(Closed) ASHA or Moissanite! Need hep/advice! (kinda long, sorry)

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@LilliePad:  I think your best bet would be to get an asha for now and replace it with the Amora Gem in a few years.

I do not have an asha or a moissy, but the moissys I have seen do not look like diamonds to my eyes. There are some I’ve seen from pics that do look more “diamond like” than others. But, bottom line is that the Asha looks and behaves much more like a diamond than a moissanite does. 

As far as how long an asha will last, it depends on how hard you are on your ring, CZ’s are softer stones, but they are not glass, if you clean it and are careful it can look great for 5+ years. I am brutal with jewellery, and I have had some cheap CZs last me more than 5 years so really it depends. The nice thing is that it would be inexpensive to replace it should anything happen to it. 

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Moissanite is a gorgeous gemstone but it doesn’t behave like a diamond at all- when I hold my moissanite pendant in the sunlight it throws off long rainbow sparks while the tiny diamonds in my grandmother’s ring gives of short white sparkles. 

If you really really want something that looks like a diamond, go with an Asha. 

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Honestly, the asha should last you a couple years. Also, if you order a single stone just to look at it (to make up your mind) there is no restocking fee when you return it. I’ve never seen one in person either but I have seen a moissy. The moissy isn’t terribly different than a diamond (the cut gave it away for me) but if you want diamond-like I would go the asha route then upgrade to the Amora. And, realistically, you’ll only have to wait a couple years for it to come out so you’ll be absolutely fine with the asha.


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I saw a moissy in person a long time ago (like at least 10 years ago) and I personally did not care for it because it had a greenish hue, and this was under the perfect jewelry store lights.  I obviously haven’t seen one lately but I have a hard time telling by the photos that the moissy owners have posted on this forum that it is not a diamond.

I have 2 Asha stones.  A round 7mm one that I purchased way back in 2001 or 2002 and a princess one (that I believe is also 7mm) that I purchased around 2004 or 2005 (sorry I don’t remember the exact dates!)  I’m sorry I don’t have any recent pics for you, but I find the princess one to be much more diamond-like than the round one.  I have a real round 7mm diamond to compare them to.  The round Asha is not as crisp as the real diamond and it shows more flashes of white light than colored light.  The princess shows more colored flashes but I think it is supposed to be an H color where the round is an F color.

I can obviously tell the difference with them side by side, but no one has ever questioned them, even jewelers.  I find they do get a little dirtier quicker than my real diamond but they clean up very easily with a little Dawn dish soap.

I think you would be fine with an Asha.

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I highly recommend a moissanite!

We originally ordered a square brilliant amora and I hated it because it didn’t look like a true princess cut. We sent it back for a cushion cut and HOLY MOLY! this stone is gorgeous. It’s a forever brilliant because Amoras are sold out for now and I am in love with my stone and would never trade it back for the amora.

I have a round 1ct diamond from my first marriage and my moissanite is so much sparklier,has more life and is just prettier. It really is a little fireball. You really cannot tell it’s not a diamond so your SO doesn’t have to worry.

I’ve never seen an Asha in person so I can’t comment on that but I went with moissanite because it’s a forever stone vs a temporary stone.

(my poor baby is just sitting in the box waiting for my SO to propose. ugh, I can’t wait to put it on my finger and never take it off).

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I think your plan is excellent – get the asha!! I have one and it is so diamondlike… the only downside (if you could even call it that) is that it is so high quality and diamondlike that it will look better than the majority of real diamonds out there – your average small, J color, I1 clarity ones with poor to good cut. But if you can afford a diamond of the calibre you’re planning on buying an asha to mimic, no one will question it. Ashas are VS1 and start at a D color, with perfect ideal H&A cut. I got my centerstone in an H color to cut down on the blinding whiteness, and it is the most beautiful stone, diamond or not, I have ever seen in my life. Fiance and I went to private schools with trust fund babies (which we’re FAR from) and now live in a very swanky part of DC with young, urban professionals who wear rings bigger and better than mine, and I have no doubt they’re diamonds. What I’m saying is that if you are living the kind of lifestyle that has diamonds like the ashas, you’ll be fine. That would be harder to do if you both make $15k a year and live in Oklahoma or something.

As for longevity, people say that they’ll last anywhere from 3-7 years or more. The problem is that I think they’re on version 6 or 7 of the coating and core now, improving it each time, so people who have had ashas the longest have the previous and less strong coatings. I have had mine for a year, and I am hard on my hands. I dropped it on tile, concrete, wood, and stone floors, I’ve bashed my hands into countless surfaces. I looked at it with a loupe about a month ago, and couldn’t find a single scratch, chip, abbraison, anything. It is still as white and flawless as the day I got it.

I fully intended to wear mine for about 5 years, at which point I’ll upgrade to the Amora gem, which is a hearts and arrows cut, H color moissanite.

I would recommend them to anyone! Especially those who are interested in “passing it off” as a diamond. Check out the Asha boards, you’ll find tons of info and pictures: http://betterthandiamond.com/discussion/ubbthreads.php/forums/61/1/Asha_Forum

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Personally, even though Moissy isn’t quite as similar to a diamond as Asha, I would still go with Moissy. It’s more durable, it will keep you from having to purchase another stone in the future, and it will be beautiful. Asha is cut more like a diamond and will give the same effect, but it just doesn’t last as long.


I’ve heard of some Moissy owners saying their stone has “too much fire.” That could possibly be a giveaway that it’s not a diamond, but let’s be honest here. Most people haven’t done extensive research comparing the two. You’ll know the difference because you’ve looked, but they probably won’t. They’ll see a sparkly, white stone and assume it’s a diamond. 🙂


Both are beautiful stones. And I think it’s perfectly fine to pass a CZ or Moissy as a diamond. You get a beautiful stone, and you’re fiance’s bank account isn’t crying because of it. Plus, explaining what Asha and Moissy is can get exhausting. I have a ring of each (not e-rings) and tried telling people what they were and it was just tiring after a while. Do it to it, girl! And happy waiting! (I’m a waiting bee, also!)

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If you want it to be believable as a diamond, I would get an asha. I’ve seen moissanite numerous times IRL and I can always tell. Now, I know more than your average person will about stones, so most people would probably be fooled. If you really want it to be passable though, I would go with an asha. 

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Would you consider an OEC moissanite? From what I’ve read on the BTD boards and the boards here that cut is one of the more “diamond-like” options for moissy. If not, when you’re on the BTD boards if you go to the top right hand corner (after you make an account that is) you can search for key words like “asha longevity”, that should help you pull up a few more threads. 

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I have a 1.25 round moissanite that has the original enhancement (before Forever Brilliant and the Amora enhancements). Everybody assumes it’s a diamond unless I state otherwise. Considering the size you’re going for and the understated setting, I doubt anyone will be suspicious. My vote is for moissy! I love mine! 🙂

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I’d go with Asha if you think you’d want to upgrade to the amora gem.  Or, order 1 of each to compare.  I generally think most people don’t know what asha or moissy is and assume engagement rings are diamonds, so you’ld probably be fine with either. 

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I havd an asha center stone that is about 7 mos old now.  From other asha owners experience on Btd.com on average asha can last for 3-5 years although I owner reported 9 yrs before damage was visible to the naked eye.  Personally I plan to replace my asha with an Amora Gem when they are available.  Here is a pic of my asha which is in a diamond setting.


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