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I used to be of the taking-depressions-meds-means-you’re-weak camp.  I had struggled with major anxiety throughout high school and then was in a huge car crash that should have killed me.  A few weeks after that, I left for college.  Needless to say, my anxiety went out-of-control.  I saw a counselor for a while, and then talked to my doctor.  He put me on Paxil.  It was hell for the first few weeks b/c it made me dizzy, but what an improvement!  I took it for a few years, then decided last summer to slowly stop taking it.  I never experienced any withdrawl symptoms.  I am now struggling with anxiety again, and am thinking of going back on it.  My Fiance can really tell the difference:  I’m much, much more emotional now, I fly off the handle for random reasons, I let anxiety eat me alive.  I actually have less of a sex drive now, since I’m stressed and anxious all the time.  I have come to the conclusion that taking meds doesn’t make me weaker; it makes me stronger because I’m more in control and happier when my body is operating the way it’s supposed to! 

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I wasn’t a fan of going on anything either, but i was at the bottom of the barrel, so i needed to do something. It’s been over a year and ive found something that works. I’m on Pristiq. and it works great. ANY intidepressent is going to have this effect i’m sorry to say. but being in medicine i would say it is a good idea as well. it just helps in the recovery process. depression is a disease just like any other

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I’m on the generic Celexa which is Citalopram. I’ve never been on AD before, but about a year ago, I went through a REALLY tough patch in my life with some tragedy, work problems and financial struggles. I became a shell of myself and wasn’t eating properly, was constantly worrying and nervous, and my insomnia was starting to feel lethal. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and given Prozac. Of course I psyched myself out on the Prozac by reading all the bad things on the internet and went off of it. A few weeks later when I decided I needed to judge medication based on MY experience, I returned to the doctor and asked for a low dose of Celexa (10 mg), which my best friend was on and loved. I have NO side effects and what I love about it is that I just feel a little bit calmer. Do I love the fact that I’m on a medication? No, not really, but it’s helped me cope a little bit more with all of the crazy stress in my life at the moment. After the wedding I’m going to wean myself off of it, but I’m really thankful that it’s been able to help me calm down and take the edge off. I think we can all give you our opinion, but the most important thing is that you work with a doctor and if you can, a therapist. I’ve been seeing a therapist for cognitive behavioral work to help me stop my spiralling worry which is what drives my anxiety. I wish you the best and hope you start feeling better soon!

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I was on Wellbutrin for almost a year as a newlywed and I didn’t have sexual side effects.  It’s different for everyone, of course. 

I know it’s hard to stomach a doctor or counselor’s suggestion of medication, but I do think there is a time and place for it.  For me, I am fairly sure I wouldn’t have been able to get through graduate school without meds (counseling, prayer, a medical leave, too).  I’ve been off it for months now and very very rarely had a down day. 

I hope you and your doctor can find the best medication or other option for you!


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