(Closed) Are you and your SO "right" for each other?

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brunette7285 :  I think this is common and OK.

Darling Husband and I are pretty opposite when it when it comes to a lot of things, but similar in other ways. And I think that’s OK. Long story short, but Darling Husband was good friends with an ex of mine (who I dated a decade ago), and when he found out we were dating, he didn’t think we’d go well together at all. However, some people said the same thing about that ex and I, and we actually were a great pair for the time we dated. So… *lol*

We do share a lot of common interests, but also our own. And I also think that is OK. We do things together but also separate, and I don’t feel like I am missing out. Sometimes I have to convince him to do something I am more interested in, but am not one to pressure anyone into doing something they don’t want to do. He is also a clean freak and I am not, but it balances… I just go through phases, ha.

But, I think it’s more important that we do feel the love of one another and are always supporting each other. I always think that if everyone in the world liked the same things and acted the same way, this place would be pretty boring.


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I think we’re pretty right for each other… this ins’t a passionate lovers fling, we are best friends and have been together nearly 10 years – that wouldn’t last if we weren’t ‘right’ for each other

I dont know what ‘right’ on paper means, I always thought ‘good on paper’ meant like a pros list (got a job, got a car, got a house, not in debt, not an addict etc…) but its got nothing to do with been good for each other or personality really which in the end is what matters

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As I was reading this, I was wondering why similar works for some and different works for others. I have an idea, but I have no idea how accurate it is. 

Some personality types are very common and/or valued by society. These types encounter so much similarity in their daily lives that having a relationship with someone different creates a balance.

Other personality types are less common and/or valued by society. Those of us like this may encounter a lot of difference in our daily lives. For us, finding similarity in a relationship creates the needed balance.

My fiance and I are very similar to each other but quite different from most others that we encounter. For us, it is so refreshing to have someone who understands when we encounter so many other people who don’t understand us.

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In my opinion, someone being right for you means that he loves you and respects you no matter what. In that case it won’t matter if you don’t seem “right” for each other when it comes to hobbies, looks etc. I do believe though that you have to have similar view of point on some very important issues, like having children.

When it comes to my Fiance and I, I have no doubt at all we are very right for each other 🙂

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At first my parents didn’t like my husband. But as time went on and we got married, things leveled out. Every couple has disagreements. The thing is ya’ll have to compromise and always talk things out. If ya’ll are both in love and work through your problems, I don’t see the problem with getting married. Fuck the nay sayers. Focus on what ya’ll share together.

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I think we are right for each other in terms of our personalities, interests, how we interact and our attraction for each other. Our families, and other people’s perception of us really doesn’t factor in, it’s irrelevant.

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Yeah we really are right for each other. We get comments. We sometimes joke that we’re the same person because we are so similar in so many ways.

Just the other day we were hanging out at a friend’s house with a few people and when Darling Husband was out of the room, I made a joke about the situation. As soon as Darling Husband came back in the room he made the exact same joke. Everybody thought it was hilarious (that we made the same joke, but it was a funny joke too lol). 

Our main difference is that Darling Husband is very outgoing and is a total social butterfly. I am not at all. We’re very similar people personality-wise, but I have a harder time being myself around people I don’t know well. 

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We laugh a lot about how our similarities and differences are very distinct and polarized. We have pretty much identical political beliefs, spirituality, life goals, child raising practices, hobbies, and intimacy desires. But…I’m loud, he’s quiet. I like sweets, he likes bitters. My family is wild and crazy, his is freaking silent. I like comedies, he likes action. So we match on a very deep level, which has cemented our relationship, but have tons of superficial totally opposite likes and behaviors. 

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We’re pretty much the same person.

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Busy bee

I absolutely do think my SO & I are right for eachother.

Some of his family members & best friend doesn’t think so & lately im at that point where i really don’t care what they think. 

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Yes, my fiance and I are TOTALLY right for each other 🙂 I think that when we first starting dating some people didn’t quite see how we “clicked,” but then pretty soon they see our shared senses of humor, similar values (freakishly similar views on soooo many things), and just how our personalities compliment each other so well. 

We definitely have VERY different backgrounds and a lot of different interests, but that doesn’t stop up from being soulmates. I think we work so well because not only are our core personalities similar, but we’ve always worked very hard to communicate honestly and respond to each other constructively in all aspects of our relationship. He also is one of the wittiest and funniest people I know which is the BEST. But seriously, even the craziness of wedding planning (and some other intense things that have happened to each of us over the course of our relationship) have only made us love each other more. 

And yes, we do joke about how nauseating we must be to others 😀

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