Are You Losing Weight Before Your Big Day?

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  • Wedding: September 2018 - United Kingdom

mrsbjj17 :  Ouch!  Bad luck cry  Are you still in a lot of pain?  embarassed

Yes I’m sure you can … we are moving about all the time!  

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Blushing bee

For the wedding, since everything else but arms will be heavily covered by dress, I am going to do my best to tone my arms to get rid of the slight pudge I’ve developed since winter came and I entered my hibernation phase (I swear I see the pudge there, lol). I do better with being active in warmer months.

We are doing a delayed honeymoon in a warmer climate in winter so I am planning to tone and build muscle for anything that won’t be covered with dress when I am wearing a bathing suit. A physical therapist actually was suggested that muscle building and excersize will help me with some joint issues I had a while back. I feel rather silly for even saying it, but I gained almost ten pounds in the last year (not even really THAT much) and if I actually worked at it, I could probably easily lose it, but I hate torturing myself with excersize. It all went to my belly and thighs. which I hate. How come none of it went to the girls? lol.

I found some easy 10-15 minute excersizes for arms abs and legs on YouTube. I am trying to drink mainly water vs. sugary drinks, even though sometimes it is hard, and not stuff my face all the time with junky food I scrounge up around the house. And eat more salads lately as well.

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  • Wedding: June 2019

I for sure would like to. Yes! 

I’m 5’7 and about 159 right now. I have an athletic build and gain muscle easily. Also, a medium frame so I carry my weight pretty well, but I have sort of an “apple” body type…aka most extra weight gravitates towards the middle. Which bugs me! Not really the look I’m loving for myself, haha.

We’re getting married in June 2019 and I hope to get back down to 135-140, or 145 with more muscle. I was 140 about 4.5 years ago (28 now) and I felt perfect there. I was an overweight kid and teenager so I am always having to try and manage my lbs.

I seem to respond really well to a lower carb or ‘slow’ carb diet. A baked sweet potato as my main source of carb for a day is my favorite. I love apples, nut butters, frozen berries, cooked broccoli, almonds, protein shakes with almond milk, eggs, cooked spinach, chia seed pudding and a little bit of dark chocolate (low sugar!). These foods really help me stay on track. My main struggle is with portion control! I don’t typically eat very unhealty foods, just too much in general. 

I really want to get better about measuring my portions and abstaining from sugar. I’d also like to get back into doing some weight training because my body loves that. I’m starting now and I hope to be near my GW by October or November of the year. Hope we are all able to reach our goals, whatever they may be!

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Bumble bee

I try to ignore my weight and focus on keeping my LDL under 100, but I was convinced to round down for my dress size so I guess I have to start giving up my lunch dessert and my dinner dessert and exercise more in the run up to the wedding. Hopefully that does it. I’m at 122 now. I think getting down to like…118 should do it. 

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  • Wedding: May 2018

shakila :  ive been having smoothies for breakfast fat free yogurt almond milk and berries. Lunch has been super random lately..really hard with a 5 month old who is teething 🙁 but im starting today with protein salads. Snacks ive been eating almonds and protein pb shakes or Apple with pb, and dinner is whatever is made but If there’s pasta or carbs i swap it out with veggies (spaghetti squash etc). 

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2018

I’m 5’6 and 145lbs at the moment. I would love to be under 135 for the wedding which is in May so we’ll see.

I already eat pretty healthily but I am trying to regulate my portions better and cut down on treats. I am also trying to not eat beyond 8.30pm though it is difficult sometimes with working late!

In terms of work outs, I go to the gym around 4 times a week on average.  I’m most comfortable doing cardio but I do try and mix it up doing intervals on the treadmill and stairmaster to get a HIIT like workout.  I know I need to do more weight lifting / strength to see real body changing results but I find it really intimidating still and get distracted / give up a lot quicker than I do when I just zone out during cardio.

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  • Wedding: March 2020

Yes currently losing/trying to lose 35 pounds by the end of the year and keep it off.

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  • Wedding: February 2020

I am starting to look at losing weight.   

Recently had my blood test and my thyroid is healthy and everything else is healthy.    I’m 216 lbs,   my goal is to by next year be 162 lbs.    I know I have a long way but I hope to get there.  

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