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Helper bee
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@Andra2000:  Hey Andra,
I am totally interested in finding out other people’s responses on this, but as for the ones you’ve mentioned above I’ve tried them all to no noticable effect.
I’ve had some good results though with a few things…

I get my hair bleached blonde, so I stopped going as often and scheduling trims in between so my hair stays healthy. I starting using a shampoo recommended by a friend called Longer & Stronger. Recently got the conditioner. It’s just a supermarket brand over here in Australia so the hairdresser was sceptical but she has started calling me Rapunzel so I’m doing something right! I also have pretty damaged hair, so trying to stop straightening or curling it unless it is important and everyday putting Argan Oil from about shoulder down (my hair is bra strap length) even though my hair is oily this stuff works so well. I also let it air dry down, apparently tying it up wet and letting it dry can damage your hair.
I tried lots of hot oil treatments and that kind of thing, but these days I’m just double conditioning my hair, washing it out both times obviously, then air drying, putting Argan Oil in every day and taking my multivitamins when I remember.

I also found this and I thought it’d be worth a try but haven’t managed to actual find Coconut Oil yet.


I do have to add that because my hair has been bleach blonde for so long and it is naturally curly but I always want it straight, growing isn’t so much the problem, but not damaging it faster than it grows. So my solution might not be rapid enough for you at all. I did actually buy extensions when my hair was a bit shorter, just clip ins. They were really amazing and I still wear them when I go out, but not everyday since I wear my hair up 🙂

Wow – this got long fast – hope this helps! 

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Sugar bee
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You can’t really make your hair grow faster from the outside. However, there are B-vitamin supplements out there that are specifically made for healthier hair (and skin and nails), and I’ve read that they *might* help with growth rate. A generally healthier diet will also improve your chances of healthier hair. Good luck!

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I don’t want you to think that you can grow your hair overnight and have it be super fabulous. The mechanics of how actually is formed doesn’t work that way. You can’t exactly “turn up the dial” so to speak, but the key is to make sure you’re eating healthy that way your hair looks healthier.

I’ve heard wives tales about rosemary helping your hair look livlier, but I’m not sure how true that is.

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Bumble bee
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I don’t know any at home recipes but I have noticed the more I brush my hair the faster it seems to grow. I can chop it to the chin and in two years it’s down to my butt. I brush brush brush brush brush. About 4 or 5 times a day, gently with a big soft brush but I brush.


I’ve also heard fish oil makes your hair and nails grow faster and adds a shine

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Sugar bee
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I have heard that prenatals make hair and nails gro strong and fast

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Helper bee
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Pregnancy!!!!  Lol kidding but it is def helping mine grow

seriously though:

biotin vitamins (its what your hair and nails are made of…prenatals work too)

only trimming when you need it (see white balls on the ends….you may not need to trim every 6-8 weeks, you cut off your progess)

egg whites/ avacado/ mayo….really just keeping the hair moisturized… When it gets dry it turns brittle & breaks more easily

only use heat when necessary…the flat iron every day is SO damaging

make sure scalp is moisturized too….healthy hair starts there (:

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Bee Keeper

Prenatals helped me. I also take an additional biotin supplement. I deep condition my hair 1-2 times per week, right now I’m usin Vitamino by Loreal. GL!


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Bumble Beekeeper
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@Andra2000:  I am not sure that anything will actually grow your hair. Companies charge a lot of money to make you think that you can make it grow faster, but I think it’s wishful thinking. I tried everything back when I had my bleach disaster several years back, and nothing worked. Hair seems to grow faster when you don’t want it to! Lol.

I know the brand Phyto has scalp stimulating stuff and used to (and may still) sell vitamins that had a ton of positive reviews for helping hair/nail growth and strength.

It’s also important to get regular trims so ends don’t split so far up that you end up losing length when the damage is finally cut off.

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Buzzing bee
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Not only should you be nourishing the outside of your hair, but nourishing from within, as well. Eating eggs, avocado and taking fish oil, biotin, and plenty of protein will definitely help your hair to grow at its maximum speed. To prevent breakage, which can eventually shorten the hair, use as little heat as possible and be sure to use a good conditioner on your ends. Cutting your split ends will not make it grow faster but I recommend a trim every 8-12 weeks to prevent split ends and breakage.

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@Andra2000:  Did you cut your hair in April 2012 or April 2011? You said April of last year? The reason I am asking is because my hair was also mid-back length. I cut it off to chin length the middle of March, this year. Now it is just a little bit below collarbone length. I’ve had 2 trims since my original cut but I take excellent care of my hair. If yours is shoulder length and you had it cut this April, I’d say the rate of growth is close to, if not completely normal (half an inch per month). If you got it cut in April of last year, I’d definitely say it’s growing slower than normal.

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eat lots of protein, take prenatals, don’t cut it, don’t use heat to curl/straighten, massage your scalp, be patient! lol i dunno just what i’ve heard… my mom used to tell me if i ate my bread crusts my hair would grow but then i grew up and it stopped working 😉

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Buzzing bee
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Ok, so don’t think I’m trolling or that I’m crazy

monistat cream on your scalp.

ive tried it- it totally works. Google it- there’s a ton of info about it. My hair grew 1 1/2 inches a month. It was crazy!

the only thing is when you stop, you shed like CRAZY.


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Nothing that you put on your hair from the outside will help your hair grow faster. There is no mask that will make your hair grow faster, it will just help with the appearance and make it moist.

What helped me was the diet change. Start eating more protein like egg and meat. Also nuts and drinking almond milk and eating yogurt helped.

You will notice the difference on your hair.

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