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An engagement ring doesn’t have to contain a diamond so anyone who calls fake doesn’t have a single valid point. Mine’s made with diamonds and although it’s actually not what I would consider big, it’s bigger than what most people in our area have so someone asked me if it was fake. My response: “No really, I guarantee we are actually engaged”. I knew she was referring to the stone but regardless of whether I have a diamond, a CZ, a ruby, or even a f*cking ring pop, I don’t need to justify myself or my relationship to anyone. Asking if a ring is fake, to me, seems like they are asking if it’s a fake/pretend engagement.

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lovelyMsValentine:  hey! my e-ring ring is diamond but it’s very modest (.2 center stone and two .1 side stones). in my experience you have to just not worry about what other people are going to think about your ring. if you like it wear it with pride! kind of like with your FI! you chose her because you love her so choose your ring the same way.

i’m sure some snobby people look at my ring and think the diamonds are too small or that we don’t have money. other people probably look at it and think it’s unethical to have a diamond and why on earth would anyone do that. other people probably don’t like the vintage design or that it has three stones instead of one large stone. people with huge diamond rings get criticised for spending too much on a ring and people with moissys get criticized for not having a “real” diamond. some people don’t believe in engagement rings at all and others opt for colorful gemstones instead of a diamond or even just plain bands. 

it’s all up to personal preference and the only way you’ll be happy is by just getting what you want and what you can afford. if you love the look of a 2 carat stone, and you want a clear stone, i think you’ll be very happy with a moissy. they’re lovely and i think they’re a great choice for people who want the look of a large stone but don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars.

for what it’s worth, i used to sell fine jewelry and moissanites aren’t “fake” diamonds…they’re a gemstone all their own! they have higher light refraction and project more colors than diamonds do, which is part of why they’re so popular. their MOHS rating is super high so they’re durable for everyday wear. diamonds are 99% hype and markup from a stone standpoint. they are not inherently more rare or valuable than any other gemstone.

🙂 go for the sparkly and wear your moissanite with pride! 


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If you’re buying a moissanite and hoping to have it pass as a diamond then yes, definitely stick within what you could afford if it were a diamond (you could go slightly bigger). 

It’s a dead giveaway to me that a ring isn’t a diamond if it is huge and I know the couple well enough. Same with $$$ designer handbags etc, you’ve got to rock the entire look. 

If you’re not wanting to pass it off as a diamond, and you’re happy to correct people if they ask if it is a diamond, then you can go as large as you like. Just be aware that people will probably think it is a simulant/not a diamond if they know you well enough. 

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If someone calls another person out on their ring, it’s a social taboo on them, not you, for doing something so rude and classless. You said it yourself, “she works hard, provides for your family,” and the thing is, you don’t HAVE to get a 10k ring. Keep your head up, because You should be celebrating something exciting instead of worrying about future nay Sayers. GL Bee 

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IDGAFF what people think about me. Sooo…there’s that. Also, when I get my Moissanite I’m going to sing it from the rooftops because it is from SPACE and and it was made by SCIENCE! And in my opinion that makes it the coolest thing ever!

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lovelyMsValentine:  If you are worried about this I woud just say it’s a family heirloom that was passed down

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lovelyMsValentine:  Not for a second.  I’m proud of my moissanite.  I will correct a person every time they call my stone a diamond.  

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lovelyMsValentine:  IRL, people don’t care about your ring, especially after you’re married. Your inner circle will care right after you get engaged, but you shouldn’t have anything to prove to them. 

Post a pic of your ring! I love clusters.

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No one would comment but for sure people won’t believe an out of range size.  Thinking otherwise is naive.  Seems like you care more than most moissanite owners here and I think this might not end up making you happy in the long run.  Most satisfied simulant owners that I see here and IRL don’t give a f*ck.  

I suggest you think this over.  What you really want is either size or a diamond.  Passing off a moissanite is honestly on you, but few might believe it.  

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I have a pink moissy and no one comments on weather or not it is real, except for one very awestruck cashier at Lush, and she was more of a like “omg I can’t believe I’m seeing a pink diamond ring in person” kind of thing, haha.

I don’t tell people that it’s not real, simply because it’s not their business. Most of my family and friends live in Arkansas, where diamonds occur naturally (my entire family lives about 10 minutes away from the mine), so the idea of a non diamond is insane to them. 

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I can usually spot the difference between a diamond and moissy pretty quickly, so I like the guidelines of don’t get a ring pop size moissy/AG/simulant if a diamond of equivalent size is way out of your budget, and don’t try to pass it off as a diamond. 

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My boyfriend wants to get me a ‘big rock’…whatever that means. I told him I would prefer an Amora because why pay probably 3 times the cost of something when you could get a lovely genuine stone for cheaper? Who knows what he will do when the time comes.

What I will say though (and please, this is for me, no one else…I dont ask for much and I dont wear much jewelery but I want a ring that is at least  a carat as I think that this will suit my hand and what I like most no matter the stone.  However, I dont care too much about going much bigger than that. I dont like very small diamonds/stones as the center for me.

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lovelyMsValentine:  I don’t count anybody’s money and I don’t need them counting mine. Your lady provides for you and HERS is the only other opinion that counts when it comes to your ring. Wear it proudly.

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I have a 2ct center F1 that I absolutely love and no one in our circle has asked if it’s real. However, Fiance just got promoted to a corporate position in his company and I manage a small law firm, and we’ve been together for 5 years, so I think many people think that we could possibly afford it, especially if we share finances (even though this would be untrue). So, I think depending other factors in your relationship, it might also make a difference what people assume. Only one lady in a jewelry store asked where he got my ring and I was honest about it being a moissanite. 

However, I have wanted a moissy since I first learned about them and I asked for what I wanted to wear the rest of my life. I didn’t decide on it thinking we would “upgrade” to a diamond later on, I am happy to wear this forever! I say you should get what you know you will love and forget what people will think. And if anyone asks (however rude!), just be honest! It’s a beautiful stone and I think more people would buy them if they knew more about them. 

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