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We did a Destination Wedding in Playa recently. I don’t think it’s accurate to say it’s cheaper pp for aDW. Ours was about $500 per person for our wedding! We only had 20 guests and our budget was blown by about $4K. I would agree that it is unique. Only one person at my wedding had ever been to a Destination Wedding before, and some had never even heard of it. With that being said, we got resistance from many, but in the end everyone came and EVERYONE who came had the best time and I heard from several people that it was the best wedding they had ever been to.

Also, if you have your wedding on a Saturday or Sunday, a lot of people will leave on Monday. You can suggest that people come to spend time before the wedding. We did a beach bonfire on Friday and so all of the guests came on Thursday or Friday. Almost everyone left on Monday. You could stay for your honeymoon for several days (we did) or even transfer to a different resort. It ended up being a non issue for us though, because we planned for everyone to come before the wedding and not really stay long after. We didn’t get any resistance to that, and the few friends that stayed after just understood that we were on our honeymoon.

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The biggest pro for me having a destination wedding is that I didnt have to invite everyone to my wedding(parents friends that I dont want there) and we didnt have to blow alot of money.

We are staying at the resort for 11 days and all the guests are staying for 7 so we have our time together for a mini honeymoon. It’s not a heneymoon if your paretns are at the same resort still lol.

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i am feeling more of the pros than the cons at this point. although there r some considerations and a certain amount of that ‘well its my wedding day, not theirs, so if they wanna come they can and if not, they dont have to’ attitude. i read an article that said that ur wedding will never mean to other ppl what it will mean to u, so go with what u want. it can be cheaper, a smaller amount of guests, a beautiful location with beautiful photos and video, a romantic vacation, and most of all, a dream of urs coming true.

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My Fiance and I are Eloping to a Destination Wedding (that means we are going away to be married on a Beach overlooking the Ocean, in one of our favourite Destinations… just the two of us gazing into each others eyes with the Officiant as we say our “I Dos”)

It works for us because we are both older (50s and 60s) and both have been married before. So we’ve done the Big White Wedding, and KNEW we didn’t that this time round. AND as a BONUS our Honeymoon begins the second we walk off the beach, and continues for another 7 days (Fine Dining, Golf, Florida Beaches, Sightseeing, Shopping etc)

Is it cheaper… YES, NO, MAYBE (it depends how you look at it)


Because our Wedding & Honeymoon (to some extent) are combined into one event. And we can make our Wedding as glam as we like.


Mr TTR has decided he’s wearing khakis, a Hawaiian Shirt and Flip Flops (he adores the idea of wearing flip flops and not having to get dressed up).


I started out thinking that as an Encore Bride “of a certain age” that I’d just wear a long MOB type gown, but having hung out on WBee for awhile, I’ve come to realize that I should embrace my Inner Bride… and rejoice the fact that I’ve found love again.  So I’ve decided that I will wear a Wedding Dress, it just won’t be the big white pouffy version that I associate with my First Wedding (circa 1980).  Currently, I am considering a lace Wedding Dress, white lace over a satin sheath (underlayer of satin will most likely be in a Champagne tone).  The Dress is inspired by a Designer one I found on-line, but thanks to WBee, I’ve discovered that I can have the dress custom made off-shore in China for just a few hundred dollars vs many thousands.


As we are eloping just the 2 of us, there will be less fuss and muss, and less expenses.  One flower bouquet for me, no bout for him (he’s not interested).  Probably no music (can’t hear it anyway on the beach), and almost no décor (possible exception, is I am considering renting a Bridal Arch for us to stand under / in front of to take our Vows). 


Photographer will still be needed… although I’m hoping that without the traditional post-Wedding Reception that I can get a good deal (just need them for an hour or two… getting ready, wedding, beach shots).


No immediate Reception.  After the Wedding Photos, Mr TTR and I plan to hit up a favourite Beach Bar for a Champagne Toast, and then scoot off to Dinner at a nearby Hotel Restaurant overlooking the Beach / Ocean.  I may look into having Wedding Cupcakes for us after our Meal, or having a Baker make me a very small wedding cake.

After our Honeymoon Part I, we come back home.  And this is where we’ve discovered that it’ll be hard not to spend some money.


Our Friends & Family really really want to celebrate with us.  They get the bit where we want to Elope as two people marrying again, BUT they were ticked when we told them “that was it… that was all”.  So we’ve caved and decided to have a Back Home Reception.  Originally we thought… we’d have an Open House with folks dropping in for a drink and a few nibbles.  BUT even that has fallen by the wayside.  A quick scribble revealed we can easily invite close to 100 People who are friends or associates from our lives (at our age you know a lot of people).  So then we began to look at Hall Rentals and a Champagne & Cake Reception.  Lol, that was until Friends & Family said, “Hey what no party?  Come on, we can’t go to the Wedding, at least give us a chance to really have a good time celebrating with you… we all want to dance & boogie”  Couldn’t really argue with any of them (we love them all soooo much).  And being party people, it did seem only natural.  So now, we are Renting a Hall, having Cocktails & Nibbles, Cake & Champagne Toast, and a DJ to dance the night away (Reception probably 8 PM to Midnight).


Thankfully, some of this we figure we can DIY… so that will keep the costs down some.  Although, I certainly am attracted to a pretty designer cake (maybe with a Beach Theme to honour our Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations).  As it now though is a full-blown Reception (although no meal), I am also considering the idea of Invites, Décor and Favours (although again much could be DIY)

So is it cheaper than a Traditional Wedding, Reception and Honeymoon? 

Hard to say.  We certainly are in a position in our lives where we can splurge on whatever meets our fancy (like honeymoon travel).  But at the same time, we don’t mind finding ways to make the money go further… like DIY projects for things like décor, or saving a bit by having a fancier dress than just a plain gown but choosing to have it made off-shore.

I believe that one could save some significant money by Eloping and having a Back Home Reception, (vs a Traditional Wedding & Reception =OR= a Destination Wedding) and it could still be a wonderful way to marry (less stress).  The nice thing is this type of Wedding and you are 100% able to make adjustments because there isn’t a HUGE LIST OF EXPECTATIONS.  The Wedding is pretty small and simple, but the Reception could be as Big or Small, Formal or Informal as you like.  We are going pretty middle of the road, neither big or small, and pretty casual.  Honestly, there would have been nothing wrong with our original idea of having an Open House… or just an hour or two to get together with friends & family for Champagne & Cake… we just chose to ramp it all up a bit… because we do love to party, and I admit, that if it were our friends who were getting married, we too would have been looking forward to a Reception type celebration with them as well.

Hope this helps,


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