(Closed) Are you limiting your number of ultrasounds? Why/why not?

posted 6 years ago in Pregnancy
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    I have had 5 ultrasounds including the initial dating ultrasound and the fetal anatomy ultrasound. I had a SCH until I was about 16 weeks, so if I started bleeding, they would give me an ultrasound to make sure both baby & I were fine. I haven’t had an ultrasound since I was around 20 weeks and I would love to see my baby girl again. However, I will not receive another ultrasound during pregnancy unless they think she is breech or something along those lines.

    ETA: I don’t know how true that is about autism being associated with the number of ultrasounds one has during pregnancy. Sometimes, ultrasounds are necessary if the mom is having complications or such. I know plenty of women who have had tons of ultrasounds during their pregnancy and their baby does not have autism.

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    I’ve had 3 and that should be it.  The first one was supposed to be a dating ultrasound, but it was too early.  The 2nd one was the actual dating one and the 3rd the anatomy scan.  I tend to think that autism has a genetic component, so I’m not sure a lot of ultrasounds could cause it.  IDK though.  

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    I’m gonna be frank here. I looked at those links (and the original they pulled it from), and there are no sources cited ANYWHERE. This is pure speculation. Until you see it in a scientific study (in a peer-reviewed journal) do not put any stock in these speculations.

    There’s a lot of speculation within the scientific community whether there even IS an increase in the rate of autism currently. It’s more likely that it was underdiagnosed in the past due to less awareness, and that it is overdiagnosed now. Almost none of these so-called links to autism have been proven, including vaccines (that one has actually been proven fraudulent and the doctor that claimed it is in jail).

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    No. People need to stop fear mongering about Autism. No one knows what causes it. I had 2 non routine ultrasounds because my midwife felt it was necessary, 4 total. I also vaccinate and try to use common sense about the foods my children eat.

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    I’m at 35 weeks, and I’ve had 3–a dating, a 12-week screening, and the anatomy scan. My doctor has said that if she still can’t tell if he’s breech next appointment, she’d do an ultrasound, but I can feel hiccups down low, so I’m pretty sure he’s not, and hopefully she’ll be able to tell that without the ultrasound. While I’d love to see my little guy, if there’s not a medical reason, I don’t want any further ultrasounds. I’m not too concerned about regular ultrasounds, but I would turn down 3-D or 4-D ultrasounds unless there was a compelling reason, those scare me a little bit. I’m not as concerned about the link to autism, but in general, I shy away from any intervention that’s not necessary.

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    Corellation does not equal causation here…I think associating ultrasounds with autism if pretty ridiculous.

    That being said, I am only having two ultrasounds unless more become medically necessary closer to my due date. A lot of people get caught up in wantng to see their baby as much as possible, but that is not the purpose of an ultrasound. A lot of people think of the 20 week ultrasound as the gender one, but again, not the purpose….the actual point of the first ultrasound is for dating purpose and to make sure it is a viable pregnancy, and the point of the second ultrasound is to check all the vital organs and check for any defects or problems. Most studies on whether or not too many can eggect anything have been inconclusice, but it’s a medical procedure, and while it’s an exciting one, nearly all obgyns and midwives say not to have more than are necessary. I’m going to trust the experts on that one!

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    @Wonderstruck – Yep!

    I had 4, I didn’t get paranoid about it, but I didn’t want them “just because” either. 

    1. 6 weeks – In the ER because I was bleeding bright red.
    2. 12 weeks – Routine u/s.
    3. 20 weeks – Routine u/s, anatomy scan.
    4. 34 or 36 weeks, can’t remember exactly – My stomach was measuring small, so they wanted to make sure baby was growing okay.

    Also, I was surprised how many people couldn’t believe I was NOT getting the 3-D one for fun.

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    @ellebeerob:  If you’re uncomfortable with having a bunch of US, you don’t have to consent to them! Like PP said, most women will get at least 2 – dating and anatomy scan. Otherwise, unless there’s a concern about baby being breech, low-risk pregnancies don’t generally require another one.

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    I only had 1 but I also went 7 weeks early.  Was supposed to have a 2nd one on my 33rd week but instead little boy decided to come at 32 weeks 6 days into the world.

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