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kortizi0:  I’m in the middle of a true blood marathon, so I feel you. Same thing happened to me last night. Yes I’m afraid because I love my life and am happy. I guess if I felt I didn’t have much to live for I might be more callous or cynical, but I have the love of my life and I don’t want to leave him. 

I don’t know how old you are but this realization that the things I do (driving late at night, not paying attention while driving, my diet) have real world consequences started when I turned 30. I find that with every new milestone, I have temporary paralysis with fear of death. I hope this is something I come to terms with later in life. I also think having a healthy fear of death so young is normal.

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The thing that helps me is always have goals to look forward in life and well, every one goes so wherever they go, you will too. Whenever I feel anxious, I tell myself, wait, am I healthy? are my parents healthy? Is everyone in my family good today? Then I’m not going to worry about it because today is a great day. There are going to be times where it will not be that way, so enjoy today and leave the worries to another day. Stay busy! Enjoy life!

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Nope. But I’m very afraid of my loved ones dying. 🙁

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kortizi0:  totally agree, I’m afraid, it’s an awful truth. It actually stops me from starting a family of my own, that and the idea that I need plenty of money. If we didn’t vent how we really feel every now and then well it’d just build up. No point in worrying if there’s nothing that can be done and once it happens you won’t know you’ll be gone. Always try to have something to look forward too it helps life go by a lot easier. 

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kortizi0:  I think I’m far more worried about the ones I love dying. When I think about losing a person or fur baby, it’s incredibly heart breaking. Sometimes I think you need those little “life checks” so you don’t take them for granted. As far as myself dying,  I think I look at that more like “Well, I’ll cross that bridge when it happens.” literally! Though younger, I have my affairs in order should something happen because you never know and I want my loved ones to be taken care of.

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Not really. I’m sad at the thought of making my family sad, and if dying involves suffocating of any kind I don’t much like that either (lol) but as for being dead…I’m kind of looking forward to it. We spend our whole lives struggling to be good, do the right thing, keep our lives on track and if we do it right, we go to heaven and finally get to just chill about it all haha! I’m catholic and believe 100% that if i live my life to the best of my ability in line with Christ and the Church, I’ll go to heaven and see my family there too (they better be there lol).  So dying, maybe a little. Death, no. 

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I’m mostly afraid of dying young and in pain or scared.

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Im not afraid of dying. I know where I’m going after I die. And I know there will be no more pain and suffering. What I’m afraid of is losing my loved ones that don’t know Jesus, because I know I won’t see them again.

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I grew up with a very religious mother and as a result, I am terrified of hell and that it’s real. Eternal damnation because i didn’t make the right choices in life. I know it’s morbid and disturbing, and I don’t think about it often, but when I do, I feel a little panicked. I hope hell doesnt exist and is just a scary fictional place!

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Scares me, bad. Like, I will be up crying at night, can’t sleep, because I’m so scared one day I’ll be gone and what have I done. <br />As others have said, it’s not the process of dying, it’s what happens after. 

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It depends on how I think of it.  If I think of it as a transformation or becoming a part of the universe, it’s not so scary.   When I think of the deaths of those I love or dying young, it’s much harder to deal with.  My grandmother is old/sick and I’m trying to “prepare” myself for her eventual passing.  Last night I dreamt that she was going to be with my aunt (her sister who has been dead for years).  I don’t put a whole lot of stock in dreams, as mine tend to get pretty crazy, but I feel kind of weirded out by that one. 

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kortizi0:  I’m not entirely sure why but about 2-3 times a week (usually as I’m about to drift off to sleep or coming out of sleep) I get this profound sense of my mortality.  Like I’m hyper aware that I’m not going to be alive forever and that my death is very real.  Sometimes it scares me a lot.  Other times it doesn’t bother me.

I work at a cancer center so I feel really blessed to have a constant reminder of how quickly life can change and end.  Some days it’s really draining and gets me down but other days I feel very thankful for it.  You live life a little differently when you understand that time isn’t guaranteed for anyone.  Nobody owes you a lifespan of 95 years.  I will say that when it’s time I’m going to do my best not to fight it.  I don’t want my way out to be a struggle (if I can help it)  I don’t blame people for fighting for their lives for one second but I dont think I’ll be the kind of person that tries every type of treatment under the sun until my dying breath.  

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I am afraid of dying and what comes after. To think that I might feel myself slip away and know that I have no control over it is just as scary as the unknown of what comes after to me. I get most afraid at night in the dark when I’m alone.

But, it really offers me some perspective on life when I keep it at the back of my mind. If my Fiance and I have a fight or I have to make a tough decisions, I think to myself,”I could die tomorrow,” and that teaches me not to hold a grudge and to make choices that will benefit me and my own health physically and mentally.

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kortizi0:  No.  At least not right now.  Maybe if I were to become ill or was in a lot of pain I may be scared.  But right now, I’m loving life, I the knowledge that we don’t last forever.  We grow, we grow older, we create wonderful, beautiful things around us, and one day we have to leave to allow other to have a place.  It’s sad that people die, but similarly I wouldn’t want to live forever

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I’m not really afraid of the actual act of dying..but what comes after. That part scares the shit out me. Like, do we just stop existing, or do we change into a different form of being. It really does mess with you if you think about it too long. My mom is really religious and 100% believes in an afterlife, which brings me some sort of comfort in a strange way. 

I almost died when I was in a horrible car accident when I was 20. And all I can remember is how everything around me was slowed way down when the impact occurred. It really is true that your life flashes before you when you are in those near death situations. It was very surreal.

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