(Closed) Are you the maid at home?

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Honey Beekeeper
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My husband doesn’t do too much either.  I’m not a big cleaner which means that he usually gets sick of it and vacuums occasionally.  He does other things which evens it out for us.

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Busy bee
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I do most of it. He mows the lawn, takes out the trash, and helps with laundry, dishes and vaccuuming. I do pretty much everything else.

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Buzzing bee
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I am not, and I’m really defensive about him trying to ask me to do more than my share.  I would rather live in filth than be his housekeeper, which he doesn’t really appreciate, but that’s his problem.  It gets kind of contentious sometimes, since he’s in grad school and constantly busy, but at about 60% of the housework, I shut off and won’t do any more.

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Buzzing bee
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PLS DO NOT JUDGE ME – – we have a cleaning gal (aka Carmen aka housekeeper) that comes once a week!  Carmen used to come once every other week but we just could not take all of the dog hair that accumulates (we have 4 flrs all hardwood.)

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Worker bee

Oh my gosh.


I live with two roommates who are engaged to each other. Boyfriend or Best Friend isn’t here with me. My roommates are SUCH dirty people it drives me nuts!!! Like your mrsh, they won’t wipe down counters or dust anything. I finally got sick of it last weekend and scrubbed everything and just put all of their crap in a box for them to sort out. I couldn’t believe the baseboards were actually white after I cleaned them. I live here and pay rent dang it! The amount of filth is just ridiculous. I thought eventually they’d snap out and clean their own mess up, but I guess not. I kind of made it known that I was pissed, and since then they’ve managed to at least pick up after themselves somewhat in the living room/dining room, but the kitchen is still a mess.  So I’ll be cleaning that later today I’m sure.

I feel like I have to decide between moving out and having a clean place or staying here with cheap rent and living in filth or stay here and be their maid. Sucks. Can’t wait til bf and I can get our own place – he’s as clean as I am and is more than willing to help out with chores. He can’t stand clutter just like me.

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Helper bee
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We are both slobs. We take turns cleaning the kitchen and living room, but I’m the only one who takes initiative to clean the bathroom. I predict that when we have kids, I’ll lower my tolerance for mess and get on top of it more. But for now, I’m glad neither of us is anal retentive, and neither of us is particularly disgusting.

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Buzzing bee
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yes i am! i do most/ all of the cleaning. No joke: he has done the dishes 5 times in the 2 years we’ve lived together. (we don’t have a dishwasher). He told me “i don’t vaccum or dust” and he hasn’t. i try to clean every weekend but it’d be nice if he would pick up after himself during the week.. it becomes a major ordeal instead of just being a minor task. its annoying and frustrating.


His version of “clean” is no clutter on the coffee table, but other than that he doesn’t clean. its ok, though, because i told him we’d be getting a house cleaner 🙂


@jackie-o: no judgement here, only envy! Innocent

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Bumble bee

I do 98% of the cleaning…

He mows the lawn and occasionally fixes things around the house if they break. Besides that its all me. However, obnoxious it may be it is just how he is and I have learned to deal :/

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Busy bee
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I am such a spoiled brat–FI does most of our housework (and he cooks too!). In my defense, I work full time and am also in grad school, so I have very little free time. Fiance sees this as a way to help me out, which is super sweet. Although in truth, even before I went back to school, he still did a bit more than me around the house! I try to be very grateful and make sure he knows how much I appreciate all he does to keep our home looking decent!

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Honey bee
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I do pretty much all of the cleaning (and the cooking)! Sometimes it really drives me crazy, but I really don’t mind most of the time. When Fiance actually does clean anything, it usually isn’t up to my standards anyways Smile

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Helper bee

Yeah.  I do pretty much everything around the house, including shovelling snow and mowing the lawn.  It started off pretty unevenly because I wasn’t working very much and at that time it was pretty fair that I did the housework, but I think it kind of set a precedent, unfortunately.  Now I’m working full-time and still do most of it.  He’s getting better, though… Very slowly. 

Still, I doubt if he ever notices the dustbunnies drifting around in the corners, or when the sinks need wiping.

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Bumble bee
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I do most all of the cleaning and don’t complain – for two reasons. 

1. My fiance is in med school and I know he has no time for anything but studying

2. I am a little bit of a cleaning perfectionist- I have to have the dishes rinsed before putting them in the dish washer and the clothes separated to lights and darks. My fiance isn’t so much and if he does the dishes I find spoons stuck together with Peanut Butter and the cloths all mixed together haha If you want something done right do it yourself I guess LOL!

Plus when he does offers to help it is really sweet because he makes a comment about appreciating me and how he wants to do something so I won’t have to mess with it 😉

  Oh and I have to mention that the cleaning is twice as worse now with our drooling shedding puppy – but he is so worth it!

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Honey bee
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My Fiance does a lot of the housework as well (and he cooks). We both clean but he probably does more cleaning.

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Bee Keeper
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my hubby used to do everything, until i kept reminding him that i don’t work so i’m happy to do the cleaning. now he still does quite a lot around the house… usually. he’s been sick and i’m pretty sure he’s milking it. he’s strong enough to take a walk around the neighborhood but can’t seem to put his dishes in the sink. i don’t mind taking care of him though!

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