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@MrsPanda99:  I myself am also a big fan of vodka! I didn’t know you were russian and canadian, how cool!

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@weddingbound:  I love that you have an accent!!!


i live in upstate NY and everyone thinks I’m a hick…


Which is kinda true.


I also teach high school Spanish so everyone thinks I’m crazy and weird. True.

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@lealorali:  Awww thank you honey in my southern accent and all!

Dang is that where you live? That is beautiful!!!

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Most of the time I wear an enormous pair of glasses with thick tortoiseshell frames, and as a result people tend to assume I am a hipster. It’s been less of an issue since I grew out my bangs, but still. It’s funny because I am not, like at all. I listen to country music almost exclusively! My bicycle doesn’t even have air in the tires! I rarely bother to check if the vegetables I’m buying are organic! I’m pretty sure my engagement ring was not ethically sourced! Oh well…at least I appear to fit in in ultra-hipstery San Francisco.


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That because I don’t have a strong Scottish accent, I must be English. I’ve had more than one person at my work ask me if I’m English. I’m from the south of Scotland, quite close to England actually, so that might have something to do with it, and my dad is Welsh, so I think I have a little bit of a Welsh twang. I’ve also heard of a customer who called up once (I work in customer service for a large supermarket chain) saying that Scottish people can’t speak properly! My manager asked me to call her back to resolve her issue since I’m quite clearly spoken. I made sure to strengthen the Scottish accent when I spoke to her and she understood me just fine!

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-that I don’t eat a lot because I’m super petite (5’4″ and about 100lbs), when in reality I eat like a horse 


-that I wear extensions. My hair is thick, down to my butt, and has a natural wave. I do NOT believe in extensions lol


-that I’m a bitch. I definitely suffer from Bitchy Resting Face, but I also have my moments. The best part of this is that I work in hospitality so my friends wonder how I got this job because apparently when I’m not interacting with people, I look reeeeaally unapproachable 😛


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That I eat every fucking thing that isn’t nailed down, and some things that are. That I don’t give a fuck about my body. 

I was quite small when I got pregnant. A pregnancy, after 35, which included months of bedrest, and a c-section recovery screwed up my body, but good. Eat???  I wish I still knew what that was.  These assumptions hurt like hell. I work on my body ever day, and have lost weight, but not nealy enough.  Damn, it hurts!  

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People assume that I am younger than I am, and give me a lot of advice for ~as I start off into this big grown up world.~ It’s usually meant with kindness, so I just let them go off an a ramble about the virtue of hard work and don’t feel like you have to settle down too fast, and don’t go into debt or spend all your focus on what other people think of you and such.

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Girls think Im out to get thier man.  ugh…. Honestly just cause I know how to do my makeup to make my face look awesome doesnt mean I want your man.  Also, that Im a bitch.  Im not.  I am super nice but girls hate pretty girls. 🙁  I hate having to barely wear makeup or not dress cute just so the other girls feel better and will talk to me. 

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I have the opposite of bitch face! Haha People think I’m so sweet, I suppose I come off that way and am considered ‘cute’. Really I’m pragmatic and more serious than people would usually guess. I suppose there are worse things they could assume.

Also, pp always guess my age waaay younger than I am. Usually they guess 19/20 or even sometimes younger. I’m 27. That’s usually a good thing, except when I mention my wedding. Then I get the side eye. Or when everybody asks how school is. I graduated college is 2006!

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Unfortunately, I have Bitchy Resting Face (like many of the bees it seems!), so people always assume I’m a bitch/nasty, which although I can be, I wouldn’t say I have a bitchy attitude or behave bitchily.

I also only have two (very) close female friends – they’re more like my sisters – and am close friends with a few guys (some I’ve known since I was in primary, others are my SO’s friends) so girls that start dating them seem to think I’m a ‘threat’ or am trying to ‘steal their man’, never mind I’ve been with my SO for over three years and all the guys all treat me like their little sister – including the taunting/mocking, the lectures, the taking of my belongs and the view that ‘my place (including my food) is theirs’.

I think the worst, is that once people find out I don’t have a degree, they assume I’m stupid because I’m a ‘University drop out’. Obviously I dropped out because I’m stupid and couldn’t cope with the work load… I was accepted into the top University in the country before even receiving my UE results; my degree was for Law and Criminology, which I changed to Psychology and Criminology before starting; I passed my first semester with top marks; I left as I decided I didn’t want to be a Psychologist and was unsure what field I would use my ($40,000+) Psychology Degree in; I’d taken a Child Psychology paper and decided that becoming a Teacher may be for me, but I didn’t want to commit to yet another degree. Now I live overseas, have spent a total of 4 months traveling to 8 different countries, am in a job earning close to $100,000 and have 10+ weeks off per year.

…That was a wee bit more of a rant then I’d planned.

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I also have a bad case of the “bitch face”…lol. And my face usually shows what I’m thinking which sometimes can be a problem!

People assume I am shy because I don’t talk much before I really get to know someone, it’s just how I am. 


People also assume that I am younger than I am, I look a few years younger than 23. 


People are surprised that I run, I am short, curvy and have big boobs lol. 


I am sure there is more but they fail me right now : )

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