(Closed) Article: Tope 3 Most Aggressive Dogs. Youll be Surprised

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Honey Beekeeper
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Ooo interesting. My husband wants a rottweiler, but i’m still skeptical!

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Buzzing bee
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Interesting! The only doxies I’ve ever known were soooooooo sweet. The only dog that has ever bitten me was a cocker spaniel – which hardly anyone would consider a “mean” dog lol

They are certainly good and bad members of each breed (just like people!)

Pitties and rotties get bad raps, because well, when/if they do bite, it’s certainly going to be generally a much worse bite than if a little doxies bites you. That doesn’t mean that they bite more often though! A friend of mine has a male rottie who is a BEAST – seriously, he is 175 pounds and just huge – and the biggest baby ever! He doesn’t know his size, and will always try to crawl into people’s laps when they sit down, or lean on them (and knock them over). I have walked him alone several times, and babysat him, and never once worried he would run and attack or bite someone.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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yeah regardless of what the article says, i’m likley to bemore concerned about a bite from a rottweiler than a small dog. big dogs can do far more damage

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Sugar bee
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When I saw the name of your post, those were actually the 3 breeds that immediately came to mind.  I guess just because I’ve had all three in my family.  They are fiesty little things, but man do they get mean.

But I still wouldn’t approach an angry pitbull! 

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Helper bee
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thank you for posting this!  im in agreement with PPs that pit bull and rottie bites are by fair more damaging than little dog bites (most of the time), but that doesn’t take away from the aggression that can be inherent in some of the smaller breeds. 

my pit has one of the most even tempers and least aggressive attitudes ive seen in a dog, and it always suprises me when we’re out walking and smaller dogs try to nip at her and become aggressive (when she’s just standing there!)

i have to wonder though if the increased aggression in smaller dogs is because of a more relaxed attitude toward it from their owners – if my pit snapped at ANYONE she’d in be in a world of trouble, but it seems like some owners of little dogs think it’s “cute” or not a problem – all in all, i still believe that aggression and aggressive behavior come down a lot to how the dog has been raised and trained.

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Busy bee
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i agree that these dogs are more aggressive, but i also agree that it all depends on the owner and what he/she permits or encourages (without even knowing it, most of the time). i’ve owned small dogs and large dogs and the small dogs definitely are more defensive (you would be too if you were only inches from the ground) but as a responsible owner, i have to understand that and teach the dog that it is not okay to act defensively. 

any dog can have a good or a bad bone, we just have to train accordingly as pack leaders!

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Honey bee
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Oh that’s a really interesting article.  I do have to say that I’ve never met a nice dachshund.  But I’ve been around a ton of sweet pits before.  Just sayin 🙂

I had always wanted a rottweiler when I was younger.  Until I realized how much space they take up and how much training goes into owning one!  So I think I want a smaller dog, for starters!

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Busy bee
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@KellyV: oh i doubt anyone was offended. it’s a great article!

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Helper bee
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Not surprised at all.  Darling Husband and I have been “pet parents” our entire lives to those large and small.  The only animals I’ve ever been bitten by are my cat and our (RIP) Schnauzer mix who would bite and draw blood any time you tried to groom him.  I miss the dog, don’t miss the biting.  Our ShepX, LabX, and SheltieX I would and have trusted with my life.  They are non-aggressive and gentle, esp. around the sick, elderly, and children.

Having said that, I would never tell someone that my dogs don’t bite.  ALL DOGS will bite!Our ShepX is as gentle as they come, but chased someone off our property this past winter.  The guy came up to the house claiming to be a door-to-door salesman.  After the 3rd time I aske him to leave  he lunged at me!  The dog jumped between us, chased him back to his vehicle and then chased the car to the edge of the fence.  Meanwhile, the other two were inside throwing themselves against the door trying to get our.  She didn’t bite the guy, but there was much snarling and snapping of teeth.

Neighbor had a similar experience with her Golden.  The dog is so passive her 2 year old granchild rides him like he is a horse.  But one day some guy came to the door and when she went to shut the front door he stuck his foot in it and tried to force his way in the house.  Next thing she knew her “totally passive” golden had knocked her to the size and landed so hard against the man’s chest that he knocked them both off the front porch.

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Bumble bee
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I totally believe it! The point that they make that bites from smaller dogs are less likely to require medical attention is an important one. I think that because of the size differential between humans and smaller dog breeds, their negative behaviors are overlooked much more often than that of larger dogs breeds.

It is very unfair to persecute certain breeds. Of all of the dogs I have known (30+ that I’ve personally known and spent time with) including german shepherds, labs, pitt bulls, mutts, beagles, huskies… I’ve been snapped at once by a rottweiler and once by a lab. I’ve owned german shepherds while growing up, and both my parent’s were raised with them. I lived with two pitt bulls for a year and my roommate brought them both to the dog park without ever having an issue.

Dog breeds should not be persecuted, poor dog owners should. I think there should be harsher penalties for dog owners who are too lazy to follow through with proper training and exercise and socialization.

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Buzzing bee
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Oh man…that article made me literally laugh out loud.  I’ve had all three of those dogs and never were any of them aggressive.  However, I (well, sister) had a pitbull and another sister had a pitbull mix and those dogs were CRAZY aggressive.  We had a family dog who had rottie in him and he was the sweetest dog…most of the time.  When he was in a bad mood it was like Watch OUT…You’ll get your head bit off.

ejs…my hubs wants a rottie too.  I think they’re adorable and I know they can be sweethearts, but I’m still skeptical.  I keep going on the “Sorry Hun, homeowner’s association doesn’t let them” argument. LOL

One dog that they SHOULD add to that list is a Minature Doberman…Holy cow.  Talk about a whole lot of bite into a teeny little body.  My parents have one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her.  Such a sweetie…but only to people she knows and loves.  She is seriously the best guard dog ever!

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Bumble bee
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It doesnt surprise me that much… I know jack russell’s can be pretty nasty, chihuahua’s, well, I think it would be more of a fear type of biter because they’re so small and kids often torment them.  But, like others have said, a large dog is going to do a lot of damage if it happens.

I think it’s sad that breeds are getting banned… I dont think the problem is with the breed, but moreso the types of people and WHY they choose those specific breeds, and then dont socialize them well, etc.  Also, it really depends where these people are getting their dogs.  If they’re bred properly, responsible breeders won’t breed a bad temperament, which can be genetic too.

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