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Sugar bee
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yep, Darling Husband and I both are.

I like to observe everything.  I too have been accused of being stuck up but I am just shy and soft spoken.  

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Busy bee
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I am…..this is me to a T………….  “If there is too much talking and noise going on, they shut down.”

Funny they put it that way, my sister just figured this out last year when we were out wedding shopping. I wasn’t having it anymore, and she was like ok, you must be shutting down down. It made me feel better she understood and was able to say exactly how I was feeling. So it has kind of been a family joke ever since.

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Busy Beekeeper
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@MrsSl82be: I’m very much an introvert and work with strangers all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ For me, I just have to be in my comfort zone. That doesn’t mean I’m not amiable. People find me to be a really good listener (all my friends, clients, etc) because I enjoy listening more than talking… so it makes me better able to work with people in the situations they are in (in a hospital, sometimes traumatic). I’m fine at communicating, speaking in public, whatever…but I could never go up to a stranger that DIDN’T need my services. Example: Could never ever be comfortable in sales.

I am also an INFJ! I remember a post a while back where there are actually a lot of us on the Bee that are. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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@PutABirdOnIt:  I’m an INFJ!!  So neat to meet a fellow INFJ!  I’m in the wrong field according to the personality test.

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Busy bee
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I’m an introvert. I used to be an extreme introvert when I was younger (pretty socially awkward :-P) and it took me a while to learn how to make conversation with people I don’t know. I’ve mellowed out a bit and now really enjoy jobs that involve working with people (like cashiering). But I still need my alone time every day or I get grumpy and I feel awkward at big gatherings like weddings and such.

My husband is also introverted, even more than me, which is funny for me sometimes because compared to him I”m pretty extroverted ๐Ÿ™‚


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Busy bee
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Oh, and I’m an INFJ, too ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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I’m definitely an introvert.  This article describes me almost perfectly.  I actually do like working with the public, but not if I have to initiate and hold a long conversation about virtually nothing.  I really enjoyed being a restaurant host and being able to chat with a lot of strangers…but I only had to talk to each of them for 30 seconds at a time.  Just long enough for the “hi, how are you” type stuff.  Anything beyond that with a person I dont’ know and I get extremely uncomfortable and anxious.

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Busy bee
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I’ve seen that article before, and I love it! I’m an introvert. I’ve gotten over a lot of the extreme shyness that I used to have, but I still feel awkward in any social situation where I’m not already well-acquainted with everyone. I have trouble making “small talk”, but I really do love to talk about things I find interesting and if you are genuine & if I like you it doesn’t take long for me to open up. I have very few close friends at any given time, not because I don’t want friends, but because I tend to put quite a bit of effort into friendships and the other person usually doesn’t appreciate or reciprocate it so we drift apart. I have to have plenty of time to think and “recharge” or my stress level skyrockets. 6, 7, 8, & 9 in the article are me all the way.

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Buzzing bee
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@helenberrycrunch: why thank you [eyelash flutter:] @bee kiss: I know it’s a really difficult personality type. I have done so many unconventional jobs in my life and I don’t think I’ll ever figure out one real career. I think something like 1% of people are INFJ. We’re so special:)

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Thanks for posting that article, I saw a lot of truth about myself in it.

I feel I’m an introvert as described above, and I’m a Health Data Specialist.  Basically, I work from home with just me and my computer all day. I love it, and I love working from home.  When I worked in an office, I often felt that people thought I was weird or rude because I usually sat by myself at lunch, reading a book or doing a puzzle.  I also hate small talk.


I did, however, work retail full-time for 5-6 years during college.  I went up to the Store Manager level, in a high-pressure sales environment that was dependant on talking to everyone that came in the store and trying to make a connection with them.  I didn’t HATE it terribly, I was actually pretty good at it and I liked the pressure, but I was really into the product we were selling and passionate about it.  However, I love my job I have now so much more, and I never want to go back to retail.

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Sugar bee
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I’m a major introvert and can relate to everything on that list. I’m better at dealing with unfamiliar people than I used to be (I worked in retail for about six years, so I have no problem interacting with strangers in a professional capacity), but I still dislike large parties where I don’t know a lot of people, and I definitely “shut down” if too much is going on at once.

I get exhausted just thinking about my extrovert friends who have a million people they consider close friends and are always in party mode.

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Busy bee

I’m an introvert and an INFJ as well.  Everything on that list applied to me.  For example:


~I will babble forever about things I’m interested in.

~I’m very into one-on-one friendships.  All of my dearest friends live in different states and have never met each other (one “real-life” friend, 4 from the internet), so I have a different one-on-one relationship with each of them.  I am extremely loyal to them.  

~Can’t handle public situations for long.  I actually start to feel sick if I spend too much time in a mall.

~I love to daydream and just spend time on my own.

~I’m kind of weird, I fully acknowledge that lol.  

~Totally a homebody.  I also enjoy nature.  

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