(Closed) Are You & SO Alike or Different?

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  • poll: Are you & your SO alike or different?
    alike - we're like two peas in a pod! : (53 votes)
    45 %
    opposites attract : (41 votes)
    35 %
    other (please explain) : (23 votes)
    20 %
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    @ChicFoodist:  We are very much alike in the sense that we have the same general life goals (we want 2-3 kids, we are dog lovers, we want a large house in the suburbs, we want to have a certain lifestyle, etc) which I do think is important. But as far as little things, move insignificant things go, we differ alot!! Like I love seafood, he hates it. I love to travel to different places, he likes to go to the same place year after year. He loves the fall and hates summer. I hate fall and love summer… those types of things.

    Overall we are a good mix, I think!

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    The way we think about things and process things is very different. I’m more logical and analytical while Fiance tends to be more emotional. Our career paths are also very different. I am a research scientist while being an accountant is FI’s dream job. He likes doing pretty much the same thing every day because he knows what to expect while I enjoy doing something different every day. When it it comes to our hobbies and interests, political opinions, and moral standings though we are definitely two peas in a pod. I like that we have so much in common and agree on so many things, but that we come to those things from very opposite directions sometimes. I think since we have such a firm common base it accentuates our differences in a positive way and makes our relationship stronger.

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    We are not alike. I’d eat pasta everyday and become a vegetarian; whereas he wants to eat meat every day. He’s a family function kind of guy and I’m not into family parties. We like different kinds of TV shows and movies; we only agree on a few. He’d rather get up early and do things and I am a complete night owl. I’d concrete my entire yard; he prefers grass. He’s just a much nicer person than me; whereas if I don’t like you, stay away or else πŸ˜‰

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    We have some similar interests, but more so differing ones.

    For example, my husband will sit and play computer or video games all day, while I’d rather read a book, go for a walk, etc. He likes to stay within his comfort zone when it comes to food, while I like to explore and try new ones. We both like action films, but I’d choose a sappy rom-com over a horror/slasher film any day. I’m not entirely sure he likes music, whereas I love it. He prefers to only go to parties where certain people will be there, otherwise he’ll sit awkwardly in the corner and not engage. We have financial and educational differences as well, which tend to be the biggest source of conflict.

    Neither of us are into sports, we have the same religious outlook and political views. Sometimes we argue over our differences and our likeness, but overall we respect the others choices (for the most part).

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    More alike than different, but not carbon copies

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    We’re very much alike in a lot of ways, same philosophical,political and sexual views, however we are also very different in a lot if ways. He’s good at english and history, I’m good at maths and can barely spell, he’s laid back to a fault, I like stuff to be planned, he never gets stressed about anything, I worry too much about a lot of things.

    I feel it’s a good combination, if we were both like him, nothing would ever get done, if we were both like me… we’d probably both have heart attacks at 50! πŸ™‚

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    SO and I are best friends. We do everything together and have very similar interests! I like art but suck at it and he likes art but is good at it so I can just make him to my crafting for me πŸ™‚ but no really we both love to cook, do pottery (actual pottery not just painting the pots), play sports, read, go on trips. We are also both very frugal and are neat freaks πŸ™‚

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    I voted for “other”, there are some areas where we are the same…we like similar food, enjoy some activities together and on the whole we are both quiet people (although I am louder than he is) but in another way we are completely opposite – different heights, different jobs, he enjoys watching sports, I enjoy theatre, we like different music styles and different films, TV etc.!

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    We’re creepy personality twins. We even get mistaken for siblings because we look alike!

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    We’re not overly alike or unlike each other, we have a nice balance…

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    In some ways, we’re very similar, like we share the same sense of humor and have playful, easygoing personalities.  In other ways, we’re very opposite – I’m very nurturing and think of/put others first, and while he’s a nice guy, he tends to get lost in his own world and doesn’t exactly think about others all the time.  I handle stress well and am good at compartmentalizing thoughts/feelings, and he’s not – he’s very 100% full-steam ahead with everything that he does (when he’s mad, he’s REALLY mad, etc.).  Most of the time we balance each other out, but sometimes aspects of our personality clash.  That’s when the humor comes in handy!

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    We are opposites (of course we have some things in common). I think it has helped us bececause we always have something to talk about. It also kept it interesting when we first started dating because we taught each other our hobbies and interests. It has made for some great date nights πŸ™‚

    I like the fact that our personalities are different as well. I am more direct, say how I feel where as Darling Husband is pretty passive aggressive, and together I make sure people know how we feel but he makes sure I say it in a way that won’t hurt any feelings. We even each other out.

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    Our interests are very much alike and in line but our personalities are very different. 

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    I vote other b/c there are certain things we are very much alike on but things we are totally polar opposites on.  I am a people person, he is not (unless he knows the people/they are his close friends), I love being around family, he hates it, I love pets, he would rather not have any, he is a spender and I am not, I like tradition doing the same things again but he’d rather do something different, I love the holidays and he doesn’t… but we both love sports, love to eat and try new restaurants, have similar political views (although he likes to argue with people about it and i keep my thoughts to myself), we have similar life views, we have similar views on raising a family, we are both very stubborn and we both love to be “right” πŸ™‚ overall I think we are a good mix of similar/different.

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