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Oh my goodness, this post really hits home. Bf and I have been dating for 7 years, living together for 5 of those and we now have a beautiful bb. No sign of an engagement though. 

Recently all his friends have got engaged/married, even more recently his twin sisters got engaged, one of whom has been with her fi less time than we have. It’s hard not to feel jealous esp as everything is now all wedding related when we got see his family. 

He and I have had numerous conversations about it,this year alone, and every time we speak about it its like he is soothing me rather than reassuring me about it, cause when we discuss anything to do with a wedding (after another engagement get together) he has an excuse at the ready for why it won’t be anytime soon.

Iv all but given up on expecting an engagement (iv already told him I don’t want anything fancy or expensive, that I would even be happy enough without a ring as long as we were engaged and I also don’t want a big wedding). So iv told him if it doesn’t happen by the time I’m 30 (2years time) then not to bother asking me and I’m changing our kids names to a double barrel name. Don’t think he fully believes on this.

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Ugh, fairly often. I’m in the waiting stage and I both hope and expect that an engagement will happen within 2016, we’ve been together almost 3 years. I’ve had many hints that it will/he’s looking for a ring but I’m not letting myself get caught up in it so I don’t ruin it for myself. 

For the people I genuinely love and care about, I feel nothing but happiness, for people I do not, I feel jealousy. For example, there is one couple we know who has been together longer than us and the bride-to-be constanttly flirts with my bf in front of me and her fiance and has even made sexual advances- my bf has no interest tells her to stop so I’m not that uneasy. When I look at her though, all I can think is…”seriously?? I’m sitting here patiently and quietly while women like this get a proposal from a good guy?? What on Earth am I doing wrong?” Then I snap out of it and realize I’m not doign anything wrong and my guy is darn lucky, it just took him some time to feel ready. 

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