Are you one of three kids?

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    I’m the middle child with an older sister and a younger brother. My brother got on my nerves when I was younger and there were times I felt left out because my sister and brother had some of the same interests that I didn’t share but I had good relationships with each at different points. Nowadays I’m much closer to my brother than my sister. I can’t complain, but that being said, I want an even number of kids myself. Probably two, four if I win the lottery, lol!

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    I’m the oldest of three, my two brothers are 3 and 8 years younger than me. We have a great relationship, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

    The age difference accounts for different relationships when we were younger, the oldest of my brothers was more like a friend whilst I kinda played second mum for the little one (just because I loved him and loved to take of him, not because I had to). So I had and have a close relationship to both, despite the age difference. And they have a good relationship too.

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    I think it was a great dynamic because if one sibling was busy/sick/ in a mood there was another one to hang out with. Big families are a lot of fun 🙂 

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    I was the younger of two, and perhaps because we were almost 5 years apart, we never got on. I tried so hard to be friends with my big sister, but she has never wanted any part of it. 

    My sister did not have children, but I have three. They are not yet adults, but they are teens, and they get on quite well together. They intentionally spend time together instead of avoiding one another, so I have to say that having three was a success so far. I realize that as a parent I cannot say whether three was a good idea or not, but I imagine my children (at least at this point in their lives) would say it was. Sadly, if my mum asked me or my sister whether having two was a good idea, I think both of us would say no. 

    I guess what I’m saying is that you can never tell. Your children might adore one another and be great friends. Or one or more of them might despise one another and NOT get on well at all. You cannot predict before it is done. So you must choose the number of children you want based on what you and your Dh want, not what you think your children might like best.

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    drdeebee :  It was fun. Lots of fighting between us growing up, regular sibling stuff, so some high drama but we were all pretty close despite it. I’m the oldest, middle brother 2 years younger then youngest brother 2 years behind him. My two brothers are best friends even now, closer than I am but we are all still fairly close. It helped my parents both worked 6 figure jobs (that were still 9-5ish) so none of us ever wanted for anything we needed and we still saw our parents a lot. I’d love a third but I don’t know that my husband and I will ever be in that same financial boat. 

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    I have two younger siblings, all close in age, and adored having three of us. It felt like our own imaginary world growing up, moreso than if it were just two of us. It’s the reason I have always wanted three kids (even though I hate pregnancy and have now had two really tough first trimesters!)

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    I am the youngest of three. It was alright, I can’t complain. I don’t think it matters how many siblings you have, but rather what kind of people they are. You could be one of 5 nice, pleasant siblings and be very happy, or be miserable with one bully of a sibling. 

    There are always pros and cons. For me having 2 older siblings made everything easier because I already knew what to expect with school and all other things in my life. We are all 6 years apart. As a child I would fight with my sister a lot but that can hardly be helped between siblings. Now that we are older we get along pretty well. Neither of us ever got along with our brother but that’s because he has issues that he’s never gotten help for, so he’s always been like a ticking time bomb with his emotional outbursts and angry behaviour. If he didn’t have these issues I’m sure we would have got on with him just fine. 

    As the youngest I got a lot of attention and definitely some preferential treatment. If you decide to have a third you just need to be aware of this because while my sister was good natured about it some people might not be. I was a high needs baby so my sister didn’t really get much attention once I was born and even if when I was past the baby stage I got preferential treatment because my sister was 6 years older so should “know better” and so on and so forth. I will say that it did help her to become independent and street smart while I was more sheltered. 

    If you want a third and you can afford it then I don’t see why not! 

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    I have two younger sisters. We are 18 months and 2 years apart so a total spreads of about 3.5 years. I always say they are my built in best friends for life! 

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    drdeebee :  I’m glad my parents had three. The youngest of us, is actually the one I’m closest to. My older sibling and I are not really close, so glad I have my younger sibling. It also gives the possibity of more nieces and nephews and future cousins for my own children. My older sibling only had one child. 

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    Oldest of 3. My sisters were closer with each other than with me growing up (slightly closer in age and could play on same sports teams) but it was fun. We are all close now and it’s great having two sisters. 

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    glitterati :  good for you.   She’s asking people who have siblings, not someone who doesn’t agree with more children.   

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    @glitterati , @bywater 

    I appreciated Glitterati’s comment. Having more than two children contributes to overpopulation. In my opinion, not enough people think about environmental impacts when they plan their families. I also think that there should be more education on this aspect worldwide. It’s easy to think about what we want for our family now and not think about the ripple effect downstream. If we all have 3+ kids, will they be as easily able to make the same reproductive decisions? Will their children? We don’t have any kids yet and this is one of the reasons why. Ok, off my soapbox.

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    I’m one of three.  I don’t think my relationships with my siblings was any better or worse because there were 3 of us growing up, but as an adult, I love having two built in best friends.  I couldn’t imagine having to face some of life’s challenges without both them in my corner. 

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    I am one of three and it was absolutely fine. I don’t think my life would be any better or worse if I had less siblings. Any complaints people have from being 1 of 3 is down to shitty parenting and not actually due to having 2 siblings imo. 

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    My brothers and I are all right around 2 years apart (I’m the eldest). Growing up we definitely went through phases of who was closest to who, but the boys have always had a closer bond. We’re all in our 20’s now and no matter how huge they are (6’3” and 6’6” bodybuilders) I think there’s still the subconscious mentality that I’ll always be their big sister despite not having been taller or stronger than either of them for a decade. My parents never picked favorites and celebrated our individuality and separate achievements together as a family, and have never held anything over any of our heads for being hellions growing up or needing help with tuition, etc. They might be a-hole brothers sometimes, but they’re *my* idiots and despite wishing desperately for a sister when I was younger, there’s no way I’d trade either one of them if I could go back in time.

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