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My fiance is 47 and I’m 28!  He takes really good care of himself and is very adventerous and a ton of fun.  It rarely even crosses my mind that he’s older- we’ve been dating for almost 6 years now, and it has never been an issue.  People always think that I’m older and he looks like he’s in his 30’s, so we rarely get asked about our age difference. We’re not having kids together though- I can imagine that it could have been an issue if we were.

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I am 25 and my fiancee is 46.  First marriage for both of us.  I often forget that it’s unusual for people to have such an age difference- it feels so natural to me after the past few years.  People generally think that he’s a bit younger than he is and that I’m a bit older than I am, so no one makes a huge deal about it.  

The only people who have said anything nasty are some of my young relatives- like 30 and under.  My cousin’s girlfriend made a few cracks at our expense- right to our faces, but we didn’t take too much offense.  We’re happy, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and she’s not likely to ever become a part of our family.  

The one person who does hurt me a little is my brother.  He did make a few jokes about the age difference (before the engagement).   I think he is still freaked out that I am going to marry someone who is almost our parents’ age…. but he’ll just have to get over it.  

And yes, we absolutely plan to have children.  

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MsVeggie.. totallt related to your post. I’m 27 and my FH is 41. Same thing.. never notice an age diff until he mentions a band name or something and I’m like um./. I was in diapers when you were doing that. LOL I don’t mind the age diff.. I was always after older men. However, I am a bit concerned now because I feel rushed to start trying for a baby .. as it is by the time we get married I will be 30 and he will be 43.

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I’m 24, Fiance is 39 !

But as you can tell from below, hes VERY young at heart! lol

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my Dear Fiance is 9 years older. I’m 26 but look younger (Asian genes) and he is Armenian and looks older than he really is. We get strange looks sometimes. Sometimes the age gap is evident in our life where we might want to do different things but it’s never been an issue that stops us from doing it on our own.

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I am actually 10 months older than my H2B

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He graduated from college the year I was born.

W’re 23 years different in age. I keep him young and he keeps me grounded. He’s VERY supportive of my career and I completely believe that’s befcause of his age. He’s also a great cook and can do the laundry but does tend to dry all the wrong stuff.

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My parents are 10 years apart.  I guess it’s worked out ok for them.  Any issues they have had are probably more due to personality differences than age.  I think once you reach a certain age, it doesn’t matter that much.  I think being 19 and 30 is sort of a big difference (for most people at least) but being 30 and 40… not so much.  My FH’s cousin married a 50 year old when she was 35.  Some of his family thought it was a big deal… and I don’t really get why.

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@littlemissbluebird: Your hubby is HOT and NO ONE would know he’s even close to 40! =))  You make a GORGEOUS couple!!!  CONGRATS!!!

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I just turned 23 (April 24th) and my FH is turning 29.  Not that big of an age gap but it feels big when we talk about how he was in High school while I was still in public school or t.v shows we use to watch as kids, he has a younger sister that is a year older than me that can be awkward at times still being the “baby of the family” for two families, when we talk about having kids I would like to wait a bit but he wants them right away…  But age is just a number and we couldn’t be happier with our differences.

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I am 25 and he is 34, but people usually think we’re both 4-5 years younger than our actual ages. Sometimes I tease him and call him papou (grandpa), but really we don’t ever notice the age difference and I’ve never had anyone comment on it either. It’s never been an issue for us and I don’t see any reason it should be


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I am 25 and DH is 30 (this is also how old we were when we got married). 

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My fiance is 3 years younger than me!  Yes, I robbed the cradle… never thought I would date someone so much younger, but boy, I am happy that I did.  I met the love of my life : )

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My fiance is 9 years older than me. It never bothered him or me. His teenage girls have a problem with it, but oh well. He and I are truly happy and getting married in 4 months!

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I always dated older men… Im 29 and Fiance will be 37 next month

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