(Closed) As a guest, what do you remember MOST about weddings?

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  • Wedding: July 2016

1. I always cry as couples read their vows.  I never remember the vows, but I remember how much I cry, lol.  

2. I remember the decor… not in detail, but I remember the over-arching “feel” of the wedding.  I do always remember string lights, funny enough.

3. I remember if the bar had a tip jar.  Wierd, I know, but the one wedding I’ve been to that had a tip jar made me really uncomfortable because I didn’t have any cash with me and felt bad about that.  

4. I remember the weather–but that’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just something I tend to remember when I think back on anything.

5. I remember the dancing, most of all.  My favorite weddings all had lots of dancing.

I never remember the food (I think I can vaguely remember the food at the weddings I’ve been to, but SO vague), I never remember the dress (even though I remember letting the bride know she’s stunning and sincerely meaning it), I barely remember anything about the ceremony.  

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  • Wedding: November 2014 - Figtree Resturant Byron Bay

Three things for me.

1. Food

2. Music

3. As little time as possible between the ceremony and reception. If you are going to have a 1-3+ hour break between the two you MUST have something to entertain your guests. There is nothing worse than being a guest and sitting down waiting ages for the bride and groom to return. Put food and drinks on if possible or at least just have something to entertain your guests otherwise you will be walking into a very flat and boring reception.

4. Speeches!! Please put a time limit on them!

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Blushing bee

The drinks, food and atmosphere, in that order. 

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  • Wedding: October 2016

OOO I love this question! This is how I’m basing my wedding off of. The last wedding my huge family had was 5 years ago. What did I remember? Her horrible directions (not her fault), the Dj, her awesome photo booth and the location. The rest I can’t remember. Even though us brides pick point every small detail, most guests won’t remember. 

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The general, happy atmosphere of the day mostly. I also tend to remember centrepieces if they prevented me from talking to people on my table by being ridiculously large and in the way lol. 

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  • Wedding: May 2009

What I remember most about weddings is the ceremony itself — the vows, the service, the music, how the couple look at each other, what emotions were exhibited, etc.

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MrsMeowton:  The best wedding I have ever been to had a unique venue, a lot of fun dancing, and good food. It was really memorable, and stood out among the cookie cutter weddings I had been to in the past.

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MrsMeowton:  I will remember either really good food or really bad food – obviously aim for the good but if you get something decent that just isn’t memorable that’s fine in my book too. I always remember the DJ or band and whether or not I had to pay for drinks (although I don’t care if it’s full open or just beer and wine). Big gaps time gaps between the ceremony and reception drive me nuts too. 

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  • Wedding: July 2015

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MrsMeowton:  Food, dj/dancing, and open bar.

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Definitely food and drink!

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The biggest issue I ever had was when my aunt’s wedding ran out of food. I know that she paid good money for each plate, but there simply wasn’t much to the meal! If there isn’t enough food, I can’t enjoy the evening because I’m still hungry! I also felt bad because then she didn’t have any cake leftover as all the guests demolished it in hunger. 🙁

I think that focusing on making sure that the guests are comfortable is probably the main concern- make sure they aren’t hungry, aren’t too hot/cold, etc. 

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Honey bee

When I go to a wedding I want 3 things: a. good food, b. good conversation, and c. good music.

a. I prefer plated. I don’t care if I don’t have multiple choices, I don’t eat that much. And my family keeps getting invited to weddings where the buffet consists of a roll, salad, starch dish, vegetable dish, and 2 meats. And since I don’t eat meat …

b. Sit me with the people I know, since I have to hold conversations with my tablemates, for 4 hours or so. And I can’t do it if the music is so loud, I think my brain might explode. I carry earplugs in my purse, when I attend weddings.

c. I’ll take a live band anyday, especially one in which the male singers have good voices, which can be a rarity. See b. about the volume.

I don’t drink alcohol, so I don’t care about that. My drink of choice is sugar-free ice tea, which is rarely at a bar. Instead I end up with a “bar coke,” which is brown but tastes like gingerale. They do it every time. P.S. I have a low tolerance for drunks and their posible bad behavior. At formal weddings I’ve seeen shouting matches, in the lobby, and one guy who said the F word four times in each sentence. Ear plugs please?

Guest comfort – a. I don’t want to have to walk all over creation. b. There should be enough restrooms readily available, and possibly private, for the event, if possible. I’ve shared restrooms with other events and there’s always some lady puking in one stall, and another crying and doesn’t want to come out. And then there was that camp wedding, with the toilets 50 yards downhill, from the barn. c. Seats for everyone for the ceremony and reception and adequate small tables during cocktail hour. d. A pleasant temperature is nice. I one tried to eat supper on a hot summer night in a barn. No windows were open, no fans = I felt half sick. I know cooling is an issue, with a lot of people as the last wedding I attended was on a hot/humid day, and the air conditioning couldn’t keep up. It was like that at my daughter’s wedding, too. UGH!



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  • Wedding: June 2016

I remember overall atmosphere and comfort. If I don’t get emotional at all during the ceremony, my whole experience seems to go downhill. But reception wise, as long as there’s been an attempt at serving decent food and an open bar, and the music isn’t insanely loud, I can usually find a way to have a good time. 

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For the most part, I really enjoy weddings regardless of the style, but I HATE waiting.  For example, an extremely long ceremony, long toasts (nobody cares about all the inside jokes,  a few are ok, but a speech I believe should be short and to the point.  A lot of stories and inside jokes are meant for cards), and huge gaps between ceremony and reception that are big enough to not be able to do anything else, but so short that you can’t really leave.

I have never had a terrible meal at a wedding, but I hardly remember the food.  It’s usually the music and the people/vibe I remember the most.  I really don’t enjoy formal weddings.

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