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LunaRose101:  It wasn’t recommended to me but I stopped drinking coffee 6 months into TTC. Ive really been craving coffee so I’ve been having 1-2 decaf nespressos per week and am allowing myself some chocolate as the level of caffeine is much lower. Having said that, I’ve already had a mc so have a slightly higher risk of mc as it is and I’m totally paranoid about mc!!!

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Most coffee has less than 200mg. I plan to keep drinking soda because it has between 30-60mg per 12oz. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve always read the 200mg rule although it’s never actually been studied in depth. 

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My research led me to believe that you really need to drink a LOT of coffee before there is actually any higher chance of miscarriage. But, I still switched to decaf 90% of the time while I was pregnant, simply because when baby is born, if you plan to breastfeed, you DEFINITELY don’t want to be drinking caffeine (you never know when it will find its way out into your milk, and I can’t imagine anything worse than a caffeinated newborn!), so it seemed easier to get my body used to decaf while pregnant rather than after baby was born!

FWIW my kid is now 10 mos old and I still drink decaf, because I’m used to it and I don’t miss caffeine anymore. So it’s really not so bad — decaf coffee drinks taste fine 🙂

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I’m working on giving up coffee pre-TTC. I’m down to 1 large coffee 3 times a week, and am working on switching those to green tea (both for the lower caffine content and for the antioxidants in green tea). When I was pregnant with DS I gave up all caffine. He was born at 6:59am, and I promptly sent someone to get me a cafe mocha. haha Do I know if it made a positive difference in my pregnancy? No. But it didn’t hurt me either.

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With my first pregnancy, I stopped drinking coffee completely. The only caffeine that I ingested came from the small amount that is in chocolate.

With this pregnancy, I have been less strict. In the first tri, I had none at all, but into the second & third trimesters I’ve treated myself to the occasional (a few per week) caffeinated beverage. Still, I only consume drinks that have 50mg or less of caffiene.

And I don’t drink soda at all…the high fructose corn syrup (from what I have read) contains a shocking amount of mercury!

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No, I didn’t give up coffee.  I never really drank much anyway though, but I think I drank around 1 keurig cup a day.  Now I am BFing I drink maybe 2 of them a day.

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I allowed myself one caffeinated nespresso on weekdays. So about 5 per week, although I would have the odd one on the weekend. The decaf ones are good too though. 

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Everything I’ve read says that if you have only one cup (about 16oz or less ) a day, you’ll be fine.  

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Last time and this time, I’ve decreased my coffee intake to just one cup every morning.  I avoid tea and most other caffeine sources (except chocolate!) so I don’t exceed the suggested limit.  

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I drank diet coke throughout my pregnancy. I felt sick without it. Dirty Delete is perfectly fine.

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I’m currently 26w and drink 1 to 2 caffeinated drinks a day. During the week I have a cup of coffee every morning at work and occasionally splurge and have a coca cola with lunch or dinner. My OB said 2 caffeinated drinks a day was perfectly fine, I try to limit myself to just one but sometimes I need the second. I did experience a previous early mc last pregnancy so this time around I was super paranoid and avoided pretty much everything first tri. I didn’t start drinking caffeine until I was in my second tri. It’s totally personal preference but don’t make yourself feel guilty. 

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There have been other studies that have found no connection (like this one: http://journals.lww.com/epidem/Fulltext/2008/01000/Caffeine_and_Miscarriage_Risk.10.aspx

And any connection that a study does find is correlation, not causation.  And there can be a good reason for that:  Nausea in early pregnancy is strongly predictive of fetal survival, presumably indicative of hormonal changes that support continued pregnancy. Nausea also affects dietary habits, often resulting in aversion to coffee. Thus, there has been a concern that caffeine consumption would decline among women who have nausea (and a more favorable prognosis) relative to those who do not have nausea, resulting in an artifactual positive association between caffeine and pregnancy loss.

That being said, I’m TTC now, and I limit myself to one coffee (usually 12-16oz) a day, and I do not feel guilty about it 🙂

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I didn’t drink coffee/caffine before I was pregnant, so it wasn’t really an issue for me.  That being said, I think you should just listen to your doctor.  It seems like most things in moderation are ok.

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LunaRose101:  I know what the research says but I chose not to. I only had maybe 4 -6 oz cups of coffee since I’ve been pregnant. I chose to drink regular coffee with regular powdered creamer to cut back on sugar. It wasn’t the same so I just gave it up completely.

Looking forward to having decaf AFTER I have the baby. I’m planning to nurse so I’m going to continue to cut out the caffeine.

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