Article about Millenials and Diamonds

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  • Wedding: June 2017

Two of my married best friends have diamonds on both their engagement and wedding bands. Mine, however, hsa diamonds on both, but the center stone is aquamarine…which I love! I didn’t pick it for financial reasons, I just saw the ring on Etsy and loved it!

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I think it is multifactorial. I mean diamonds are still standard for engagement rings and families sometimes expect it. Engagement rings are not only used for as engagement rings, they are also seen as a status symbol, how much your SO loves you, etc. I am not saying it is right, and they should be seen as symbol of love only but they ARE seen as more then that. 

I am the 2nd person in my social circle to get engaged and I do have a diamond ring and so does the girl who got engaged before me. Me and SO had talked about engamenet but not really rings so he picked it on his own. I had envisoned myself with a sapphire ring personally. 

Reasons I would have preffered sapphire ring would be money, as well as because they are less common then diamond rings but just as strong, and I liked the color but then my engaged friend made such a big deal about how her ring is so big and cost so much that I am glad mine is also a diamond although she has made comments about how mine is so much smaller. 

I grew up in a country where gold and gemstone rings are more prevelent (although I hear diamonds are becoming more common) so it was not like a huge thing I always thought about to be honest. 

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All my engaged/married friends have diamonds. I have a sapphire. It’s what I’ve always wanted and I like that it’s a little different. I think people are just becoming more aware of how many options they have and care less about what’s traditional and more about what thier personal style/taste is.

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Omg all of this labeling!!! Lol anyways  I know lots of people of different ages that do have diamonds and would have not considered any other alternative; most of them are well placed economically and buy them straight out, others save their money and others are trying to live above their means.  I also know others who would love to own a diamond but can’t afford it and are very happy with their CZ. I personally have diamonds and I love them.   I don’t see anything wrong with sapphires and moissanites. I actually have a sapphire set and I’m currently trying to figure out this moissanite thing.  However I would not try to pass either one for a diamond. They are what they are and unique in their own essence.  whenever I get complements on my sapphire I have no shame on saying  what it’s.  And will do the same once I get my moissanite.  However, whenever I get complements on my diamonds I say it’s a moissanite…. I’m not trying to get robbed you know. 😉 lol.  

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I’m a millenial and I opted for a Citrine center stone with white sapphire halo/band stones (ignore the blue ring, it was there for size reference):


I’m buying my wedding band soon, and I decided to just get a whole new (second) engagement ring too, to match! Lol. It’s very cheap, only a few hundred from a seller on Etsy. Simulant (fake) diamonds and rose-gold:


Honestly though, I think I’m not the norm. All my friends, sister-in-laws, other women my age I know opted for diamonds. My partner thought I was stark raving mad when I said I didn’t want an expensive engagement ring. I love swapping jewelry so didn’t want an expensive piece that I would feel obligated to wear every single day. I switch it up between fairly cheap rings right now 😛

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My personal friends are really into alternative stones and hate the whole diamond culture. However, my coworkers the same age as myself love diamonds. I think it really depends on the person. I wouldn’t be surprised if millenials as a whole are slowly shunning diamonds more and more. 

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