(Closed) At how many weeks did you start maternity leave (poll included)

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  • poll: At how many weeks did you start maternity leave

    less than 30 weeks

    31-33 weeks

    34-35 weeks

    36-37 weeks

    38-40 weeks

    Right until delivery

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    Helper bee
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    I haven’t had my little one yet, but I plan to work up until I deliver unless I have complications that prevent me from doing so. I have an office job where I am in front of the computer all day so I don’t have physical aspects that will affect my job ability. I only get a limited amount of time off for maternity leave so I’d like to save as much of that for when the baby is actually here.

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    Busy bee
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    First baby I think I stopped working a week before I delivered. Second baby I worked until delivery.

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    Buzzing bee

    Technically I worked until my water broke. At 39 weeks, I ended up working from home two days (Thursday and Friday) after my feet and legs swelled up A TON at work. DH basically told me to stay home. My water broke early that next Monday morning. 

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    Until 39 weeks. I have two weeks and one day left of work! I would like the week off to get all the little details sorted and have some downtime to relax before baby arrives. 

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    In California we can begin short term disability 4 weeks before, so I started then. I was so glad I did- I was absolutely done by 37 weeks.

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    Sugar bee
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    My due date is September 16th and I’m a teacher.  School starts 3 weeks before my due date, but I would be returning until after my baby is born.  My school is an hour away from home, hour and 20 minutes away from the hospital, and probably close to 2 hours for husband’s work.  I have special health concerns in addition… so I really don’t want to be in labor trapped so far away from all those things.  My friend has a mid September due date and is a teacher, but her school is only 20 minutes away, so she will be returning for 2 weeks and starting maternity leave 1 week before the due date- I probably would too in her shoes.  I have to take the time off unpaid, but I think it would be too risky otherwise.  

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    I worked until the day before my induction. I only had 15w off from work and I wanted to spend them all with my baby. I was miserable but my entire pregnancy was hard. I could barely walk 30w+ with RLP and sciatica. The first and second trimester was also horrible – debilitating nausea, headaches, back pain. I still went to work every day. 

    I didn’t work an office or desk job. I worked with middle school kids. They were pretty helpful when I needed it. 


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    Honey bee

    I work from home, so I do have it easier than someone going to an office or someone working on their feet all day. I felt totally fine at the end and didn’t take time off until I actually went into labor. If you don’t get a lot of time off I would hold out so you have as much as possible with your baby. 

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    Blushing bee

    I worked up until the day I delivered. I don’t work in an office seting either. My only real problem was getting in and out of my car. I had to swap cars with my husband.

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    Sugar bee

    I went off at 33 weeks with my twins. But I wasn’t the one pregnant so was feeling fine. But I wanted to really clean the house and nest before they came, which was good timing because they came at 34 weeks

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    I had loads of holiday to use up before hand so I technically left at 33 weeks. I had 3 weeks of leave over xmas then worked from home for 2 weeks before starting my mat leave at the start of week 38. I delivered at 38+6.

    i was done by 33 weeks so glad to have the time off. I commute about an hour each way on london public transport. Even with a huge belly and baby on board badge I was having trouble getting a seat on the train. 

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    I had an office job with my first, but the walk from where I had to park to my desk was about a 1/2 mile and up 5 flights of stairs. This was never an issue  until I was dilated 4.5cm at 35 weeks. My doctor wrote me out and told me to stay off my feet until 39 weeks. 

    I was a Stay-At-Home Mom when the second came around. I was pretty active right up to labor.

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    I worked right up until delivery and would do the same again if I could go back in time.  

    1) It was nice to have work as a distraction from all the baby stuff, you can spend all your free time thinking about labor otherwise… is it happening now? maybe now? … perhaps now? lol.  

    2) Not everyone feels super crummy in the 3rd trimester- I had gestational diabetes, braxton hicks contractions, and heartburn… which sounds bad, but it really wasn’t too difficult to manage at work, I actually think the 1st trimester was much worse!  

    3) some people will make you feel worried about this plan… “but what if you go into labor at work!?”… ignore them, because in all likelyhood labor will take forever! you will have plenty of time to leave work, go home, take a bath, pack a hospital bag, arrange a pet sitter, read a book, watch a movie, and then go the hospital and find out that you’re only 2cm dialtated… 😉 obviously I’m joking a bit, but seriously it takes a long time!  

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    Worked up til delivery. Our leave is 6 weeks and I didn’t want to waste any of that before he came. He was born at 38+1 but I wasn’t having any issues doing my job still. Was still physically active and feeling good. 

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