(Closed) Are you and your SO opposites?

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  • Wedding: April 2011

my Fiance have veryyy many similarities, but I think we are compatible because of our differences.

Our Similarities:

Very outgoing, both “don’t mind” attention

Both funny, loud, and occasionally obnoxious

Same religious affiliations

Same political affiliations

both come from huge, close-knit families

both are obsessed with fashion, looking good, shopping


Our Differences:

He is a complete clean freak…I am very disorganized

I am very free spirited, he plays more by “the rules.”

I value education–he think school sucks

I am a writer/creative type, and he is very numbers oriented


I guess we have a little bit of both!

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A bit of both too.  Differences are tricky, but fun. 

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@heatherrobyn – we have the same differences and many of the same similarities….too funny!!

His desk is spotless, and my half of the office is organized CHAOS!!! 

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  • Wedding: October 2011

My Fiance and I are definitely opposites- I am a Republican while he actually works in the Democratic Party, I am hot tempered while he is mild, and we are different religions and from different regions of the country. BUT we share most of our core values so it works. Plus, we both like to argue, lol.

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I think there are two kinds of opposites.  A lot of what i’m seeing are things like politics and religion.  Fiance and I are pretty similar in those aspects; however our pastor believes we are the most opposite couple he’s counseled.

Fiance and I took a Meyers-Briggs personality test.  He’s an ISTJ while I’m an ENFP.  When it comes to how we respond to the world around us, Fiance and I are total opposites.  For us it works well.  Our pastor is concerned about how opposite we are. FI and I think it’s what makes us work so well.

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  • Wedding: October 2010

We are both Dems, Catholic, Hispanic. We’re very different personality wise. He’s calm, quiet, makes and keeps friends easily, very easy going, has and continues to do well in school and is very focused on his goals…polar opposite of me in every way. But we balance each other out 🙂

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Total opposites.

I grew up gravitating towards aliternative music and lifestyles (i.e. loved the punk scene as an early teen, currently jam my itunes full of indie, folk and bluegrass – you get the picture). P was always pretty ‘mainstream’, labeled a jock throughout high school, and mainly listens to whatever comes on the radio.

P lives to play sports and loves any extreme activity that gives him an adrenaline rush. I’m more into girly, crafty activities. P excels at art, I can barely draw a stick figure. I’m an excellent writer, while P gives up after a poorly constructed paragraph.

I have a hot temper, and am often considered a total stress case; while P is mellow and takes things as they come.

But, he’s my perfect match in every way! Wink

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Not really opposites, but I do feel like he fills in gaps in me and I fill in gaps in him.

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@DeathByDesign: I agree with her.

I am very emotional while he is more logical, which really balances things out most of the time. He makes me lighten up sometimes while I can show him a more fulfilling emotional side of things sometimes.

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i’m very outgoing,extroverted, care free, and pefer to live in the moment; FH is very introverted and keeps to himself.  FH is a major tightwad with money, (i think so), i’m not a shop a holic, and i don’t have credit card debt, but i like to live a little.  i like to splurge every now and then.  he couldn’t care less about politics; but i’m a conserative republican. DH doesn’t put much emphasis on family, but i think family is very important to me. 

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  • Wedding: February 2011

I am marrying the male version of me! My exes were all opposites, but FH completes me perfectly. We love to do the same things, go out together, stay home together, and everything in between. I will say there are certain areas where we balance each other out though – not by being opposites, but complementary.

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SO and I are very much opposites in what defines us as a person! However, our core beliefs in family, communication, and money are very similar.

For example, we both value family time, and working through problems, and that bills must be paid before fun.

BUT, I like to go out to the bar every once in awhile, I’m very outgoing, I LOVE to read, do crosswords, and other intellectually stimulating things; whereas he hates crowds, feels awkward in social situations where he doesn’t know anybody, and would rather play video games shooting people or watching a movie (also intellectually stimulating – but he is more coordination orientated whereas I am more reasoning/logic orientated.) He’s a saver, I’m a spender. I like to try new foods, he eats about the same 3 things in rotation. I plan for the future, he lives in the now.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are constantly challenging each other to think differently, he calms me when I’m manic, and I rev him up when he’s low. We balance, and it’s amazing 🙂

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We’re pretty much the same everything. Religion, political views, education, we both have chronic illnesses, we enjoy mostly the same things, we’re both in bed by 9. We’re oddly alike.

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