(Closed) Are You Afraid of Death?

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  • poll: Are You Afraid of Death?
    Yes, I am afraid of death and dying : (95 votes)
    29 %
    I am slightly afraid of dying, but not so much being dead : (46 votes)
    14 %
    I'm only afraid of leaving people behind : (64 votes)
    20 %
    I'm only afraid of pain/traumatic death : (83 votes)
    25 %
    I'm not afraid of death and dying at all : (29 votes)
    9 %
    Other : (10 votes)
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    I have PTSD and have some panic-y dying thoughts and accompany that. If I’m with Fiance, though, I don’t fear death. For example, if I start thinking about how the car is going to crash or the airplane’s going down, but Fiance is sitting next to me, I think “it’s okay, because if we go, we go together.” Most of my death anxiety is about leaving people/being left by people, but since he’s the biggest part of that, I’m pretty calm if he’s around. Kinda morbid, haha.

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    @mchitt329:  +1. Unfortunately my Darling Husband worries about it more than I do. He gets actual anxiety attacks over it every once in awhile.

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    Im not afraid of death or dying. I suppose once you have stared it in the face and come so close to losing your life you arent afraid anymore.

    I faced near death when I was a teenager. I almost died and I think then I was afraid of the manner of death. Again with the ex husband when he almost killed me, I wasnt really afraid to die so much as I was afraid to what would happen to those around me.

    I went to Iraq, I was shot at, and my convoy hit a buried mortar and I almost died, again I wasnt afraid for myself so much as I was afraid of what would become of the people in my life, not seing my children, and family.

    I suppose Im more afraid of life passing me by and not doing all the things I wanted to do before death comes for me.

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    I’m not afraid of dying. I don’t want to die now, but I don’t fear it. 


    I don’t know what happens when we die, but I figure it’s no different than what happened to us before we were born. Just nothing I guess.

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    Yes, because nobody can tell you what that’s like. 

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    Mortality has been on my mind a lot lately, much more than my husband knows, as my mother has terminal cancer and has not been doing very well. People say it forces you to not take the people you love and the life you live for granted, but I don’t really see that in a good way right now.

    I’m kind of scared that I’ll succumb to cancer fairly young like many of the women in my family, but I’m even more terrified of losing my husband. I watch my father dealing with the grief of watching my mother get sicker, and being so afraid of being left alone, and I can feel myself becoming more and more paranoid that my husband’s heart problems will kill him, or any of the other things that can go wrong, and I’ll be left alone. It doesn’t help that I know it’s inevitable one of us will widow the other eventually, unless we somehow die at the same time. As an atheist, I don’t fear death so much as dying because death is peace, but I very much cling to the people I love and am afraid of them feeling completely erased or removed from my life.

    Wow, sorry, that was way more depressing than I meant it to be. I guess my mind’s been in a blacker place lately than I care to admit.

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    I’ve seen people die in pretty horrible ways before. When the family are there, it can be even worse. The thought of death makes me feel sad because I think about all the wasted time the person had had that they could have spent better. I also don’t want to die in some of the ways in which I know people can, and do, die.

    I suppose the main thing is that I just don’t want to look back when I’m dying and feel like I wasted my life…

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    I’m not afraid of death itself, as I tend to believe there’s another side.

    I am afraid of dying…the whole process. A good friend of mine has been battling cancer for 3 years. It will kill him. Doctors are running out of treatment options and a new form of cancer just made an appearance which is extremely aggressive. Seeing the pain and discomfort he goes through freaks me out.

    I’ve also seen relatives go through dementia in their later years and eventually pass away. That scares me too

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    Actually i was thinking about posting a thread like this!

    I am… very much… almost every day i find myself suddenly thinking “oh my god… im going to die… for sure”

    Life is so beautiful, i love life and i dont want to die, but oh well, there’s not much i can do about it.

    Im scared of just dying and… there not being life after death… just stop existing.

    Man… i think i should get out of this thread lol

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    @inky_1:  I am afraid of death and it started with my grandfather dying of cancer. He was so sprightly and fit, we couldn’t even believe he could be suffering from something like this. Now I am afraid that every lump, bump or acne I have is a sign of cancer. I feel anxious about seeing a doctor – what if something bad gets detected? How will it affect my family? Who will look after my parents? All illogical fears. I think I need therapy. 😛

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    I am not afraid about what happens after death, but I am afraid of how I die. And im afraid of leaving everyone behind. 

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    I’m not afraid of dying, I’m just afraid of dying before I’ve had the chance to do the things I want to do, like have children. I’m also afraid of what dying young puts your family through. DH’s mom died two years ago at 52, after being in the ICU for a month, and it was very traumatizing for me. I’ve been around a lot of old people dying. I spent a lot of time in nursing homes as a child and saw a lot of my favorite people die. But it’s different when a 85 year old dies vs. a seemly healthy 50 year old who suddenly becomes ill and dies. 

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    Yes, it terrifies me. Not the being dead part – since I believe that there is nothing at all after death – but the process of dying. I just don’t want my last moments to be filled with panic and fear. A car accident or a debilitating disease would be awful. Going peacefully in my sleep, or even something instantaneous so that I don’t have time to feel pain or be afraid – either of those would be okay with me. It’s the idea of knowing it’s coming and not being able to stop it that truly frightens me.

    I also can’t even bear to think of how it would affect the people I leave behind. I just keep hoping that if I’m going to die, it’ll happen after my daughter is grown up. If I were to die while she was young, she’d have to live with her dad several hours away and my family would barely ever get to see her. She and my mom are incredibly close, and I can’t even begin to imagine the adverse effect that would have on their relationship. It hurts to think about 🙁 Not to mention my fiance has been around since before her 2nd birthday so as far as she can remember, he’s been a father figure for her entire life. I’d hate to have that ripped away from her as well.

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    @CindyRelly: I’m with you. I’m actually considerign counseling it bothers me so much.

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    I had the absolute worst anxiety about death my whole life. It was my biggest fear by far. I would have panic attacks nightly thinking about this.


    Then I heard a quote that hit home with me “Fear is without faith. Faith is without fear”


    Not to make this a religious post as all but I had been struggling with my faith on and off. And since I heard that quote I’ve made it a big point to strengthen my faith and boy let me tell you my anxiety and fear of death has gotten sooooo much better. No more panic attacks or anxiety. A little uncomfortable when I think about certain aspects of it like not seeing my daughter grow and be married and have children (if i t happens before she does) but the actual part in itself isn’t as scary any more.


    And I started to overcome this fear after 3 near death experiences in one year. Imagine that lol.

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