As a Christian what would you do about these refugees?

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Deleted my reply! I realised what you were talking about!

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I would probably refer them to my local organization that helps refugees …. but if that’s full I guess we find them a barn and wait for three guys to come with gifts? 😂

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Well it’s pretty clear who you’re talking about here.

Honestly, I think it’s a little unfair to use the story of Christ’s life and compare it to the plight of refugees right now (as sort of a bait-and-switch of “ah-ha, gotcha, you wouldn’t support Christ!” or something along those lines).  We live in a different world where political violence and extremism hide in plain sight.  The Christian in me would love to take in every refugee child and give them a warm and loving home.  The Christian in me would love to provide housing, jobs, education, and safety for refugee parents all over the world.  However, the pragmatist in me, who has worked within the government in areas connected to this, understands that the simple act of being a refugee can be exploited and that not all people are honorable and good.

I support refugee charities and give assistance where I can.  That doesn’t mean I am also not skeptical of motives.  My work has taught me that healthy skepticism is necessary. 

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Supersleuth :  I guess I am confused 🤔 Are you saying that only Christains are showing a lack of compassion and concern for refugees? Because from where I am sitting it is pretty widespread and not just Christains. In fact if you look up Father Bower and the Gosford Anglican Church on facebook you will see just one of a large number of religious groups that support refugee rights (and a lot of other rights people like to say Christain are against).

Also Germany is predominantly Christain and they aren’t exactly shutting the barn doors so to speak.

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Yeah, I don’t see how you can justify simultaneously being Christian and anti-helping refugees from Muslim nations. The above poster’s line about “the christian in me” vs “the pragmatist in me” is telling. It’s been awhile since I read the bible, I admit, but point me to the passage that says “behave like a Christian until your pragmatic side tells you that might not be safe, in which case put yourself first!” ??

What would Jesus do? He would help anyone in need, no questions asked. He would not hesitate to risk his own life to help someone who might do him harm. Actually, that’s exactly what he did.

That said, there are more ways to help with the crisis in Syria and in other areas of the world than taking in a family of refugees. You can donate to a charity that is helping people on the ground in Aleppo, for example. Here is a good article about ways to help: 

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I give this thread 3 pages until, like all the others, it becomes uncivil and off track. 

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I don’t think you have to be a Christian to know that helping people is the right thing to do.  If love were a currency the world would be a much different place.  

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What is the going rate for myrrh these days?

If this is to prove what a good Christian you are, you can find a family very much like this one, so air out your guest room and get crackin’!


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j_jaye :  I agree. It’s not limited to being a “Christian” lack of compassion. In fact here in the states, the majority of organizations who are taking in the refugees (small as it is) are those which identify as Christian or Evangelical.

This isn’t a “Christian” problem- this is a general misinformation campaign to try and paint women and children who are vetted for almost 2 years as somehow unvetted and dangerous.

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Not a terribly sneaky “gotcha” hypothetical! I expected more subtlety from a supersleuth!

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Thanks for the lovely post, I hope more people will give it some thought <3 

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Supersleuth :  As a caveat, I work at an NGO that provides services to asylum seekers. I would probably try to communicate with them if I could and if not (and our office was open), I would probably take them to my work, with the hope that we had a suitable interpreter around to ask what kind of help they wanted. Depending on what they said, I would probably offer them advice on their options and then explain how to get the ball rolling, if I couldn’t take them to the appropriate location myself.


ETA: This is actually something I’ve done a number of times in the last 7 and a bit years that I’ve worked for my current organisation. Well, the donkey being involved might be a first…

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