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I’ve been a member of WB for nearly three years now, and I must say that this scenario trumps all other posts I think I’ve ever seen of its kind. I am still shaking my head that someone you barely know actually had the audacity to ask this of you.

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Wow. I just … wow.


This thread officially wins the Craziest/Most Demanding Bridezilla Of All, Shower Planning Edition award. OP, I think you handled it in a way that was very classy while still being honest! I’m not sure I could’ve restrained myself …

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That bride is completely unreasonable- that is the rudest request I have ever read on this site!! Wow OP, you are a nicer person than I am!! I think you handled it very gracefully, and if you choose to reply, just reiterate that you are not available.

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This girl is crazy.  I would just simply reply that you aren’t available and wish her the best of luck with her wedding.

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Wow. Amazing.

I can’t decide between PPs suggestions of:

1. Sending her an itemized list of wht you would charge her, or

2. Clarifying that she wants you (non-invited) to organize and pay for a party for her, a stranger (Then send her 100 laughing icons and write “Nice try, princess. No way in hell.”)

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That’s probably the most insane thing I’ve ever seen here. Some people are just insane.

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To be honest, I would not even give her the courtesy of following  up on her second message. At this point,  I would just ignore her. 

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“Lol, no.”

OP, can you update us? What did you say back?

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You shouldn’t feel bad at all.  From what you told us she would have found someone else to “ruin her life” if you had said yes.  She brought this all on herself and continued to make it worse for herself.  She sounds immature, manipulative and incredibley selfish; I’m sure the groom would have figured that out sooner or later.  Forget the bitch and just move on because she never deserved any of your time. 

P.S. Hope you have fun dress shopping, it’s always such a fun experience 🙂

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Holy hell, that is ridiculous. I know it’s hard not to let it get to you, but even her GROOM thought she was in the wrong, so move on and never waste another moment of thought about this girl, who is seriously unhinged.

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loneranger13:  I think we just found the reason she has no one to throw her a bridal shower…

The biggest thing to take away from this, even though it sucks that she screamed at you and made a scene is that YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. If anyone ruined her “happily ever after”, it’s her, NOT you!

I also think you have a great bunch of siblings by the way and I think you should say something to the folks just so they aren’t blind-sided should the bride decide to bring them into this as well… and considering how very classy this bride is, I would not put it past her.

Hang in there!

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Wow! That sure took a dramatic turn. Talk about escalating quickly!<br /><br />I know you’re probably feeling all kinds of wrong right now, but this wasn’t your fault. You did nothing wrong. In fact, I think you handled everything as best as you could (much better than the average person), especially given how self-centred this bride is. Try to forget about it as much as you can (easier said than done, I know, especially if emotions are still a  bit high) and don’t blame yourself. She brought all this on herself. It’s maybe good that the groom is finding this out now…<br /><br />Also, your brothers sound awesome! You must have a great family 🙂 Your eldest one, the best man, may have to support the groom in a slightly different way given that he (the groom) is only now seeing the bride’s true colours (and seems quite shocked by it). I would say this whole thing has been one big learning curve, not for you, but for the bride and groom. <br /><br />Like the PP said above me, have fun next weekend dress shopping, and try not to think about the crazy bride. In the future, hopefully you and brothers can laugh about the bizarity of it all, but it’ll probably be a bit raw for the time being.<br /><br />Good luck, OP!

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Honey, stop feeling bad about things! You didn’t promise her anything. No one ruined anything but her. And you can’t help it if some batshit crazy biatch lost her rag because you didn’t want to be her unpaid domestic servant for a day. I promise you, this is going to seem absolutely hilarious in a few months.

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loneranger13:  One, don’t even think you should feel guilt at all. I’m not even sure what level crazy this bride is at, but it’s an all time high. She has absolutely no class and is rude as shit. Why would you say yes to someone you barely know? I’m truly sorry you had to go through all of that-it’s insanely ridiculous and I don’t even know what to do. Let your brother make his own decision as I’m sure he’s in shock too! Here’s my suggestion-go about your business as you were doing before and completely ignore this crazy ass bride. She is making herself look like a complete fucking idiot-let her do it and stay uninvolved like you’ve been trying to do. Good luck. 

ETA: If the groom didn’t know she was crazy before, he does now. Oh…and this bride deserves the biggest bitch slap of all time. Have fun dress shopping with your friend-she is the one who deserves your attention and support, not crazy bride. 

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