Are you one of three kids?

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    drdeebee :  

    No, but Dh is and it was dreadful for him.  I swear, they were a living cliche.

    Older brother was the Golden Child, everybody loved him, successful in business, the whole cliched thing. Sadly, be died in his 40s.

    Younger sister was the baby; spoiled, never had to do much.  Today, she is monstrous.  The woman is openly, overtly racist.  I give thanks daily that she lives in another state. I will have nothing to do with that horrid creature.  She really is toxic, she just oozes negativity.  She’s a living fire extinguisher.

    Dh doesn’t even care that a refuse to sign a Christmas card to her every year.

    Dh was the resident Scape Goat. It has made him extremely defensive over stupid shit. He can hear a statement of fact as an indictment.


    Oh, look.  Gina said the package didn’t get there yet.

    WELL, I SENT IT!!!!!




    To be fair, none of them got what I would consider good parenting.  Dh actually has PTSD from years of religious abuse.

    I think the quality of parenting probably far outweighs birth order in the greater scheme of things.

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    I was the youngest of 3 and I always wished I was an only child. I was born after my parents split and my mom was spread too thin as a single mom of 3. I was neglected a LOT as a child (CPS was even called) and my siblings were often left caring for me which caused them to resent me. I was often an afterthought in my own family unfortunately. My siblings are 5-6 years older than me so we never got to “play” together or anything, I was the annoying little sister no one wanted around. As adults we don’t really talk to each other, I see them 1-2 times a year maybe.

    Obviously this is just my experience and doesn’t apply to everyone.

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    drdeebee :  Middle child here. 

    If there wasnt a third, I wouldnt have my sister whom i happen to be super close with now. 

    It was good and bad growing up. We like the company. Not too much boredom. BUT when we would argue, it was always ‘2 against 1’. SO that sucked. But we grew up. 🙂

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    drdeebee :  I’m one of three and my siblings and I are all really close (6 years between oldest and youngest).  Growing up, of course we weren’t always best friends, but we often had some overlapping friends and common interests.  D.H. and I personally only want one kid, but I did enjoy growing up as one of three. 

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    I am one of three. One of six really but there is a 14 year age gap between my oldest half sibling and me

    It feels like I’m one of three because it’s more of a mothering relationship with my teenage sisters than a sibling relationship

    We have a mentally ill mother and she loves to turn us all against each other. I was recently reflecting on how our alliances have changed throughout the years. It would be the older one against the younger two, the youngest against the older two, the middle against the other two etc etc

    Everything has shifted now that we are in our thirties, we are completely alligned, it’s the three of us against the world, more specifically, we are united against our emotionally abusive mother. This is brand new, for a year and a half or so. But it means the world to me that we don’t have shifting alliances anymore, we are closer than we have ever been

     Things were really tough, navigating as three as we were growing up, but our childhood was pretty abnormal

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    I am the middle child of three. I loved having two siblings so much so that I hope to have three myself. Tbh my house just seems so much more lively and energetic than my husband who grew up with just one sister and other friends that are just one of two. My siblings and are we close growing up and are close now as adults. I realize some of that is parenting and some of it is luck but I truly feel blessed beyond belief that I am truly friends with both of my siblings. I can’t image life without them. I have a younger brother and an older sister. We all consider ourselves “close”. We grew up middle class. We had pretty much everything we wanted but of course there were boundaries to that and I don’t think we grew up spoiled by any means. The word no was definitely used by my parents. My parents actually wanted 4 but my mom had a traumatic birth with my brother that led to them stopping at 3. They are happy they did because they felt they had a “large” family with 3 that they wanted but they were able to give us more than they could with 4. We were all in competive sports growing up etc.  ETA: my sister is 17 months older than me and my brother is 2 years younger than me 

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