(Closed) Assumption: Medical School = nurse?

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It’s a combination of cultural sexism and ignorance about the fields in question. Which is to say +1, you’re totally right, rock on with your bad stuff and good luck with your program!

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@CrazyCatLady13:  Honey again you are taking it completly wrong. I am going to ask you do the people who are asking you know that you owe so much money from school fees?They dont seem to know in what school you are. Why would they know that you are in debt?If you werent in so much debt would you make a different a choice? Would you stay at home if your debt was paid for?

The point is not the reason why you decide to work or not. The point that it is your choice to get offended. You will be a lot happier if you just decide to enjoy being asked and if you enjoy just awnsering the questions.

People ask because they are interested not to judge you or make decisions on how you live your life.

And it is not a sexist question to ask if you are going to be staying at home. The statistics still tell that women stay at home instead of men. For instance in England less than 10% of men. It is just a general asumption.

I am Mexican with very white parents and when people ask me my origins…they assume I am arab….do I get offended? or do I laugh? Just because my skin is a little tan and I have dark hair…how dare they think I am arab….

It is up to you. Make the smart choice and enjoy.

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@CrazyCatLady13:  That’s odd.. I definitely associate medical school with doctors/dentists etc.

When I was in school (and even after) and I said I was doing my BA in English, someone asked me if I was going to be a secretary. That one really annoyed me. Granted, he was older and a hard working tradesperson type… but still. I also got plenty of “what are you going to do with that?” comments as well throughout school. Luckily I did get a good, well paying job. While it isn’t my passion, I don’t think anything that is actually linked to my degree is my passion lol. That’s ok, though. Passions on the side!

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@bbfyso:  I think the point is that you acknowledge that, maybe, you look a little arab.  Good for you for being comfortable with that.  But OP does not LOOK like a nurse, nor does she LOOK like a Stay-At-Home Mom.  She looks like a woman, and, in NO place, or time, does, or has, “medica school” meant nursing.  This is a gender bias in our culture.  No question.

Don’t play that “it’s just the statistics” rubbish.  In 2002, 25% of doctors in the US were women.  One in four.  For the 2002-2003 school year, 49% of applicants were women. (source: http://www.ama-assn.org/resources/doc/wpc/wimtimeline.pdf) And that was 10 years ago.

I’m honestly the least concerned person with political correctness.  It drives me nuts how touchy we get over nothing.  And I personally think that, we’ll know we’ve had success when two things happen:

(1) A bunch of guys who are close friends can sit around giving each other crap about being black or gay, the same way we currently do about being fat, tall, short, blonde, or pretty much any minority other than those two. And,
(2) A guy on a construction site can say ‘guys, I have something important to tell all of you… I’m gay!” and the only response is “that’s cool, Gary, but I’m doing the lunch run – what kind of sandwich do you want?”

But, Honey, stop making excuses for people who are actively saying “oh but you don’t mean you’ll be a doctor, right?” when she says Medical School, which means earning an MD, and nothing else.


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@bbfyso:  You went to an Ivy league school? And obtained a degree from there as well? Interesting. 


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@CrazyCatLady13:  I guess it’s just societal “norms” and traditional gender roles at play. A lot of progress has been made, but not all barriers have been broken down. I wouldn’t worry about it. Those important to your life know what’s going on and that’s all that matters.

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@bbfyso:  People used to tell women to go to school so they can have a choice. A choice to either work or stay at home. Soooooo

Sorry, but that statement is wrong. Not all women have a choice, so to make that kind of statement about women is not very logical and actually quite flawed. Not every woman is “lucky” enough (I say lucky b/c not every woman wants to rely on a man for money) to have a husband who makes enough to support the two of them + family. When I graduated college, I wasn’t given two paths – Path #1 – Build up a career OR Path #2 – Give up everything and marry man with money. I was pretty much forced to pick Path #1 b/c you know, I kind of like having a roof over my head and food to eat. Just life, right? I doubt the majority of women on these boards were given that choice either.
OP – I apologize for going off-topic, but quite frankly, I’m tired of walking on eggshells when it comes to protecting SAHMs while career women get trashed all the time and no one cares. I understand your frustration re: medical school being confused with nursing. I went into accounting for undergrad and in tax for grad, so there really isn’t much gender confusion there. However, I’ve had to hear a couple “So did you meet your husband yet?” comments about my being in school and frankly, that was enough for me.

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@CrazyCatLady13:  When asked what I do I always say “I work in healthcare” I get everything from “Oh your a doctor!” to distasteful looks and “Oh your an ass wiper”.  First of all no, I’m a nurse.  I do not have the patience nor time right now to go to med school.  Someday I hope to be able to do this but its not in the cards right now.  Secondly a CNA is not an “ass wiper” I was a CNA for many years in high school and through college while working my way through schooling.  Its a hard job that is under appreciated.  Thirdly I’m actually a scheduling nurse, which means I sit at a desk all day long and talk on the phone to patients and doctors office to schedule patients for various tests and give them the appropriate prep.  Its tiring, under appreciated, stressful but I love it.

Because I schedule and because our radiologists here like to come up with new tests for us to schedule for patients and because I work closely with the dept that builds said tests in our system for me to schedule I subscribe to a medical journal so I can try to keep up to date on whats new.  I have one journal that addresses me as DR.  I have another that thinks I’m a nurse practictioner and another who thinks I’m a radiologist.  Its funny to me to see different (incorrect) titles in the address box.  I have my BSN, nothing more, nothing less…unless you count my Bachelors in HR that I got before going to nursing school.

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People said the same to me about nursing when I was in medical school and now that I’m out practicing I am ALWAYS a nurse practitioner. Is there anything wrong with being an NP? Of course not. It’s people just automatically assuming I’m an NP that bugs the crap out of me.

Yesterday a woman came in and the very first thing she said to me was “You’re Dr. X? OH MY GOD YOU’RE A TEENY BOPPER!!!!” And then she proceeded to exclaim how I was a teeny bopper to EVERY member of my staff. My nurse had to calm me down. I am told I look young on a daily basis, but I’m sorry…. that was one of the rudest things I’ve ever heard. Sorry, a little off topic, but it bugs me about as much as people’s eyes bulging out of their heads when they hear I’m a doctor, not an NP because I’m a young female. Yeah, I’m a girl. I can be a doctor. Why is this such a hard thing for people to realize?


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@mixtapehearts: Hi.  You may not have meant it that way, but when I read your post it seems like you are perhaps being snarky by suggesting the poster couldn’t possibly hold her views plus go to an Ivy League school.  (For the record, I know people who went to my Ivy League undergrad and grad schools and are Stay-At-Home Mom.  Not many, but a few.)  Perhaps you could edit your poster to clarify it so others don’t get the wrong impression? 


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@kay01:  That’s not what I meant, what I meant is what I said. It was a simple question, I don’t feel the need to re word it because someone has decided to read into something that is not there. 

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I don’t think it’s a sexist thing, I think it’s a dumb person thing.

This is pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme of life and definitely not something to be so offended about. Just correct them and move on.  Who cares if someone thinks you’re a nurse instead of a doctor? To me that implies you think you are “better than” nurses and are all uppity about being called what you are.  I get it’s nice to be recognized correctly but it really isn’t the biggest issue going for ya.

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It sounds like you don’t want to be a doctor, or maybe even work, is that part of the problem? I don’t see why you would care if people asked if you were going to be a nurse, you just say “No, I’m going to be a medical doctor.” 

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@CrazyCatLady13:  i’d be pissed. i’m in law school and if someone was like ‘oh cool – you’re going to be a paralegal’ i’d be annoyed. again, there’s nothing wrong with being a paralegal/dental assitant/nurse (far from it!) but wtf dude, i JUST said i’m in law school. 

it’s like a subtle dig that they think you’re somehow faking your schooling – like they think that you’re in nursing but that you’re trying to ‘get away with’ saying med school. it’s ridiculous. 



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I am one of very few woman in a highly technical, predominantly male-based field.  I know my stuff and I’m good at it.  I don’t care what anyone thinks I do for a living.  The company I work for knows my job, trusts me, and pays me accordingly.  Joe Blow on the street can remain clueless and I’m fine with it.  🙂 

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