(Closed) "Are you related"…are you kidding me?

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Bumble bee
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hahaha oh man, that guy hopefully felt like a jerk wad after that at least?

a few months after i got engaged i was at brunch with a few friends i was visitng in NYC. they were asking about our engagement and then one friend randomly goes “i was so surprised you got engaged! i didnt ven know you were seeing anyone. i thought all those pictures you had on facebook were of you and your brother!” setting aside the fact that this girl has met my brother several times, Fiance and i look nothing alike beyond the fact that we are both irish and therefore have freckles. hahaha!

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Sugar bee
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Well, psychologically speaking, people actually tend to be attracted to and mate with others that have similar facial features, even if they are of different ethnicity.

In fact, studies I have read show that couples that look the most similar to each other, their marriages tend to last the longest. It’s connected to the same way we tend to be attracted to people that have traits similar to our mothers (for men) and fathers (for women).

It’s weird to be told that, and it seems insulting, but look at couples that have been together for years: they dress similar, act similar, and look similar. It’s not an insult, but something humans do naturally with our partners subconsciously. 🙂

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Busy bee
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I had a similar issue. My brother and I went to the same college and just because we had the same last name people always assumed we were married. The ones that assumed this always seemed so weirded out when my brother, his gf, and I would hang out.

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Haha my fiance and I have gotten that for years!  We are very similar – blondes, blue eyes, high foreheads, on the shorter side and fair skinned.  Everyone at my office thought he was my brother the first few times they saw him.  We obviously have simliar taste and like what we see in the mirror LOL Don’t take it as an insult, you all probably just seem very connected.  It’s a little weird though that they thought you were related when you were holding hands…haha

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Worker bee

Yeah, I hate when I get asked if my SO is my brother and asked if my brother is my SO. They look nothing alike. In fact, none of us look alike at all!

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people have asked if he’s my father….I look much younger than I am (so I’ve been told) and well, he looks his age…..and unless he was a feisty 10 year old, it’s not a possibility!

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Busy bee
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@s.renea9:  OMG! Why can’t people just keep their thoughts to themselves sometimes?!

My Fiance is ginger, and I am like his complete opposite (brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin) so this has never happened to us. He is waay taller than me, I am chubby and he is skinny. We are too different to be looking like eachother!

I do know once, when my (step)dad was still alive, we were at our restaurant working. We started chatting to one of our guests who commented on how much we resembled eachother, me and my (step)dad. We are not bloodrelated at all, but I do call him my dad.  It was so funny, we just gave eachother a look after that and giggled. They said something like ” You guys are so alike, we can tell that she is your daughter.. mowhaha. Still laughing at it. 

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Bumble bee
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Lol my Fiance and i get the are you related line all the time! Whatever, it doesnt really bother me, we do look alike

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Worker bee
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We are both chubby and brunette and we have similarly shaped eyes…no one has asked but i’ve wondered out loud if people think we are. He didn’t think so he said it’s ovbious by body language whether ppl are “together” or not.

I just use the fact that we have similar features to reassure myself how good looking our hypothetical child will be.

I did once go to a party with my brother and a girl asked how long we’d been together….akward since we have  strong family resemblances…




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Buzzing bee

When someone asks you that, just say “yes”

And then kiss each other on the mouth.

“We’re really close.” 

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Worker bee
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Ugh, my brother and I get mistaken for a couple all the time. We look SO much alike that I can’t believe people’s first thoughts are that we’re dating, not just related.

Fiance and I have never been mistaken for brother and sister… he’s blonde, I’m brunette. He’s jacked, I’m relatively slender. He’s average height, I’m tall for a woman. We do have very similar light green/gray/blue eyes and high cheekbones, but it’s not that similar to make anyone think we’re related. Not to mention the fact that he has a seriously pronounced cleft chin (full disclosure: I hated it at first, but now I think it’s sexy and manly!!)

Interesting point about being attracted to someone who looks like you/your father – I don’t think I’ve ever dated someone who looks like my father in anything other than skin color, but then again he’s a very distinct-looking guy 🙂

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Someone told me that I’m the spitting image of my SIL, my BIL’s wife.  That was weird no one’s every told me I looked like anyone other than my mom.  oh and neither of us looks like our Mother-In-Law AT ALL.

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Buzzing bee

@Torrid:  I’ve read about this phenomena before and can I just say that ever since I read that I’ve started looking more closely at couples? I have pictures from a Christmas Party my work had about 3 years ago and it’s incredible how many of the couples look related!

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