(Closed) Argh. Vent with me, Bees. Post your vents and rants here (all in good fun).

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Attempt #9586 coming right up….

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Oh. my. goodness. Seriously just went to start the same kind of thread.

I’m stressed out, I’m tired, and I’m hormonal. Just spent 2 hours redrafting the contract that I drew up a year ago with the caterers/hall because our old caterers were crooks and skipped town. I cried about 5 times during that meeting and looked like a complete emotional bridezilla, when really all I am is EXHAUSTED. I just want something to go right in this planning process! Between our caterers taking off, our pastor being in and out of the hospital with some unexplained illness, our photobooth lady having unexpected back surgery and cancelling last minute, my purse being stolen at my bridal shower, and our hall coordinator being out on medical leave now, I am SO READY to just get this mess over with and be married.

/end rant.


I told myself that I wouldnt be one of those stressed out dramatic brides, and maybe it’s just the hormones talking right now, but man oh man. 

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We bought a house less than 2 months ago. Today we found out the reason our AC doesn’t work any more is because, prior to selling the house, the previous owners took apart some parts of the whole contraption and cleaned it to make it look newer than it was. This “cleaning” put holes in it. All the freon leaked out and the whole thing is irreparable. We have to buy a new central AC unit. RAWR! 
ETA: to improve matters, for the past month Minnesota has had some of the highest temperatures on record. We can’t sleep it’s so hot. And we won’t get to until we come up with a few grand. 

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Darling Husband stopped by the grocery store on his way home from work tonight…I had asked him to pick me up a watermelon (my current craving). He brought home 2 packs of Oreos, a jar of Nutella, a box of Lucky Charms, a bag of Kettle-cooked potato chips…and no watermelon.

I know it seems like silly thing to be upset about, but I’m nearly 37 weeks pregnant, I’ve been really good about my diet and keeping my weight gain to a minimum, and not only did he not get me the one thing I requested, but instead came in with a ton of junk food that’s sitting, taunting me…

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@Mrs Sarah McK:  Not silly. One of the biggest fights I’ve ever had with an ex was about one effin thing he forgot at the grocery store after I asked him about it multiple times in person and texted him about it. It was a pattern with him…. And I love watermelon too, so I totally sympathize 

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I hate my feet. Seriously– they are the worst feet EVER. 

No matter how many pedicures I get or give myself— they still look like I trekked across the continental US barefoot. Through thorns.

No amount of filing, lotion, polish, smell good scrub, or razors can make these things Sally Hansen worthy. They suck and I am over it!

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I’m mentally tired of looking at different vendors.

And my fiance just got off the phone with his mom, who is always either extremely positive or extremely negative. Guess which mood she picked to be in today?

Stuff about how he should thank his lucky stars that I’m still under my dad’s health insurance and that he’s doing everything ass-backwards and why isn’t he looking for more jobs in our city (which is also the city she lives in…actually she begged us to live here a few years ago and we conceded) where no one in our group seems to be able to find jobs. She cycles like this all the time and it can be upsetting but I don’t like taking it seriously or I’ll just get mad. 

She tells him a lot of the time that he doesn’t know what it’s like yet to be an adult, but she hasn’t really financially supported him since he started college. When he was in debt because of confusion over financial aid he paid it himself without complaint with money that he earned and was going to school full time and working, so when she tells him he’s spoiled it’s hard to take her seriously. Once in a blue moon his parents will give him some money but for the most part he’s been paying his half of our bills and rent. 

Anyway, talking to our moms about the whole marriage thing can get exhausting. We both personally think they’re so bitter about their failed marriages (they both treated our dads like garbage) that they feel the need to put us down. 

It’s just…our moms also constantly rag on us for not being religious like they are, yet they think we shouldn’t be getting married? WTH? How can you be religious and not fully support the spiritual commitment that comes with marriage? 

Honestly, if he ever decided once and for all to be done with his mother, I wouldn’t care. I only put up with her for his sake. My mom’s not much better, and sometimes I wonder why we try so hard to please them when there really is nothing we can do about that until they are happy with their own lives. 

Rant over.

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I want my fricking E-Ring everytime Fiance gets the money to purchase it, something happens!!!!!! Last time it was car and I swear if he didn’t have to have that thing I would torch it.  He is supposed to have enough money by next paycheck (next friday) if something happens to change that I swear I will become a 2 year old and throw the biggest tantrum EVER!  I want my ring!!

Ok now I will breath and calm down

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I want the gentleman I’m interested in to text me! I feel like a stupidface hoping he will! WTF. I have a lot of boob. THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR YOU, MAN.


Furthermore, WTF I’m so sick of my boobs! WHY ARE BRAS SO HARD TO FIND IN MY SIZE?


Oh, and my bridesmaids dress WILL NOT STAY TIED AT THE WAIST. 




Oh, and do NOT eat cat poop, Dogface!

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This whole year has stunk, and isn’t the way I envisioned my first year of marriage: 

  • Car died (financial burden) 
  • Cat died (emotional burden) 
  • Two miscarriages (more emotional burden) 
  • Grandmother died (biggest of them all! She raised me!) 
  • To top it off, I’m the only one who really deep-cleans the house. Grr.

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Future Mother-In-Law why are you such a cow. Move the eff on and get over youself, you stupid senseless mooooo.


Fiance – if ask you to pick up a f*cking stamp – pick the f*cking thing up. Don’t stand there when I’ve been up night after night working on these goshdarn things and start giving me a list of reasons you may not be able to get me the goshdarn stamp tomorrow. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR.




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I’m currently living on two mattresses with my 3 year old child in 103 degree weather, while my Fiance moves our things across the country. 

Oh, and I’m getting married in 2 weeks.

Oh, and the house we’re under contract on needs a new roof before we can move in.


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