As a guest-would you be satisfied?

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Buzzing bee

Sure, it’s 20-25 pieces per person assuming all your guests love raw fish and raw beef and fried foods.   If someone doesn’t eat these things, I guess they’ll be eating 25 servings from the cheese plate or something.  

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Helper bee

that’s a lot of food, it sounds great! I would probably add another beer choice and nix the jello shots though

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Bumble bee
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capnhowdy609 :  I think you should double the order for wings. 

Otherwise, looks fine.

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capnhowdy609 :  Do you really want to serve wings at your wedding? they are so messy. I would see if you could do tenders instead. I love wings but the last thing I want to eat when I get dressed up for a wedding is a finger food that spatters and makes a mess

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capnhowdy609 :  Did I miss it, or have you still not answered what time your reception is at?

The Bees have given you a LOT of good advice, which it seems you are choosing to ignore.  I think the general consensus is that this is not enough food, you don’t have enough seating, and you don’t have enough staff to clean and serve.  You have gotten suggestions on maybe what to eliminate (ie sushi) and what to get more of (wings).  I have no problem with the idea of an appetizers only reception, but only if it is not during meal time.  Of all the weddings I have been to where people have complained and/or left early, not having enough food was the common denominator.

No one is saying go into debt for a party.  But if you’re going to host, do so properly.

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sunnierdaysahead2 :  I think the OP hasn’t answered the “what time” question because she is not interested in advice about whether or not to go with the appy style reception. She posed the question of, whether at this style of reception, this is enough food for guests to be satisfied and that is the question she wants an answer to. I can see how it may be frustrating for OP to have this entire thread to have basically turned into people telling her whether or not to do the type of reception she is planning, when that’s not what she asked. I feel kind of bad, because I jumped in on that as well.

OP – do the reception that you want to do. I’m sorry if it feels like everyone is jumping on you about it. With regard to the question of “is it enough food?”, I *do* think that depends a little bit on what time it runs from and until, as I’ve mentioned before. If it’s a 3-4 hour reception that takes place an hour or two after the ceremony, leaving people time to get dinner in between if they wish, then I absolutely to think this is enough food. If it’s essentially in place of a dinner, I would consider scaling back on the variety and upping the amounts of the more hearty/filling stuff like wings and pizza (unless your crowd is a big seafood crowd, then maybe you want to up the sushi – you know them, we don’t).

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Helper bee
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More than enough food.  It all sounds delicious just make sure the sushi and crab and shrimp cocktail are super cold and that the cheesesteak and pizza are hot!  No one likes those dishes at the wrong temp.  Is there anyway they can stagger the replenishment so that they are not kept in warmers, but kept in a oven until it’s time to serve? 

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I haven’t read through all the pages of this thread yet, so forgive me if I’m repeating something that has essentially already been said… but you had me at wings and guacamole.  I’d be so happy at your wedding.

Honestly, if it fits the “feel” of the wedding, then it’s perfect!  You called it a “very laid-back casual wedding” – I think if you were having a very formal reception in a huge glitzy ballroom and had this menu, it might be a bit off-putting.  But if the entire wedding is laid-back, this is perfect!  Enjoy it!

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The food sound delicious and as a guest attending a hors d’oeuvre reception, yes I’ll be satisfied. Only thing I’d take note of is to make sure the sushi stays cool (not sure if you’re  having an outdoor or indoor venue) or else it’ll be easy for stomach bugs to surface!

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Busy bee

capnhowdy609 :  Hi OP.  You mentioned that you feel your guests generally like this type of food so it is mostly to their taste..

As a bit of a fussy eater I would see myself a bit hungry.  I am not vegetarian and granted, most people who are not veggie probably do, but I don’t eat chicken or seafood.

i would be relying on pizza to be honest…and because pizza is more filling and satisfying than all the other little plates I would see that being snapped up fast – with people probably taking more than their share. This would also def happen with the wings (which just aren’t filling).

i would nix the sushi (it’s just a bit too weird and doesn’t really go with the rest of the options in my view) and up the pizza and some more beef/pork dishes like beef skewers/kebabs, sausages etc.

I also think you need more cheap fillers like jacket potatoes, rice or pasta or potato salads, garlic bread, bread rolls etc. These are cheap to provide but can be made to look good with some vegetables /cheese added and are tasty and to be honest people tend to gorge on these types of things which fill them up more than little nibble plates of meat (and definitely sushi).

From a fussy eater with a big appetite I hope this is insightful!

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