(Closed) Are You A Sensitive Person?

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  • poll: Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Sensitive Person?
    Yes, it bothers me and I wish I was I had a little thicker skin : (74 votes)
    53 %
    Yes, but I don't mind it/don't mind saying so : (35 votes)
    25 %
    No-- I wish I was more sensitive,though : (2 votes)
    1 %
    No-- I am glad that I am not a sensitive person : (23 votes)
    16 %
    ugh- other : (6 votes)
    4 %
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    I can be a bit abrasive.  My mom is a gentle soul who is easily upset.  She is SOOO sensitive.  She takes things personally all the time, or reads way more into a situation than I would.  I’m glad I’m not that sensitive.  She has told me before that she wishes I were more sensitive, but I’m glad it takes a whole lot to ding my little feelers.

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    I’m extremely sensitive..and I keep things to myself. One of my downsides.  I take a lot of things personally when it’s directed towards me. 


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    I definitely wish I had a thicker skin.

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    I used to be a lot less sensitive, but pregnany has made me very sensitive lately! It’s a weird adjustment for me.

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    I am extremely sensitive. I wouldn’t change it even if I could it’s who I am:)

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    I am not sensitive at all. I think it comes from the fact that I genuinely don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me 😛

    Obviously I take my husband and family into account and I’d be upset if I had an issue with any of them. But what random strangers think or just things that happen in life? No, it doesn’t bug me at all and I think it would suck if it did. I couldn’t stand constantly being offended and/or crying over everything like some people I know (ahem, my sister).

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    I am not sensitive at all unless it has to do with my immediate family.

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    I’m very sensitive, to the point on the “empath” scale I rate the highest score possible.  However, I see this trait as a gift.  

    While being very emotional by nature, I’m also equally balanced on the rational/logical side (the benefit of being raised by a genius-engineer father who trained my mind this way).  So I can fairly easily step out of myself and not let my emotions affect me.  My emotions are never in control of me, I am in control of them.  But – I always follow my heart and gut in my life (and wait for my logic to catch up, lol, which it inevitably does, just takes longer). 

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    Hmmm.  I think it’s interesting that sensitivity in general is viewed as a weakness. 

    I never cry (seriously – maybe twice a year, if that) and I can be tough as nails if I need to be.  I give people chances, but I don’t take any bullshit, not for too long, anyway.  I am still very sensitive as far as being easily able to read people’s emotions, etc.  I don’t care if people judge me and I’m practically impervious to other people’s opinions, unless I love the person.  I never allow anyone else’s opinion to matter more to me than my own does.  But I still know I’m very sensitive, even though it seems like an oxymoron, I guess. 

    I view my own sensitivity (and compassion) as a strength.

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    I’m not sensitive about most things, but SO is. It can be difficult, at times, because I always feels like he’s overreacting to little things and he feels like I am just brushing his feelings off. We’ve gotten to the point in our relationship where we realize that we’re both able to see this, but it’s definitely caused some fights in the past. He just cares SO MUCH (in my opinion) about what other people think about him. He also gets really easily embarassed and then cranky. And people always tell me that when they first meet me they think I’m very abrasive or cold. I don’t mean to be that way (and I don’t think I am), but I guess I can come off like that – so it’s not all in SO’s head.

    I’m also really, really forgiving and/or always give people the benefit of the doubt (and SO is not like this at all), which I think has a lot to do with sensitivity. If someone says something that bothers SO, that’s it – he doesn’t like them (most of the time), whereas I’ll try to explain why they may have said or done that thing and will be much more willing to give them a chance in the future.

    I said I wished I was a bit more sensitive – just because it would make things easier with SO!

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    I’m sensitive but I don’t cry at a drop of a hat.  I just keep things to myself. 

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    It varies. I am patholigically sensitive. Cripplingly shy. Incredibly introverted and socially anxious.


    If you piss me off enough, or wrong me, I have the courage to stand up to you over it. Seriously, nobody fucks with me. I am terrified to do it, but I do it. Being in a confrontation is very upsetting for me and it’s going to bother me for a long time, but sure as sh*t that’s not going to stop me. 

    -_- it took me a very long time to be able to stand up for myself at all. I am certainly not aggressive. I attract aggressive people though, because I come off quiet and subdued, even aloof. They generally are not expecting the response they get when they push too hard. 

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    I’m sensitive. I’m intuitive, empathetic, very introverted, and get overstimulated (by noise or other sensory loads) really easily.

    A lot of people in this thread seem to equate sensitivity with caring too much about what others think. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. 

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