(Closed) Are you or DH a packrat?

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Sugar bee
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more like a hoarder than a packrat…he gets it from his mom.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m a packrat. Usually when I’m going through my stuff, I’m thinking “Why did I keep this?”. My purse is full of old movie stubs. I annoy myself haha

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Bee Keeper
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Nope I’m pretty much the opposite. I’ve moved around a lot so everytime I move I get rid of a ton of stuff.  It’s easier than packing it up and moving it.  I keep some things that are random but sentimental.  Otherwise, I have a tendancy to just throw stuff out, (or donate it), if I’m not in the mood to pack it up.

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Buzzing bee

Luckily, neither of us are. It would drive me crazy because I hate clutter.


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Busy Beekeeper

Its defintely me.  🙁

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Sugar bee
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We’re BOTH pack rats.  And we really don’t balance each other out in any way with this.  So far we’ve maintained a nice livable house…but I picture us growing old under piles of our own garbage.

The worst is that when one of us finally feels ready to let go of something, the other is like, well you really like that so you should keep it.  Even though we may have hated it and have harped about it for years…once the other is ready to give it up we suddenly feel bad for harping.

So stupid 🙂

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Helper bee
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My fiance is a packrat.  It drives me crazy because the clutter drives me crazy.  I always think, “when did he ever think he was going to use this?”  Thankfully now that he is moving from the place he’s lived in awhile he is throwing/donating/selling a lot of that clutter to make moving easier.

Before this major get-rid-of-stuff I always told him that I could never live in the clutter that he lives in.  Now he’s all proud of himself for getting it up to just minor clutter–which I can live with.  He also says he doesn’t lose stuff so much.  I’m just hoping he can keep it up when he moves to his new place!

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Sugar bee

I’d gently encourage him to go through his junk and trash what he doesn’t need.

If there’s anything that I know about packrats it’s that they became that way because they don’t take the time out of their lives to deal with their “collections.” My Darling Husband is a bit of a packrat so I make sure to identify his piles and go through them with him. He knows he’s collecting too much garbage but by the time I’m identifying them to him he just feels like dealing with the mess is a little too much for one person. So, me sitting there and helping him decide what is actually valuable and what is legitimately trash or donations helps him tremendously and allows us to keep the house pretty clutter free.

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Busy bee
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I’ve moved a ton in my lifetime, I used to joke that I don’t know how to spring clean, I only know how to pack. So, I don’t keep much and I don’t attach sentimental value to much, either. (Which is good since one of the things I’ve owned longest is my nativity and not one but two of the figures got smashed last night)

Fiance is a “collector” of sorts. He collects some off the wall things and has trouble throwing things out. His ex is a hoarder of EPIC proportions. She attaches sentimental value to everything she ever touches, I think some of that rubbed off on him. We’ve cleaned through his things twice since we got together. It took a lot of effort to convince him he doesn’t need to keep every single outfit his kids ever wore, that one or two super cute one’s for memories sake was just fine. Same thing with their toys.

When we did cull things out, his ex came over, loaded EVERYTHING up in her car and put it all in storage. She has every toy those kids ever played with (but can’t visit them or call on a regular basis) …sorry for the rant!

If his boxes are in the way, I think he needs a strong hint to sort through them pronto!

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Bumble bee
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I am :-/ I’ve gotten better since living with Darling Husband but it’s habitual – even my purse and my car are full of things that I keep “just in case”.

It helps me when Darling Husband goes through boxes and bags with me and asks me if I need to keep each item. If I say yes, he might challenge me and ask why/what for and if I don’t have a good answer then it will go in the giveaway or garbage piles. An upside is that I do get really excited to make giveaway donations, but the hard part is actually taking the initiative to go through stuff and admit that I don’t need it.

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Bee Keeper
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I used to be a major pack rat when I was younger. I had strange emotional attachments to everything. Now though I make it a point to NOT keep too much junk. I much prefer a clutter-free life. Sometimes it’s hard to give things up, but I’m much better at it now. I do still have one box in my basement of random knick-knacks I just can’t seem to get rid of, but that’s pretty much the extent of it now.

My husband is a little bit of a pack rat, but not for emotional reasons. He more always says “You never know when you might need this!” and keeps everything, even things that he hasn’t used in over 10 years and will probably never use again. It drives me nuts lol!

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Bumble bee
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I am not and have never been a packrat.  I generally go through all my stuff at least once a year and purge anything that I no longer need.  My FH on the other hand never wants to get rid of anything… as I discovered when we bought our house.

One of the first nights in our new house I wanted to put all my clothes away, so I unpacked my bags and threw all the clothes on the bed, then started going through and weeding things out and encouraged my FH to do the same.  Well he had about 3 times more clothes than me and the reason I discovered was that he hadn’t got rid of any clothes in the past 10 years!  Needless to say I am helping him de-clutter, although there are still four banker’s boxes of school notes in our spare bedroom that are destined for the recycling bin!

It wouldn’t be so bad except his parents like to clean out their basement and send their old stuff to our house.

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Bumble bee
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We both are, it’s terrible.  We have a pretty large apartment, and yet every little spot is filled.  Going through everything at once would be such a project, I would just give up.  I try to go through little areas at a time.  Getting rid of a few little things at a time seems so much easier than letting go of a big batch all at once.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Fiance is a bit of a packrat. On top of that, he’s too lazy to go through the shit and throw it out. Whenever he’s not home, I throw some of his things away piece by piece. He hasn’t noticed yet (that it’s gone, only that things are cleaner) and our house is on its way to being much more organized and clutter-free! 

The things I am throwing out are non-essentials but things he would totally make an argument for about keeping.  Think old clothes in bins that he doesn’t even remember exist anymore, old printers that have no cords to them, same with old cordless phones, even empty boxes!  


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