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capnhowdy609 :  I didn’t mean a bathroom attendant.  I meant the bathrooms will need tending to, dealt with. Toilet paper, hand towels & soap replenished, messes cleaned up, etc..  You can’t just have 100 guests let loose on a bathroom and never do a product & cleanliness check the whole night.  Staff is required to tend to the bathroom.  I assume that someone attended to the bathroom you used inside the home of the last wedding you went to.  

I don’t know how long your reception is, if it’s quite short then this requires less of the staffs time and attention, the longer it is & the more drinking the guests do the more maintenance will be needed.  It’s just a base you need to cover is all.  


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lifeisbeeutiful :  why would it need to be short?   I’ve never been to a wedding where you have food available the entire night.  

You set out the food to eat until it’s gone or until they serve coffee and dessert and then the dancing begins.

I don’t see why the OPs food choices have anything to do with the length of her reception.

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You haven’t mentioned how long your reception is.  Another bee mentioned that if people are drinking, the food is likely to disappear fast.  And people going through the line taking what would be considered a double or triple serving of wings or shrimp.

You might consider swapping some of the more expensive appetizers for cheaper in more quantity, or having serving staff not put everything put at once, to hopefully give everyone a fair chance at tasting things. 

You know your crowd best, of course.  But I have been to weddings where I was among the last of the guests to hit the buffet line and pickings were slim/quantities of several items had run out.

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For 150 ppl I think this sounds like a totally fine amount of food.  I do think cutting down variety a TAD and getting even more wings, say, may be smart. I’d easily take 3 wings not realizing I’ve gone way over my fair share.  Or, since you said you’re way under budget, just put the rest of that budget to the cheaper stuff basically to ensure everyone eats.

I agree with pps you may benefit from a third server.. just having been a waitress I can tell you one person bussing for 75 people is a lot.  People go through quite a few plates each at buffets and of course ppl will also put down their empty glasses.  This is also assuming all the food will be put out all at once and neither server will ever need to bring out more food to restock the platters at all.

If you are bringing everything out at once I’d try to separate the food tables in to at least 3 separate tables, preferably 5+ (that’s still up to 30 ppl standing at each table!). just eases up any crowding issues.  

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Also, who is coordinating all these deliveries?  Food alone has 6-8 different vendors, plus a band, plus beverages, and maybe party rentals (don’t know enough about venue) but this needs a loading dock schedule.  The more I think about this the more it seems like it might not be a good idea.  But again, it’s without knowing much about the venue or how much coordination, management & staff it might offer.  

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Sounds like plenty of food OP, I would eat the crap out of those wings haha.. I don’t think whether you eat it standing up or sitting down matters. I’ve been to plenty of cocktail style receptions (with canapés plus substantial sized dishes), I like it better than sit down. Just have lots of seating around.


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sharpshooter :  people will get hungry. A 2-3 hour reception with light tapas menu is fine but if you’re talking a 5-midnight or later reception,there is not enough food to sustain dancing,drinking adults. Make sense?

Also, from a health and safety standpoint, I shudder at the thought of sushi and other tapas meat plates being kept out for a long reception.

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I love being able to try lots of little plates/tapas foods. Sounds like a great idea and delicious (except for the Budweiser as he beer haha 🙂 )

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Definitely have more servers than 2. Food options look good but be clear with your guests beforehand because some may want to eat a meal at home first.  

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I think that’s perfectly fine, but then again I don’t adhere to the pleasing your guests frame of mind. I’m putting on a spread for them while they come to celebrate my wedding. I think any guest who complains that that is not good enough is a rude guest and not that what youve put on isn’t good enough. 

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I think this sounds lush!! Sounds pike plenty of food. I’d have to agree to “adult” non-alcoholic drinks, enough plates and napkins available.

Have an amazing wedding!!

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The quantity sounds fine to me, but, even as a sushi lover, I’d run far from a buffet of sushi.  There’s just too much that can go wrong with raw fish sitting out, particularly if no one is fully paying attention to temperature. 

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As a vegetarian I’d be disappointed with that selection – so unless you’re 100% sure your ex’s wife is the only one, please do consider that you may have some guests who are vegetarian/vegan or have various food allergies/intolerances.  I also think a lot of the flavours/styles don’t really fit together and would echo the concerns about sushi etc.

I also second the point about servers to CLEAR tables and keep the buffet stocked up.  You may get a better deal that’s a lot easier to coordinate by using a caterer rather than multiple sources.

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I actually think this sounds wonderful! I would suggest, though, some thought as to how the buffet tables are set up. Do you plan to do one long table? Or, stations around the room (I know you are using chill tables for the cold items, but where/how will you have them set up?)? I went to an expensive wedding, with wonderful food, but it was buffet style- with servers at stations- and the line to get through it was awful. The first tables were long done while other tables still had yet to get through the line for food. I’m not a buffet person (but, husband LOVES buffets), but the lines drive me more nuts than anything. In particular, for some reason, buffets seem to frequently be set up for people to line up along one side of the table only. I would suggest that you have tables set up so that it is easy for people to access food from both sides of the table- have stacks of plates set up for both sides, put serving utensils on each side of the dish, etc. You may want to break the tables up as well, so there is not just one long line- for example, separate salad table, separate table for pizza, etc. I would focus on it being easy to access for people. If you have any elderly relatives or people who may have difficulty standing in line for food, I’d have someone lined up ahead of time to assist them.

As for the food choices, you know your crowd best. Sushi is a great option for many people, but not for all; same with wings, etc. I personally think you have enough food that there are options for everyone- I’d be pretty happy with pizza! I would have some vegetarian options (cheese pizza, vegetable egg rolls, etc.). I’d also try to find out if anyone is vegan- and, I’d provide for that as well. We actually had to accommodate a variety of dietary issues (allergies to peppers, peanuts, tree nuts, diary, vegetarian, celiac- and several, “I don’t really care for that- can I have this instead?”- bless our caterer!!)- we knew about some of those ahead of time, but did not realize how many issues there would be until we had people RSVP.

I think that given the amount of set up and clean up, you may not have enough help. That might be worth considering, as you need people to keep the buffet and drinks fully stocked, to restock food and utensils, napkins, etc., but should also have people clearing plates, picking up trash, etc. I think even two more staff may help to keep things clean and neat- and you will have less to worry about.

Enjoy! I think this sounds great!


If I was going to increase anything, it might be the PF Chang appetizer platter. I can easily see people taking more than three of those items and you potentially running out before everyone gets to it. I would also make sure there are tables with seating for everyone.

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 I kinda like the idea…in theory…but it’s hard to see how it will work in terms of coordination and safely serving etc. Also…how much is this costing? It doesn’t seem like it would be much cheaper than a caterer.

Ps.I love the idea of Taco Bell catering. But I’m one of the weirdos who loved Taco Bell when I had it in the US!!

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