(Closed) At $13/hour, how miserable should I let my job make me before I move on?

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Carolinabuckeye:  look for another job. It’s not worth another minute of your life. The stress this job is causing you is gonna shorten your life. 

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Busy bee
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Don’t worry about them calling your current employer. It’s very common for job seekers to not list their current employer as a reference, because they don’t want their boss to know that they’re looking to leave.

I recommend the blog Ask a Manager for advice on how to make a good cover letter and resume. Good luck!

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Busy bee

I have listed my current (at the time) employment on my resume vaguely and without contact information citing concern for present job security and no one has ever voiced a problem with that during interviews/hiring. Mostly they seem interested in my role and skills. As long as the rest of your references check out I think people tend to understand that the job environment is competitive and that you don’t want to lose your present security. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Your job sounds awful.  I agree with the others–start looking around for something else but keep your current job.

It’s true, in this ecomomy, a lot of people are in jobs for which they are way over qualified.

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Look for another job and look into free/inexpensive classes you can take at a community class (or online!) on the weekend to develop some skills that will make you a more competitive candidate for better-paying jobs that you are interested in. Investing some time into yourself will help make the unbearable job a little more bearable.

If you have the time, you can also look into volunteering a couple of hours a week at some places you might be interested in working at, to get your foot into the door (this is probably tricky with your current FT job…but it can’t hurt to reach out to some businesses and ask if they could use your skills on the evenings or weekends). 

You should absolutely be looking for other work/applying for other jobs, though. Nobody should be that miserable at work!

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Buzzing bee
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I have been there… I had a crap job where this psycho boss said she was considering firing me, but I still don’t understand why! This lady was crazy. Before she said that I was already looking. I don’t take threats and mistreatment lightly and neither should you. You could end up being fired from that job, so look now and get something with equal pay at least, if not better. I ended up quitting via a voicemail, after I found something else. Yep, those lames got no notice, and deserved none. Boy, did it feel GREAT! 

I know that it is a bit of a pain to look for work, but it will be worth it to find something bareable. You don’t need a perfect job, just one where you do not come home and cry, dreading waking up the next morning because you have to go back there. Good luck, and I hope that you find something much better for you in the near future! 

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Helper bee

Ugh, I feel for you because I JUST left a job that sounds just like what you describe, right down to the crazy boss in cahoots with others. Start looking for another job now. If there’s an HR application, look to see if there’s a “May we contact this employer” box. Most companies understand that they can’t contact someone’s current employer. As long as you have a work history besides this place, you’ll have other employers they can contact. Don’t list anyone from your current workplace as a reference. And while you’re applying, you might as well aim high. I don’t know what the normal wage in your area is, but don’t be afraid to look at office jobs and then apply to some other jobs. If you have a degree and can make a claim as to how it gives you applicable skills, you can negotiate your way into a better job or a higher salary. Good luck!

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Worker bee

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I was in a similar situation when I was 20. I was the youngest one working with many women older than me. They made no attempt to hide their jealousy and pettiness. I depended on that paycheck too as I was very independent. Luckily, I was able to quit and go back to school, living off tuition reimbursements. I know it’s not the same situation for you, I wish i had better advice. Part of me wants to say take care of your emotional health and quit. I’m sure as a mother though, you would never voluntarily take food out of your kids mouth without having another job lined up. I would definetely look for something else and when you do find another job I would give a big old F U no matter how unprofessional it was, because honestly if she dislikes you that much she probably won’t give you a good reference anyway. & $13 where I live is almost unheard of even with a degree. The last job I worked out paid me $8.50 with a degree, successful internship, and great references.

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your boss bad mouthing you may hurt your ego but your job is your livelihood. I once had a female boss pull me into her office and tell me she was “a psychotic bitch and if I ever disagreed with Her again she would make sure I never promoted”. I had to wait until she was gone for an extended period of time before I could get hired somewhere else. It was awful and I hated it but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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This is a hard question to answer as in my area it would be impossible for me to live off of $13 an hour let alone keep my family afloat on it. even when I used to be a nanny I made almost twice that taking care of two kids. Would it be possible to do some babysitting for extra money?

since you can’t lose the income just keep looking for jobs. Spruce up your resume and try to keep a postive mental attitude and hopefully something will turn up sooner than later. 

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If you are good at selling/ have retail experience try to get a job at Nordstrom if there are any in your area. In my area Nordy’s sales associates make more than 13/hour with comission and have good benefits. I worked there and quit to focus on school. I would only quit in your situation if I had another job lined up- in office settings it is very competitive to even get in. I knew people who worked at Nordys took paycuts to have jobs with less retail bs in offices.

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A few questions:

You mentioned that you and everyone is “salaried” — do you mean “exempt” status?  

If so:

– Are you in the U.S.?

– What is the nature of your work?


There are very clear regulations around which jobs can be “exempt status” (salaried, exempt from overtime).  


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