a big responsibility, but nothing compared to human babies.


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Helper bee
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I consider myself a “pet parent” but no, not an actual parent. I have a sweatshirt that says “dog mom af” which I really just thought was funny. I refer to myself as “mommy” and Darling Husband as “daddy” to our actual dog, but he’s also a dog so I could call Darling Husband “poop monster” and it wouldn’t make a damn difference.

I certainly don’t think having a dog is the same as having a child. I think some responsibilities for a living thing other than yourself are there, but not to the same extents. I do find it odd that some parents of human children take offense to pet parents referring to themselves as “parents” but I’ve never met a pet parent who meant it seriously or thought it was the “same.” But I’ll be a “fur mama” as long as my fur “baby” is around.

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