(Closed) Article: 10 Things New Parents Don’t Need

posted 7 years ago in Babies
  • poll: Which will/did you have as new parents?
    Designer Nursery : (7 votes)
    4 %
    Bedding (excludes fitted crib sheets) : (38 votes)
    20 %
    Changing Table (specifically just a changing table, rather than using a dresser top, etc.) : (34 votes)
    18 %
    Bassinet : (30 votes)
    16 %
    Expensive Newborn Clothing : (15 votes)
    8 %
    Video Monitor : (20 votes)
    10 %
    High Chair (own it before 6 months) : (33 votes)
    17 %
    Wipe Warmer : (8 votes)
    4 %
    A lot of anything : (7 votes)
    4 %
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    I dont have a baby yet but I know that a changing table is REALLY useful, I took care of my nephew for few weeks when I stayed with them for a while. It is so much easier changing a diaper on a changing table than on a bed, sofa or any other surface. 


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    This being #2 for me I totally agree!

    The only thing we’ll probably get this go round that’s on that list is a bassanet and that’s only b/c a pack n play won’t fit in our room. And the high chair

    I want to say that for the most part we didn’t even have DS bedding in the crib since blankets can suffocate… and yes it’s outrageous how much infant bedding cost. We’ll prolly just go with the fitted sheets and then whatever handmade blankets we get.

    We had a “changing table” as part of our pak n play with DS and I only used it a few times… most of the time I put DS in the bassinet portion of the pak n play or changed him on a blanket in the living room or wherever we were.

    Expensive clothing… REALLY?….. DS came out a major drooler and spitter upper so just keeping him dry was all I was trying to do. lol by 6mths it was white onsies and shorts/pants & socks…. lol

    I didn’t even know they HAD vidoe monitoring…. crazy! I say just take a walk into baby’s room. lol

    We DID have a high chair and I have looked at one this go round too… We’ll probably get it early too b/c I want them (decore) to match… AND I tried the boosters when I had DS and just didn’t really like them. They may be different now though considering that was 7 years ago. lol

    The wipe warmer tended to be more trouble than it was worth.. especially since it wasn’t something I was comfortable having on ALL the time and well turning it on when you go to change kinda defeats the purpose since it takes time to warm.

    As for alot of something… I do agree with having things like lots of onsies, burp cloths, and bibs with plastic backing AND SOCKS (b/c baby always kicks one off and it can’t be found.. lol)

    We’ll be cloth diapering so while we’ll have a wet pail we definitely won’t be having a diaper genie.

    Otherwise we’ll try and limit the things we buy and get =)



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    I used a contoured chanding pad on my daughters dresser, to me is a necessity! I think high chairs are handy at any age as long as they recline. My daughter loved to sit in hers when we were at the table so she could “see” what was going on. I don’t like those booster seats as an older kid might unstrap it without you realizing it and crash! Just my fear. (I had that vision so many times when debating which way I wanted to go.) I think bright colorful bedding with lots of black outlining is nice because it keeps baby happy longer when he awakes from his nap. Bedding makes cute wall hangings!

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    We had a lot of clothes when our son was born and we bought a few, but most of them were given to us by other people with boys lol. It was a blessing for sure!! Diaper genies suck dont do it. Wipe warmers are nice in case the wipes are cold thats shocking for a new born, but not needed. We didnt have a bassinet, they grow out of them so fast. We did have a changing table it was given to us by FI’s mom and Im glad I didnt buy one because we only use it as a dresser… I have changed our son on it maybe 15 times and he is 16 months old. We got cute nursery decorations and bedding, but something somwhat nutral that he will like when he gets older.

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    Hm. I actually agreed with a lot of what she has to say!

    1/2. Designer Nursery/Bedding: This stuff is $$$! I’ve been looking and I think I might just go with solid separates if I can find them. And the cribs I’m looking at are convertible and highly rated for under $200. My ILs offered to purchase the crib and I know they spent like $400 on BILs cribs. But no way! Not for us.

    3. Changing Table: My plan is to get a changing pad and put it on top of a dresser. I think it’ll do the exact same thing as a changing table and I won’t have one whole unit just for changing.

    4. Bassinet: Totally agree, I’ll much rather have a pack n play I can bring easily to the ILs so the baby has somewhere to sleep and play when we’re over there.

    5. Clothing: Trust me, I’m gonna buy clothes!! But only if they are $5 and under.

    6. Video monitor: I’m not convinced a video monitor is necessary and they’re pricey. We’ll probably stick to audio only. If I can find a highly rated one for under $60 then maybe I’ll throw one on the registry?

    7. High Chair: My cousin in law registered for a booster chair and I actually really like the idea! Space saver!

    8. Wipe warmer: Really?

    9. I agree with starting with only a few of something. I won’t even know if our baby will take to it. What if s/he doesn’t and I end up with 20 unusable bottles?

    10. I’m not a fan of a garbage can solely for diapers, period.

    Again, like the author stated, this is just my opinion. Your baby, your money, your decision! 🙂

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    Eh, to each their own; what one person says is unnecessary, another person couldn’t live without.

    Our changing station is attached to the crib (like this) and we hardly ever changed our daughter anywhere else.  We also had a co-sleeper (kind of a bassinet that attaches to the side of your bed) which we LOVED; not all babies (or parents!) are happy sleeping in their cribs by themselves right away.  We have a video monitor, which I really like.  When Dirty Delete was really little, I couldn’t always tell between her sleep noises and her awake noises, so it was nice to be able to see if she had her eyes open without having to go into her room and risk waking her up.

    Also, i know a lot of parents love them, but I hate pack n’ plays.  We don’t own one now, and probably never will.

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    EXPENSIVE CLOTHING: I never understood this! The baby’s going to grow out of it in a week!

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    I had a Diaper Genie and never used it. I just threw the diapers in a plastic grocery store bag and took the house trash out nightly. Waste of money.

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    We have a diaper changing station that I found on Craigslist for dirt cheap, so that didnt cost me over $30.00 the pad I plan on getting if don’t get off of my registry is less than $30 also.

    The crib sheet sets I agree are outrageous. I bought a set from someone also on Craigslist for less than $25.00.  They are just as good as new.  I also bought and was given several fitted sheets that are hand me downs.

    Clothing was all bought on sale/garage sale or hand me downs.

    High chair was mine when was little so we already have.

    No need for bassinet have a cradle that my grandfather made for me when I was born.

    Diaper genie, I do want one of those and have one put on our registry but its an off brand. 


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    I think it’s nice to have one or two keepsake pieces of cute clothes but past that, it’s totally a waste.

    I also understand wanting to have a lovely nursery. I totally agree that a lot of the stuff is way over priced, and I think you can get a gorgeous room without the high price tag.

    I voted about the Diaper Genie before I read the article. Yea, I think they can be nice, but there are similar systems that aren’t as expensive. Unless you want to take your trash out every single day I’d spring for it.

    Separate changing table that does nothing else? no. Dresser/storage/etc with changing pad on top….sure.

    I didn’t know wipe warmers and video monitors were ubiquitous enough to warrant a mention. I’ve never even seen either in practice. They seem silly to me.

    The high chair is usually purchased for a shower and if you’re picky it’s good to research them and have it ready before, I don’t see why it’s a big deal to have something a few months early.

    The bassinet is sorta like the changing table, if it does other things–like a pack n play with a bassinet that’s great. Having just a bassiinet is sort of a luxury I guess.

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    my mom bought us bedding, which really LOOKS nice and pulls together the look of the nursery, but honestly we cant use most of it (bumper and quilt are hazards so mainly decoration for now).

    im glad we got pack n play with bassinet for him to sleep in our room, but honestly could have just parked the crib in their since the PnP is just about as big! banking on getting lots of use out of the playard later.

    i love our diaper genie! newborn diapers arent that bad yet, but as they accumulate they are definitely funky. im all about containing the funk in one designated place!

    we have a lot of…baby washcloths!!! we got a lot as gifts and thought they were useless at first. but i use them to wipe his face and neck with warm water every morning, and of course baths. 

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    Why are people even buying new stuff for babies?! Omg!!! There are SO MANY resale baby stores! ‘Once Upon A Child’? Hello!?

    And what about Value Village and Salvation Army. Those are GREAT for baby clothes. All the people who bought brand name baby clothes that their baby outgrew and no one around them was having babies end up donating them. And there you are!

    And only one PP mentioned checking Craigslist.

    I can’t come to terms with the fact that people are actually buying NEW stuff!

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    Haha I totally agree! I have been a nanny for a looong time and now that I’m having my first child, I feel like I’m ahead of the curve with a lot of this stuff. I also have found a lot of DIY projects for nursery decor, like wall art, pillows (easiest thing to sew EVER!) and bedding. 

    I remember hating the diaper genie, that thing always smelled nasty! No use paying extra for something that smells the same as a garbage can! 


    Although, I have one argument. I used a video monitor as a nanny and I loved it, and it was super helpful, especially because the baby/toddler didn’t cry all the time, and instead would try to climb out of her crib – so when I saw she was awake, I’d get her right away.

    And one other reason: I’ve been debating getting one for our baby only because my husband is 60% deaf. I don’t want to risk him not hearing baby cry. So if I’m gone during the day, and baby is down for afternoon nap, he needs to be able to know when the baby is awake. I think in special circumstance like this, it’d be really helpful. But I still don’t like the price tag on it!!

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