Arm implant BC removal

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otterbee :  as far as removal goes it it is weird but not painful. You can feel them putting pressure on your arm but it is completely painless! Hope that makes sense! As far as after I have been really struggling to find a birth control that suits me! So I don’t feel like I am the best person to say over that. 

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I was super nervous too, but it was sooo easy. I had mine out last week. It’s literally the exact same thing in reverse. Just some numbing shots and some pressure. They basically wiggle the implant out. Mine came out pretty easy. There is zero pain. I didn’t really have that much blood or bruising. I did keep the pressure bandage on as long as possible and iced the area a bit to help with that. My arm is still pretty sore and it feels really tender as the scar tissue heals, but overall it was really easy. 

I immediately noticed some differences in mood and weight. Although I haven’t weighed myself to confirm. I think I started shedding some water weight because I was peeing a lot for a few days after and my husband commented on how my stomach looks different. I doubt anyone else would notice the change, but it made me feel a lot better about myself. But I definitely felt better mood-wise. I’ve been way less irritable and have just felt better and more like myself overall.

I started the pill right away, but I kind of wish I gave myself a week or two to adjust. I’ve never been on the pill before so that was a bit of an adjustment (still is, but that’s okay). Basically, the pill makes me super nauseous. So, my plan is to switch to an IUD in the summer–I just wanted to give myself and my body a bit of a break before getting it inserted. I don’t really need all over hormones, so I’d rather get localized ones.

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I just got mine out in June. Maybe it felt like a hard pinch? It was over quickly and it was maybe a little sore afterwards. It really wasn’t a big deal.

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otterbee :  I find blood/needles/surgery to be VERY interesting so I watched the whole time… LOVED it. They numbed the arm and then I did feel pressure and a gentle tug as the implant is removed. Then the put a bandain+pressure bandage to reduce swelling/bleeding. I was bruised for about a week but not sore.

I waited I think about a week before then getting a copper IUD. I can’t remember why. I just abstained from sex until then. 

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When I got mine removed a few years ago, the doctor numbed the area, made a small incision and used something like tweezers to grasp the implant and pull it out. The feeling is like a weird gentle tug – you can feel something but it’s not painful at all. Now mine was a bit of a struggle to get out so in the end the doctor did have to stitch up the cut – literally one stitch so nothing major, I just had to go back a few days later to get the stitch removed.

I had the implanon removed because it didn’t work for me at all (I had ridiculously long periods every three weeks), so I started back up on the pill I had been using previously basically straight away.

Don’t stress too much about it, I’m sure you will be fine!

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