(Closed) Are you getting more open-minded as you get older or … the reverse?

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  • poll: More socially conservative as you get older or no?

    Yes i'm more conservative as i get older

    No i'm more accepting .. to each their own as i got older

    Nope I'm the same conservative person i've always been

    I'm the same socially liberal person i've been

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    I have become a tad bit more moderate in my personal life but on the whole I have always been and likely always will be a very liberal and open-minded person.

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    I’ve always been very liberal socially, which hasn’t changed. As I’ve gotten older, I have become more conservative regarding my money, how much is taken out of my paycheck, and what the government does with it. My new personal slogan is: keep your laws off my body and your grubby paws out of wallet.

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    I’m socially liberal, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become conservative regarding money, and specifically where my tax dollars are going.  Maybe  conservative is not the right word, but sometimes I just get really pissed.

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    I think I’m getting more conservative. At least with money.  It’s funny to read how everyone is the same. I think that once you have money your views change about it LOL

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    I have to say I am pretty surprised that in this thread people are saying that conservatives = close minded/judgy and liberal = open minded/not judgy.  Let me just point out that their are close minded liberals and open minded conservatives in the world and it isn’t accurate to make a statement like that.

    To answer the question: I have gotten more socially moderate as I have gotten older and more fiscally conservative.  When I was younger I was very pro large government and social programs but as I have gotten older I have become more jaded.  I am still a “to each their own” type person.  I really don’t care how others live their lives but I also don’t like the goverment telling me how to live my life or spend my money. 

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    wayyyyyyyyy more open-minded as i get older.

    raised by a conservative southern woman who kept me pretty naive and sheltered.  had a taste for “bad boys” which certainly opened my eyes to a few things.  now, i’ve landed somewhere in the middle, but i hang out with people of all types, and certain “hobbies” that people have (which in my youth i would have thought they were a “bad” person) really don’t phase me anymore. 

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    I didn’t vote, because although I have become more open-minded about a lot of things, there are still many things that I don’t agree with. Generally, as long as it doesn’t affect my life, I’m a ‘to each his own’ kind of person.

    I guess the best way to say it is to say that I’m more moderate than I used to be. I grew up in a household where my father was very judgmental over certain issues, and until I got out of the house, I had a difficult time getting away from it.

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    I’ve become a lot more laid back as I’ve gotten older.  I find that I become more open to other opinions and viewpoints as I gain more life experience. It’s also a lot easier to understand where others are coming from with their views on life, even when I don’t necessarily agree with those views. I’ve also found that the older I become, the less likely I am to start off sentences with “I would never”, as I’ve come to discover in my passing years that you never really know what you would do in any given situation until you’re actually, you know, in it.

    Upon re-read of the thread, I realize my post wasn’t very political-party centric.  I was always very liberal (I went to college at SF State for cryin’ out loud), and pretty much have remained so throughout my life.  I guess that goes fairly well with the whole “to each their own” approach.  What’s really suprised me is my growing understanding of where conservatives are coming from with respect to their views.  I certainly don’t agree with most conservative viewoints and get full-on pissed off when they try to impose those viewpoints on others (gay marriage, pro-life, ect) but at least I can appreciate where they’re coming from. 

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    I have become more “to each his own” as I have gotten older, which encompasses both liberal and conservative views. I am able to see that there is more than one way to address a situation in society, and so I would favor policies that allow individuals the liberty to make their own choices whenever possible. 

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    I’m more open-minded about hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions as I have grown older (to gain perspective), but I am less likely to change my mind on my opinions. 

    I realize that some of my core values aren’t good for everyone and vice versa.  That is what makes the world unique and interesting.  I’d honestly be truely frightened if everyone thought/acted like me.  Yikes!  This world can only handle one me! lol

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    I’ve always been open minded and not really been bothered about a lot of stuff. I was raised in a traditional culture but when I came to America, straight to college, I met so many different people that it influenced my thinking. Also, living in NYC, you are exposed to such a mixed bag, it tends to rub off on you. To the pp who said ‘illegal aliens’, for a minute I thought you meant real aliens. I think they are more likely to be referred to as undocumented immigrants.

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    @bRooklynRocks:  To the pp who said ‘illegal aliens’, for a minute I thought you meant real aliens. I think they are more likely to be referred to as undocumented immigrants.

    Not to mention the fact that you’re more likely to run into an uninsured driver that IS documented than not.  Trust me, I represent hundreds (if not thousands) of undocumented residents that are facing jail time for driving without a license.  Maybe 10% of them don’t have insurance.  Having insurance is something they’re quite proud of, actually.

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