Are You Leaving Your Children an Inheritance?

posted 2 years ago in Finances
  • poll: Are you planning on leaving your children an inheritance?

    Yes: Divided Equally

    Yes: Some will receive more than others

    No: Im leaving it to others...i.e. charities, family members

    Havent Decided

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    Will divide everything equally if there is anything left as i want to travel to as many countries as I will be able to after retirement. YOLO!

    Plus no one is going to want to have my 90yr old grumpy ass staying with them so I need to make sure there’s enough $ to cover care home costs for my husband and I. 

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    I’m leaving everything to my two children. DH (second husband, not their father) and zip signed a post-nip so that I can leave my entire estate to my bio children and he can leave his estate to his. 

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    princessanon0125 :  “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Proverbs 13:22

    Ours will be split equally, contingent on the fact that each child is a self-sufficient, sober/productive adult who has taken a personal finance course of my choosing. 

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    princessanon0125 :  Ugh, I couldn’t even finish reading about these people.  Death brings out the worst in some.  My parents are actually trying to give us a lot of our inheritance now – helping keep my sister from losing her house when the bubble burst several years ago, giving me what is apparently an equal share now that I have a house as well (we’ll be adding on as we bought a remodel, not a new home).  I have no idea if the numbers are equal and I don’t want to know.  It’s their money.  I do know they’d rather see us enjoy it than die first.  I heard through my sister that they want to give my son some money as well, already, but they haven’t mentioned it to me and I’m certainly not bringing it up!  And I fully expect that when the time comes, most of our arguments will be over which photos each of us gets to keep, lol.  I asked for one of my grandma, forgetting that she’s sister’s namesake. I don’t think I’ll be getting that photograph.  It’s also entirely possible they will donate some of their money somewhere – they worked damned hard to get where they are and I won’t hold that against them if they do.

    As to my own kid(s), unless one does something totally egregious later in life, they will get an even split as well.  Granted if one turns out to be a druggie, theiving loser, I won’t be handing them a pile of money to use on their habit.  But assuming all works out as I hope, they’ll be good kids, already well set in life as I plan to follow my parents’ example, and won’t cause a huge hassle as adults.  It takes a certain kind of someone to feel so entitled that they deserve a larger portion of the estate because they mowed the lawn.  Ugh

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    I agree that you often see the worst side to humanity when deceased estates come up for grabs.


    >Their son will get the house, my husband will get the stocks, and his sister will get their remaining vehicles


    Fair go to your SIL though, I would be pretty miffed with this deal as well. She’s inheriting devaluating assests while her brothers are inheriting growing assets. That is a slight.  


    Much better his parents buy houses for their sons and split the remaing estate equally. 

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    I am going to point out that sometimes no matter what you put in your will it does not mean it will actually happen. My mum and her sisters found this out the expensive and hard way. My grandmother thought she had an airtight will according to legal advice but a judge still overruled it and made them split everything equally with their brother who had zero to do with his mother for over 20 years by his own choice, who told my mother to fuck off when she called to see if he could contribute to the financial upkeep of his mother in her high care nursing home or when before she went into a nursing home refused to look after his own mother so my mum and aunties could have a break. He cared nothing for his mother, not even a phone call and not even a visit as she died but as soon as she passed was on the phone telling my mum where they could send a cheque.

    I encourage my parents to spend it all now. Go and have holidays, buy a new car or other creature comforts or  spend it on those you love now so you can get the joy out of it. I have a waste of a human for a sibling that will fight any will and then proceed to pour it down their throat or shoot it up. My parents may as well waste away the money than that.

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    This is why I only have one child (and am an only child!) – it makes things a lot simpler! But no really, this stuff gets ugly so often… greed comes out and it’s disgusting stuff. 

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    We will leave all our money to our future kids

    But we won’t tell them how much (if any) – we want to make sure they work hard to provide for their own retirement without thinking there’ll be some big payout coming.

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    Ive seen so many families fall out over money like this. DHs grandma is really old & just gone into a rest home . The aunts & uncles were fighting over such minor possessions and don’t talk. Thankfully the will is to be split 3 ways  .


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    sbl99 :  Yeah, it’s so messed up to think that someone would rely on someone to die to be financially stable. Granted, I’m from a working class family, so those things aren’t expected. 

    My mom has talked about will stuff with me, and I think it’s going to be split between my aunt and me? My brothers aren’t getting anything because she doesn’t want anything to somehow get to their father/her ex-husband, so I think she wants me to dole it out fairly? Either way, it’s so uncomfortable to hear her mention it. 

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    People are so disgusting 

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    I think it’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll do until you (and your kids) are older. 

    As it sits now, we only have one child who is still a toddler. He will get everything, in the care of the person who is named his guardian. Assuming we only have one child he will continue to get everything. If we have another it will likely be split between them, provided both children are “deserving”. And by that I don’t mean we like one or another better but I know many families who have unevenly divided their assests among their children, because sadly, not all of their children are deserving or in a good place in life. 

    For example, one of my best friends is one of 3 kids but everything (house, money, business, etc) goes to her because…a) she’s the only one who can handle it, and b) because she will also be the caretaker for her special needs sister once their parents are gone. I don’t blame her parents one bit. Her brother has been in/out of gail and rehab many times. I would also not leave my life’s work and all the money I earned to someone who would blow it all on drugs and have constantly stolen from me over the years. Right now he seems to be doing good and I very much hope hit stays that way and things could change but just in case they have it set up this way for good reason.

    Money does crazy things to people. My dad and his brother are still handling my grandparents estate. Everything went to them equally and I think they’ve finally decided it’s time to sell. We (my brother and I) very much want it all taken care of before anything happens to either of them because once it makes it down to my generation I can see it being VERY messy when my aunt/cousin get their hands in the honey pot. 

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    Depends on if my husband and I ever get jobs good enough to have anything TO leave. If we stay as we are there will probably be just enough to bury us and that’s it. The only things of even small value would be my engagement and wedding rings lol… but if we were in a position to leave something we would have a will and try to split things up as equally as we can.

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    We have legitime in place here so we have to leave inheritance to the children. In some circumstances it is possible to leave someone out, but the reasosn really have to be good (prison, addiction etc.) 

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