(Closed) Are You Afraid of Death?

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  • poll: Are You Afraid of Death?
    Yes, I am afraid of death and dying : (95 votes)
    29 %
    I am slightly afraid of dying, but not so much being dead : (46 votes)
    14 %
    I'm only afraid of leaving people behind : (64 votes)
    20 %
    I'm only afraid of pain/traumatic death : (83 votes)
    25 %
    I'm not afraid of death and dying at all : (29 votes)
    9 %
    Other : (10 votes)
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    I’m not afraid of death itself. I accept that it’s going to happen at some point, and I don’t think anything happens when you die. You just cease to exist.

    But I’m terrified of aging, of losing control of my body, of not being able to take care of myself, and of the possibility of living with some long illness that eventually leads to death. I’m also worried that I won’t be able to cope when those things happen to my parents.

    Darling Husband, on the other hand, is very much afraid of death. He talks about it and dwells on it sometimes, and it creeps me out. 

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    @inky_1:  I always had questions, the whole time I was growing up. I was raised in my faith but only by my Grandmother. My mom believed but never talked about it so I was on the fence. It wasn’t until I had my near death experiences that I started to really want to get closer to my faith and once that started little by little the questions were answered and my fear went away.


    I hope you find something that helps you with your fears and questions. I don’t want to turn this into a religious post and quite frankly I just want everyone to be happy. Granted I’d want everyone to share my faith but in general I just want everyone to be happy and not be afraid. So I hope you find what you’re looking for

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    Not afraid of something as natural as being born…there’s way scarier things than being done with this life.

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    I’m not afraid of dying exactly. It’s more that I can’t stand the thought that one day this romp on Earth will be over. I’ll never be able to squeeze another ounce of joy out of life, read another book, take a trip, share a passionate kiss, laugh so hard my sides ache, or make a friend. I won’t be able to learn about all those subjects I meant to study. I won’t have any time left to take up the guitar. Life has an expiration date and one day I’ll be on the wrong side of it. And when that happens, I won’t be conscious of it, but I’m conscious now that it will happen. So I’m not afraid of being dead, and I don’t believe that anything happens after we die, but it makes me sad to know that one day will the last day that I ever experience…anything.

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    I’m afraid to die because I’m not ready  to. Obviously theres a lot more things i want to do on this earth before that happens.But when i’m 99 and on my death bed – i’ll prolly look at death as a sweet release.

    I’m a christian so I believe in heaven and it comforts me to know that when it is my time to go – i’ll be going to paradise and a place far better. But that doesn’t mean i want to go there anytime soon. lol

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    Are you afraid of death or dying? No I am not afraid of death or dying


    Why or why not? This is for several reasons.  For one thing I have worked in healthcare since I was in high school.  I have seen first hand many different types of death, traumatic, prolonged, peaceful.  In the end the outcome is the same, the person dying has left our world and has gone to a much better place.

    The second reason I am not afraid of death is because I was very close to dying once.  When I was 16 I was diagnosed with cancer.  It’s a very long story but basically when I finally found out what was wrong with me I was knocking on deaths door.  In a matter of days I had several surgeries/procedures to help treat me with the acute symptoms in hopes I could survive long enough to get treatment for the chronic symptoms and get rid of the cancer.  So at a very young age I realized that death is inevitable and you shouldn’t fear what you can’t prevent.  After surviving I then started working in healthcare because I became inspired by the people who helped me.  


    What do you think happens when you die? I’m not sure what happens to people when they die.  I do believe that sometimes a spirit gets “lost” and then we have our ghosts.  I believe this because I have seen some crazy things, not just in healthcare (yes I worked at a nursing home that was haunted) but also in everyday life I have had some strange paranormal experiences.  I do however, believe that no matter what happens to us when we die that it is more peaceful than our life here.

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    I’ve always been afraid of death, I remember being scared as young as 5 years old. I don’t really believe in heaven or hell. I’m more afraid of close family, friends or some of my animals dying than dying myself I think, but the whole idea scares me.

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    Are you afraid of death or dying? No, I’m not afraid.

    Why or why not?  I’m not afraid of dying because I witnessed my Grandmother’s death.  It was actually a peaceful process.  I can only hope that my death and other loved one’s will die peacefully too.

    What do you think happens when you die? I believe in Heaven.  I look forward to meeting God and seeing loved ones who have passed, including my dogs.  

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    OMG I am absolutely PETRIFIED of the idea of death.  Just reading this thread has made my anxiety skyrocket.  I have been terrified of death for as long as I can remember.  I try not to think about it because when I do I actually feel like i’m going to go insane.  I just can’t bear the thought of ceasing to exist.  I also can’t handle the thought of not being with my children.  I fear losing my loved ones.  I grew up Christian and used to have a very strong faith but as I’ve gotten older I have had a lot of questions and doubts.  I still pray every day and hope with every ounce of my being that there is an afterlife and that we will be reunited with our loved ones, including lost pets. 

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    There needs to be a fear of others dying option.

    I’m petrified of my Fiance dying, to the point where if it even crosses my mind I start bawling. Just the other night it happened where we watched something sad and I couldn’t help but imagine him dying and he sheepishly cuddled me while I cried for basically no reason, he wasn’t threatened at all. He’s young and very healthy, but the prospect of being without him just destroys me.

    I couldn’t care less about my own life/death. Dying doesn’t frighten me at all. I would rather not die violently or painfully but it’s the pain part that scares me, the dying part is no big deal. I don’t believe in any afterlife, though I think it would be cool if there were one. I just have no reason to think there is.

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    I totally misread this thread title and thought it said “Are you Afraid of the Dark” and I was hoping you were talking about the tv show! ๐Ÿ™‚  

    I do not look forward to dying anytime soon but I am curious what happens after… My dad died when I was 12, so it would be nice to see him again and all my grandparents etc….   Until then, I have too much to do here to worry about that stuff.  

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    I work in hospice care, so I am not afraid of the actual dying process.

    However, I am terrified of dying before my children grow up and are old enough to know how much I love them.  My 9 year old is old enough- she knows.  But the baby is only 15 months.  If I died, I fear she would never know how much I love her. 

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    I am athiest, so death for me is more “permanent”, so to speak, than death for someone who believes in an afterlife. It’s weird to think that someday I will no longer exist at all and it is frightening. However, I am more afraid of the death of my loved ones than my own.

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    Im scared of the unknown… I think must of us hope or pray that there maybe a heaven, but I’m scared when I wil died I will just be gone… I will never see my loved ones again :'( When I am really tired I think about stuff like that. I cant believe some of the painful tragic deaths that people have to go though… I just hope and pray that their last moments on earth were somehow easy like their body was ther but they werent. You know what I mean? I hope and believe there is God!! But sometimes it scares me with all the bad things that happen in this world, how could he or she let this stuff happen ๐Ÿ™ I am scared to die a painful death… or to have to suffer… I wish no one had to suffer…

    I am afraid lose my love ones… Anyone who has lost a loved one I am sorry ๐Ÿ™

    Another thing I dont get though is why are we people so much better than animals? Animals feel pain and have feelings just like us but because WE walk up right some how we are so much better and we get to go to heaven? I would sure hope that my pets will be in the after life with me. I NEVER understood how that is justified… 


    Sorry about my thoughts a feelings about death.. there just really arent many answers ๐Ÿ™ 

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