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This is up to each breastfeeding “couple”. The WHO says that breastfeeding exclusively for six months and then on demand up to 24 months is best, but plenty of people have continued past 24 months. It is never BAD for a baby, so when and if he starts wanting something else (solid food), then it is best to start cutting back, but until then don’t let anyone else decide.

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Global average is about 4 years. I know of people who breastfed for that long (or close to it). I know others who stopped as soon as their child reached 3 months, 6 months or a year. As PP said, it’s up to you and your family. I breastfed my first until he was almost 2.5 (although in the later months it was primarily for comfort when he was upset and when he was going to sleep). I don’t think I’d go that long for a second child.

The nice thing about nursing so long, though, was that he was able to understand a bit better when I told him that we were stopping and he was able to ask for (and receive) reassurance that he would still get plenty of cuddles and snuggles even without the breastfeeding.

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Honestly I think it’s whatever works for you two. My son is just over a year and still going. We are at a point where I’m sort of hoping he loses interest soon (feeling like maybe it’s the reason I keep getting colds that last forever, and it’s difficult to feed before work now that I’ve gone back), but I’m willing to keep going for now. I know people who still nurse their child occasionally over 2 years old. I think as long as your son is eating enough solid food to get the nutrition he needs and grow appropriately then it’s really just what you want. Lots of people want their body/freedom back, or their child just quits nursing, if you are both still happy then keep going. If you want to stop then that is totally justified too! 

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I agree with PPs and say go as long as you want to. The WHO recommends breastfeeding at least until 2 so if that’s a possibility for you then go for it.

I’m currently breastfeeding as well, my DS is 6 months old and I’m planning to see how weaning goes. We’ve just started solids but I know that breastmilk (or formula) needs to be their primary food source until they’re a year old. 

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I originally planned on doing baby led weaning but when my son was 1.5 I became pregnant and ended up in the hospital with a lot of drugs so he went without for a week. When I came back home he tried to nurse once and then just stopped. 

It really just depends on you and your family.

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Stop when you both want. Though my personal limit is when they are able to ask for it. 

I stopped with my son at 13 months because I wanted to get pregnant again. My daughter is turning 5 months now and I plan to do at least the same. 

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motherbee33 :  

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Bf’ing is a partnership so you stop when it’s no longer working for one of you.

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Twizbe :  same here. when they can ask me for the boob is when I’m going to stop // around 1yr.

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We are nearing the 8 month mark and still EBF, with no signs of slowing down. We introduced solids two months ago but she’s still not really into it, definitely getting most of her calories through nursing, and still nursing 8-9 times per day. As to when we’ll stop, I really have no idea. My only goal was to make it to 12 months, beyond that it’s all gravy. I could see us carrying on well past 12 months in theory (maybe just with one session before bed), but it’s also possible I’ll feel like I want to stop, or my baby will want to wean…who knows. Just gonna go with the flow.

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I was exclusive pumping so I stopped at 14 months.  Once she was happily drinking something else from a cup, it seemed pointless to continue.  I didn’t have the comfort/bonding factor to consider.

I have a friend who is still breastfeeding her 5 year old.  Honestly, I think she is weird but whatever.  She posts photos of herself doing it on social media to “normalize” it.  To each their own, I guess.  It isn’t hurting me so I don’t really care, and it isn’t my business.  But I personally am not really a fan, and would absolutely not.  My daughter is about to turn 3 and I couldn’t imagine breastfeeding her now.  I think 2 would probably be around my personal limit.  But do whatever works for you and your kid.  It doesn’t really matter what other people think.  (I do feel like it may set a kid up for bullying to post photos of them breastfeeding at 5, so maybe don’t do that though…)

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I believe the recommendation is up to 2 yrs, past that there’s been no proven nutritional benefit…most people who continue afterwards do so for comfort/bonding reasons.

I cut my baby down to 2 feedings a day around 12 mos, and then she self-weaned soon after. I was planning to wait until 18 mos to wean but she had other plans, apparently. Tbh I’m really glad it ended when it did…LO is 18 mos now and I can’t really imagine still bfing her, as active as she is. There was a brief mourning period right afer weaning, but now it feels great to have my body back.

My neice was bf’d until 3. Can’t say I envied her mother when she’d have to deal with tantrums over it…I feel the earlier you wean, the easier it’ll be, but it probably depends on the child. 

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Are you asking when to stop breastfeeding entirely or just when to stop doing it in public?

While both answers are it’s totally up to you, on the public aspect: most moms I know who have breastfed after 18 months were only doing morning/night feedings and didn’t need to do it outside the home.

As for me, I stopped EPing at 15 months. 

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I breastfed until my son was 19 months and I initiated weaning because I was 20+ weeks pregnant and wanted a few months off before the crazy clusterfeeding newborn days. I also had no interest in tandem feeding. We had been down to only nursing before bed for a couple months so it wasn’t too difficult of a transition for DS. I’d say it was harder on me because I was sad our breastfeeding journey was coming to an end! 

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When your child wants to stop then stop. Breastfeeding is a comfort and bonding time at that age m, they are getting nutrients from food 

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